Saturday, 29 June 2013

the deterministic ..foundations of being ..

"The chemical universe comes in quantitative lumps. Moreover, chemical reactions just redistribute the existing lumps, with every single lump neatly accounted for."

 ...with every single lump neatly accounted for.. the deterministic ..viewpoint ..perspective .. quality .. the intrinsic property ..

"It is far more plausible that there are 101 guests, and each has a place setting of 1 knife, 2 forks, and 4 glasses. Slightly strange numbers, but clearly a terrific party."

each one content .. and out of this contention ..the terrific-ness .. properties emergent .. each one is accounted for .. what is lost in the hierarchy of levels .. the deterministic quality the bottom of the level .. still persists .. but is clearly not evident .. as each level acquires its own set of properties that obscure the properties of its fundamental .. ingredients ..

but .. they are still there .. and because of them .. the properties of the higher levels .. emerge ..

Thursday, 27 June 2013

a leap in mankind..

a leap in mankind .. in thought .. thought, as it can only be described as, at that particular time and space .. that requires .. demands of us .. to rid of ..past structures .. tempted to add ..all .. all past structures .. petty .. the reasons to retain hold on to .. to any of them .. a severe drawback in entering the next stage of evolution of our species ..

something that it will come no matter .. whether wanted or not .. it will come quicker .. if prepared ..instead of stalling .. prolonging unnecessarily the process ..

the connections between .. and out of them the reason why should let ourselves embrace  wholeheartedly ..what is coming ..

emerges out of disparate fields of human endeavour ..that evolve unknowingly to one another .. yet .. individually progress only to meet in a particular cusp of time in the future .. our efforts should aim to accomplish such feat ..nearer in the future ..

the next stage in the evolutionary ladder .. entered gradually by different ..communities .. indicated by ..
Mathematicians think like machines for perfect proofs

"You wouldn't necessarily know it, but all of maths is currently founded on set theory, the study of collections of objects,.."

collections of objects ..

"Think of the elements of a set as grains of sand," says Andrej Bauer of the University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, who worked on the project. "You can build a sandcastle, but you have to work hard to make it."

..elements of a set as grains of sand .. the collections of objects .. to build sandcastles .. worlds ..

"The elements of a type are more like different arrangements of a collection of building blocks, their structure limited by the basic shape of the blocks. "The type is the stuff we can make following the rules of construction."

elements of a type .. different arrangements of collections of building blocks .. building blocks out of objects .. following the rules of construction .. the laws upheld .. the rules of constructing social groups .. social group .. the collection of objects .. objects ..the human individuals

"Assuming the underlying code – and the automated proof assistants that verify everything as the mathematicians goes along – is bug-free, it's impossible to write a proof that isn't correct."

impossible to write a proof that isn't correct .. a tool in the hands ..of everyone .. mathematician or not ..relying upon competent knowledge of the program itself .. only requires the parameters specific to any problem at hand ..

all bearing in mind

"Mathematics is the language scientists rely on to describe everything in the physical world, from the inner space of elementary particles to the outer space of distant galaxies. Most scientists believe deeply in the mathematical structure of nature; they see their task as simply discovering what this structure is. They view mathematics as an unambiguous business which leaves no scope for subjective contributions, no individuality of choice; it develops inexorably by a logical process in which old symbols are traded for new. But a closer look reveals that it is not quite so simple to pin down exactly what 'mathematics' is."

Shaking the foundations of mathematics: There are many interpretations of mathematics. The one we use has proved itself. But what would happen to our view of the Universe if we experimented with another?

nature, out of processes .. processes that differ in duration .. processes that take place .. complete in billionths of a second .. theorized Planck time its potential down limit.. instantaneously for human scales ..and processes that take eons to reach closure ..its completion .. the universe itself its potential upper limit .. our surroundings ..ongoing processes .. what underlies nature .. processes described by mathematics .. that leads the discovery .. of what already exists .. knowledge already existing .. simply arriving to knowledge .. an arduous journey for the individual .. since its birth ..

processes .. dressed as .. via the properties attributed to them .. in each system .. mathematics the naked reality beneath of what nature appears to us

Brazil uprising points to rise of leaderless networks

human individuals the grains .. to build sandcastles .. worlds .. free ..individuals from all other concerns that plague humanity since its inception milennia ago ..

the past structures ..and all that is adhered by them .. that present a severe drawback to humanity's evolution .. are dealt with.. in the only way possible ..not externally ..  but by the very same powers emanating from within .. following steadfastly .. the very rules that nature itself ..obeys ..

"That may not be surprising. Dan Braha at the New England Complex Systems Institute (NECSI) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, says civil unrest spreads like other spatial phenomena such as epidemics and forest fires: different factors control susceptibility, resistance, and rates of outbreak and transmission."

epidemics .. forest fires .. civil unrests .. the vocabulary used .. drawn out of the perspective of the very structures that undergo ..reconstruction .. as there are no other words to describe .. due to lack of them ..

emergence .. self-organisation .. out of the dynamics inherent .. processes that follow their natural completion ..driven by, out of all parts included .. that can only be described mathematically .. the whole out of the properties of all parts involved .. the emergence of such properties that reflect all that participate .. which it would make its own .. more than the sum of its parts ..whole

and out of its mathematical description .. would emerge a new language to be used describe such processes .. being rid of ..of all the remnants out of the past structures that linger menacingly

an ongoing process that demand its completion ..and it will have it .. irrespective of any obstacles confronted ..

Terry Young: Using Big Data to Spot Big Trends

identifying the properties .. out of the masses of big data .. the burden of complexity .. cleansed and cleared ..

the analytical power that computers afford ..provide .. out of the huge chunks of data digitally gathered and stored .. free for all to access ..  the properties emerging ..that would endow the systems to be .. the worlds ..sandcastles for people to build .. only but ..directed towards such purpose that would serve humanity at its best ..

all ..deeply ..fundamentally based .. human heart and soul .. on the grounds that each grain ..matters ..

The journey that people are on ..

..culminating into a world sparked from profound ideas .. among others ..what that article refers to ... one of the aspects open to inquiry .. by the human kind as a whole ..

Are there parallel universes?