Tuesday, 16 December 2014

spacetime ..space and time ..combined ..fathoming out of their amalgamation into each component ..the properties ..revealed .. notions of ..frozen universe .. spacetime travel ..touched ..

"Fabric as opposed to a rubber sheet means that we are focusing more on what possible microstructures space-time may have," says Bojowald. Carlo Rovelli of the University of Marseilles, France, visualises this woven microstructure as being made of "tiny fuzzy blobs", the starting point of his theoretical investigations of quantum gravity. It's still just a device, though: something that helps him work with the intangible. "If I do not have an image in my head, I cannot even start thinking," he says.

..a rubber sheet ..implying ..being elastic ..something ..stretchy ..but assuming it as a fabric.. that the elasticity ..gives away ..and the properties of spacetime become more controlled ..firmer ..the ..stretchiness ..go up to a point ..as far as ..the forces as described by the fields that through which the forces are applied upon it ..upon the spacetime fabric .. take a ..hold ..
Not as reactive as the stretchiness assumes ..by fabric meaning ..the consolidating influence of the fabric quality takes over from where the stretchiness has taken it to ..the quantised microstructures ..firming up ..to stabilise the form and shape ..becoming the ..threads weaving the structure ..and what holds them together ..playing the role of the threads ..are the fields via which the fundamental forces exert their influence ..shape the fabric ..

A popular way of envisaging space-time is as a stretchy rubber sheet that deforms when a mass is placed on it, with the varying curvature analogous to the warping of space-time by gravity.

..warping ..and .. 'warpiness' the effect that mass ..produces ..to be measured and quantified ..and in turn ..to make possible to measure and quantify ..the curvature it results into ..and "painting" ..its convoluted ..picture.. "weaving" the canvas .. 

..and once this is achieved ..fathomed into ..it will make it possible to reproduce ..and getting ..engineered ..spacetime engineering ...
reproducing it ..and it would bring us into.. will make inroads ..toward understanding deeper the nature of time ..meaning ..to delve deep into its -time ..component of spacetime..
made to measure .. to handle time beyond its ..traditional clock methods ..in a reverse engineering ..mode ..out of its ..involvement in ..spacetime ..fabric-making actions .. processes ..is revealing to..us..

Spacetime ..envisaged ..via the fractal qualities ..leading towards notions of ..frozen universe ..after the full implications of the time inclusion component in the spacetime fabric of the universe
..are accounted for and are taken into consideration 

leading towards to notions that ..everything that has existed ..still exists ..a leap in the mind ..and understanding ..once such thoughts are included in the thinking processes ..
then ..

spacetime ..in either of its components ..space ..and ..time ..that being ..
.. is ..skilfully trodden ..

spacetime travel ..in either..or ..of either.. of its components.. made possible .. is possible ..

spacetime ..space and time ..combined ..and out of their ..amalgamation ..fathoming into each one of its components ..the properties ..revealed .. notions of ..frozen universe .. spacetime travel ..touched ..

spacetime travel .. space being more familiar ..doing it routinely in lots of different ways ..its time part ..still eludes us ..being done in ..time-honoured ..unchanged way .. for millennia .. probing ways ..via .. out of .. time's contribution ..in the spacetime ..saga ..

Monday, 24 November 2014

Uncertainty says you can learn more about one....

Uncertainty says you can learn more about one quantity by knowing less about its complementary quantity. To detect high-frequency gravitational waves, you need to know accurately the number of photons hitting the mirrors, but are less concerned about its complementary quantity, their arrival times. Squeeze all the uncertainty into the photons' timing, and you can increase your detection-sensitivity dramatically.

their arrival times.. the double-slit experiment ..in mind ..the pattern that emerges ..the screen behind the ..barrier with the two slits  that detects their arrivals ..photons knowing where to hit.. 

..the pattern ..matters ..
And how ..the uncertainty principle ..plays about in this case..
The whole scenario of the double-slit experiment is to ..show ..how the observation ..determines ..outcomes ..whether ..photons .. interact with each other.. split-photons too .. going through both slits at the same time ..namely ..simultaneously ..and produce the interference pattern ..or ..the opposite ..going through one slit only ..if a ..nosey eye observes them ..while doing so ..resembling a ..piling up effect..
It is ..a matter of calculations ..mathematical ..and not ..physical.. consequences .. the contribution of physics ..exaggerated ..
the idea of photons interacting with ..selves ..it is false.. It is the equations that have to be satisfied.. The physical aspect ..is ..secondary.. an emergent phenomenon ..the ..concrete ..the tangible ..does not exist.. It is the calculations.. that our brains perform ..that make it ..exist..
They make it ..real..

squeeze ..all the uncertainty into the photons timing.. squeeze ..uncertainty ..in a pair of complementary quantities.. measurables ..

..how can this be thought as ..functions ..mathematical quantities ..manipulated values ..and how can this be transferred to the complementary quantity ..what is the relationships between complementary quantities.. should be an obvious ..one ..a physical ..one ..
photons.. between how ..many and ..when.. number and timing ..

