Saturday, 18 December 2010

Frozen Universe. Time traversed in a similar manner as space is.

"This means that the future can never be predicted in all its details, and that the future of the Universe is not irredeemably fixed."

The thought just crossed my mind, at what advantage point can a human individual assert such notion. Whether the notion 'future' bears any relevance, assists in fathoming 'Universe' and Nature as such.

Why not, since its inception the Universe expanded, not only by its space-like components but, its time-like components also. The idea of a frozen universe brought forth as human individuals started contemplating on it. And time as such, only traversed in the same way as space is traversed from one end to the other.

Time a continuum not different than space. Future, present and past merely a human condition.

While these thoughts brought to bear in this haphazard post, a lapse of concentration, one way to call such act, led me in. As if my search to know, the closure required by the thoughts on this subject, drove me in a furtive look on something I pondered in the past, and got me hooked. Supplement, originary lack and invagination. Is it what it goes around here? Supplementation involved in the notion of time the human mind has in store?

Supplement, the ".. inessential extra added to something complete in itself." The notion of time, the 'inessential extra', its past, future, present attributes stripped out completely, leaving out time bare to stand on its ..own feet, then what is left? What time stand-out as different than space? Then why not being traversed in a similar manner as space is?

Dimensionality? The familiar of space, attributed in a similar manner for time? And the familiar time attributes of future, present and past be looked at from the viewpoint of the dimensionality attributes of space. And the space orthogonal perspective being carried on, on time. To make sense out of the notion of past, future and present as orthogonal to each other. And even further, whatever applies for the attributes of time to be carried over and be applied for the attributes of space. The arrow of time device revised? Attributed with the orthogonality apparent to space dimensions.

Space and time separate, and time not seen as another dimension added to space. The notion of spacetime ..un-manageable? Nonsensical?

An image of a frozen universe?

Taken from post, depicting the entire history of the universe. The mind enters anywhere in that vast expanse, narrowed down to the few centimetres it occupies on the screen. Plays out all sorts of stories as it traverses time.

A playground for the mind to delve. Consciousness fulfilled.

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