Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Moore's Law???....

Moore's Law + Evolution = Life Before Earth? | IdeaFeed | Big Think

Currently available on the online journal ArXiv is a paper in which its authors describe their application of Moore's Law -- which states that computers increase exponentially in complexity over a set period of time -- to the evolution of life on Earth. With this law, it's possible to work backward to the day the first microchip was "born." As it applies to biology, though, scientists Alexei Sharov and Richard Gordon hypothesize that the first sign of organic life would have come into existence a good 5 billion years before the Earth itself existed.

explaining such finding ..

.. which states that computers increase exponentially in complexity over a set period of time ..
the Law .. its components .. first the state to which a particular innovation culminates into .. and as there are more than one innovation introduced at any particular time period (..the set period of time ..mentioned) .. therefore the state that the introduced innovations have culminated into ..

effectively or for all purposes ...non-linear ..
(what is that for ..what produced it eludes me right now .. though it was strong enough to push me into writing it down while the main thought process was undergoing.. if it is that strong and bears any significant meaning it will come back to me .. it did ..nonlinear )

that aforesaid state acts as a stage upon which all other innovations will breed upon and take place .. that puts at bay the ..exponentially ..term .. potentially ..

that state represents the length and breadth ..and height of the underlying complexity .. threads woven ..harmoniously with one another .. tuned ..perfectly ..synchronization at bay .. a whole that as such is presented for the next bout of innovations ..

threads .. out of bifurcations .. bifurcations that lead to dead-ends as well as bifurcations that do not loose their potential to continually evolve .. and by which innovations are ..perpetuated ..

interrupted threads dead-end bifurcations representing innovations which did not culminate into technological breakthroughs they were before ..their time 

beyond the current-then capabilities and therefore abandoned .. but nevertheless continue to exist .. and if the prevailing conditions become favourable their proliferation will start anew.. 

threads that have not evolved further .. they lost their bifurcation potential .. they do not contribute any longer to the growth of the whole .. represent ..stumps .. offshoots severed ..or to true chaos paradigms they extend outside the phase space .. diverge away of the attractors basin where growth takes place .. their fate being either to return within the fold of the attractor basin or lost forever into nothingness .. 

if there was a measure .. a way to measure complexity that could have been used to define the degree ..exponentiality .. takes place

how many nodes are available which will generate the potential innovations to come .. the more the nodes the higher the degree of exponentiality ..

that makes exponentiality a relative term ..

that makes Moore's law .. a rule of thumb ..

exponential .. logarithmic or .. to the power of 2 ..or 3 ..and so on .. stage-by-stage .. stages not so easily discerned

stage a platform ..

at each stage the complexity comprised out of increased ..possibly exponentially .. more threads underlying .. more nodes presented for future innovations .. therefore it is the complexity in each stage that contributes to the ..exponentially ..term of the law .. which makes it effectively linear .. innovation for any particular node out of a thread that weaves the complexity tapestry to the next innovation ..linear (comparatively the local to global relationship, the outlook out of each entity, the local being linear the global being nonlinear)

so the outlook is seen as exponential, nonlinear ..and that what the law states .. which I now realise I perceived the law a foolish way .. or my comprehension of the law is strengthened

what about the nodes that have contributed but they can go no further .. they can not evolve any longer .. they have no bifurcation potential .. do not offer a fertile ground for innovation .. but nevertheless the system built can not do without them .. they remain a necessary component .. till the next bout of innovations that will render them obsolete and useless ..

describes the stages .. the successive stages upon which evolution took place .. the set time between the stages ..arbitrary .. only indicative and probably system specific .. it can be tweaked to serve what is observed ..

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

spacetime and time ..combined ..fathoming out of their amalgamation into each component ..the properties ..revealed .. notions of ..frozen universe .. spacetime travel ..touched ..

"Fabric as opposed to a rubber sheet means that we are focusing more on what possible microstructures space-time may have," says Bojowald. Carlo Rovelli of the University of Marseilles, France, visualises this woven microstructure as being made of "tiny fuzzy blobs", the starting point of his theoretical investigations of quantum gravity. It's still just a device, though: something that helps him work with the intangible. "If I do not have an image in my head, I cannot even start thinking," he says.

..a rubber sheet ..implying ..being elastic ..something ..stretchy ..but assuming it as a fabric.. that the elasticity away ..and the properties of spacetime become more controlled ..firmer ..the ..stretchiness ..go up to a point far as ..the forces as described by the fields that through which the forces are applied upon it ..upon the spacetime fabric .. take a ..hold ..
Not as reactive as the stretchiness assumes fabric meaning ..the consolidating influence of the fabric quality takes over from where the stretchiness has taken it to ..the quantised microstructures ..firming up stabilise the form and shape ..becoming the ..threads weaving the structure ..and what holds them together ..playing the role of the threads ..are the fields via which the fundamental forces exert their influence ..shape the fabric ..

A popular way of envisaging space-time is as a stretchy rubber sheet that deforms when a mass is placed on it, with the varying curvature analogous to the warping of space-time by gravity.

..warping ..and .. 'warpiness' the effect that mass ..produces be measured and quantified ..and in turn make possible to measure and quantify ..the curvature it results into ..and "painting" ..its convoluted ..picture.. "weaving" the canvas .. 

..and once this is achieved ..fathomed into will make it possible to reproduce ..and getting ..engineered ..spacetime engineering ...
reproducing it ..and it would bring us into.. will make inroads ..toward understanding deeper the nature of time ..meaning delve deep into its -time ..component of spacetime..
made to measure .. to handle time beyond its ..traditional clock methods a reverse engineering ..mode ..out of its ..involvement in ..spacetime ..fabric-making actions .. processes revealing

Spacetime ..envisaged ..via the fractal qualities ..leading towards notions of ..frozen universe ..after the full implications of the time inclusion component in the spacetime fabric of the universe
..are accounted for and are taken into consideration 

leading towards to notions that ..everything that has existed ..still exists ..a leap in the mind ..and understanding ..once such thoughts are included in the thinking processes ..
then ..

spacetime either of its components ..and ..time ..that being ..
.. is ..skilfully trodden ..

spacetime travel either..or ..of either.. of its components.. made possible .. is possible ..

spacetime and time ..combined ..and out of their ..amalgamation ..fathoming into each one of its components ..the properties ..revealed .. notions of ..frozen universe .. spacetime travel ..touched ..

spacetime travel .. space being more familiar ..doing it routinely in lots of different ways ..its time part ..still eludes us ..being done in ..time-honoured ..unchanged way .. for millennia .. probing ways ..via .. out of .. time's contribution the spacetime ..saga ..