..complementary.. In Heisenberg's ..not ..knowing it..  not considered before .. this option ..that perspective of the uncertainty principle ..
That the uncertainty involved complementary ..quantities.. Measured quantities.. Becomes more specific.. And how would that go along with ..incompatibility ..

that ..all there is ..is mathematics .. where ..reality ..is equivalent to ..simulation ..illusion ..is paramount ..

Complementary ..getting it as long as incompatible ..quantities...are at bay..
Incompatibility includes an aspect of complementarity ..and ..congruence.. involved in it too..
pairs of ..quantities.. pairing ..and out of it ..congruency.. as ..via ..by.. congruency the ..pairing is ..evaluated ..surmised..

The idea of extending uncertainty to include ..all other quantities ..in other fields ..

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

..in the cusp of frame changing scenario for our world ..life altering technologies absolutely at the hands of people ..our hands ..

The E-Cat (or "Energy Catalyzer") is an alleged cold fusion device that produces heat from a low-energy nuclear reaction where nickel and hydrogen fuse into copper.

by Charliemopps (1157495) on Sunday October 12, 2014 @07:55PM (#48126457)

Everyone that says they have a box that makes energy from nothing, I say, phase match your box to the line current from the local utility, roll your meter backwards, and cash the ensuing checks. Then talk to me.
But that's the thing. That sort of stunt would be chump change compared to inventing cold fusion. If the inventor really has figured something out, and I'll grant you that's unlikely, it would behoove him to keep a tight lid on it until he has pretty much the entire eastern seaboards worth of lawyers under his belt. History is littered with scientists and inventors that have ended up living in a gutter after discovering some of the most life altering technologies. If he really does have something, he'll be the target of every shifty technology company on the planet, who will steal it, and will patent it on their own.

Independent Researchers Test Rossi's Alleged Cold Fusion Device For 32 Days

..in the cusp of frame changing scenario for our world ..

..frame changing ..frame reference .. creating context .. a bifurcation .. at bay ..

..if only dare to bring in my mind what that change will entail .. the multitude of all the other changes that will stir up, affect and effect .. effortlessly .. 

..and to place the right emphasis in the upcoming change that is envisaged .. we should say

..enough for this fucking world that is has been given to us ..it is the right time to actually make things better for us .. all of us ..

History is littered with scientists and inventors that have ended up living in a gutter after discovering some of the most life altering technologies.

.. what is at stake here .. which ought to be understood and act upon it .. as if alas this is not taken on-board 

..if the changes are let to evolve under the current frame of reference nothing will change and it will end up in just one of these scientists escaping the fate of all the previous scientists that the history is littered with their failure ..namely end-up living in a gutter ..

..the result of .. life altering technologies .. in a sorry state .. at the hands of the usurpers of our societies .. the added obstacles .. stupid and unnecessary that has to be overcome and if they succeed .. making it harder without the need to be .. how many ideas have perished because of that .. killed and exterminated ..before having the chance to hatch .. and develop ..and evolve ..

..we live in different worlds  from the worlds we lived mere decades ago .. where the scientists and inventors ..

..had to work their way through against vested interests .. the fucking money the usurpers want to protect ..fighting tooth and nail to keep their privileges at bay .. ever determined to keep us in the dark ages .. to ..shun us from .. life altering technologies ..

..how much of the ridicule spat out ..was not merely a ploy .. employed by the vested interests to keep their privileges intact ..

..nowadays the world is flooded with ideas ..the vested interests struggle to keep their privileges intact .. but this is not enough if it is not combined by a radical change in attitudes ..changing the framework under which they operate .. the framework that .. does not need busloads of lawyers to make life altering technologies ..to work 

..scientists, inventors .. putting on hold ..all that the current framework entices them with .. becoming different from the usurpers .. and rise above them .. and not to target to become ..just one of them .. the emperor in place of the fallen emperor .. condemning our world to obscure dismal futures  ..

..that they should know that they have the whole wide world behind them to support them ..as we are ever eager to embrace the life altering technologies ..with no ..fucking strings attached ..

..throwing overboard relentlessly .. what we do not agree upon .. what it is obviously detrimental to our way of life .. to human nature .. 

change of attitudes ..a radical change of attitudes ..in all of us .. in what has infiltrated into our psyche .. taking it for granted and do not realise .. as in the current commenter Charliemopps .. being comfortable in admitting ..

..accepting as a normal process that the scientist ..the inventor .. should rely upon boatloads of lawyers ..
totally accepting the demands of the current framework .. instead of directing untold wrath against all that hold that abominable framework in power ..

..the waste of time and effort needed for rubbishy .. offshoots of the main process .. that being to implement the life altering cold fusion technology promised ..

the capacity of human ingenuity exceeds the framework pushed upon our heads .. it is time we got rid of it ..and all that is inextricably intertwined with it .. ruthlessly without remorse .. there is no too big to fail .. no matter the immensity in size .. human progress ..demands ..is gagging for it ..

..why should we have later .. what we can have today .. because ..we will have it .. no matter what the obstacles .. vested interests .. put before us .. vested interests would eclipse from human history ..

..ought to keep pace .. with our new-found capabilities .. our immense potential ..lurking underneath .. obscured from plain view .. bring it out in the limelight to shine on us .. in all its splendour ..