Monday, 11 January 2016

Uber-izing –

«Forget the rise of robots and the distant threat of automation. The immediate issue is the Uber-izing of human labor, fragmenting of jobs ... and dismantling of wages.»


Uberizing – to offer what a company offers .. the ..enabling environment which ..skills possessed by people ..could join ..and exploit ..for both themselves and the wider community ..

skills ..never lost disuse any way this can be conceived ..

..avoid being wasted ..due to circumstantial ..conditions that do not ..represent ..reflect ..their acquired knowledge status ..

the ..end ..of the ..the very concept challenged .. 

the architecture achieve that .. a ..branch of social media ..

scrutinized ..input .. from within ..intrinsically acquire the standards that ..a company..offers/ would offer ..and even surpass it ..

the Wikipedia example .. to be built upon ..

the Firefox community ..structure ..

structures that should acquire ..value ..

steps ..that would reward participants at the same time .. offering training for whoever wishes to join .. and proves self ..worthy ..

the whole ..would benefit .. from the contributions .. their contributions ..

the contributions ..weighed by algorithms that apportion value based on standards that are held high .. by all ..

ought to establish the background upon which such endeavour would be structured upon.. a background that offers every individual the basic means to sustain self .. to reach a level that was integrated in the ancient Athens where citizens were free of sustainability concerns .. devoted to the betterment of their societies .. wholesomely ..

the idea of ..what is passed nowadays as ..unemployment benefit welfare to all .. to never have ..sustainability issues for any individual in the world ..and should take it from there ..    

to what extent has been achieved ..even the idea of win-win situations ..scenarios ..

actualization ..actualizers .. actuators ..who will realize the ideas .. the theories that are built on the hypotheses pursued ..  

actuators the end of each node ..of a vast network ..that enables the human content in all its capacity ..offered .. to its utmost ..  

a ..status ..offered by any organization/organizations any individual that is inclined so .. that ..enmeshes participation to its utmost benefit achievable benefit ..

..the aim being ..for the organization to spill its guts and let the guts being picked up by any human individual that shows interest and wants this interest to evolve into a useful contribution learn and teach .. have the patience and will to learn and the learned to even reach the status to teach ..learn and unlearn ..relearn .. continually ..
a grand architecture incorporate within it .. the attribute that current structures not have .. the global attribute in solving problems ..

entrepreneurs ..which in the current form are ..worshiped as the ..saviors ..where their mere contribution ..and in the name of it only ..demand the world ..

..their mere contribution being to assemble teams that by their work make a company successful 

..there it is time.. this entrepreneurial quality .. to be replaced by algorithms ..algorithmic  structures that ..eliminate and eradicate their contribution ..makes their contribution ..obsolete ..
...the self-sustaining ..whole ..can be ..self-assembled ..on its very own ..