Thursday, 29 December 2011

Reality, mathematically derived, formula driven.

fractal memory .. implications .. fractal .. mathematically derived .. formula driven .. the same area .. is used by several memories .. the space upon which it is laid ..overlap .. but the memories remain unique .. physical space .. and memory space .. different notions ..

memories co-exist .. it is all about the nodes that co-operate in the instant of a memory .. how from one memory fall into another memory ..

the change of one parameter, one node .. that avails a different network .. a different memory .. technically induced .. designed ..

In Ben Goertzel's CHAOTIC LOGIC:Language, Mind and Reality from the Perspective of Complex Systems Science, page 31, Chapter 3.2.1 The Dynamics of Memory.

"Note that this reorganization scheme relies on the existence of certain "barriers"."

the .. mention of "barriers" .. isolated ..memories .. out of .. being fractal .. formula driven .. mathematically derived .. a fractal pocket .. that its creation ..has been ..pre-ordained .. by the formula ..chosen when the whole network of fractal memories was first put in place ..

"In some cases these restrictions may be so strong as to prohibit any rearrangement at all: in later chapters, this sort of comprehensive rearrangement protection will be identified with the more familiar concept of reality. In other cases the restrictions may be very weak, allowing the memory to spontaneously direct itself through a free-floating, never-ending search for perfect associativity."

..restrictions .. being so strong .. as to prohibit .. any rearrangement all .. and the restricting framework .. reality .. itself ..

reality .. is annealed .. by the very formulas that create .. its fractal ..abodes .. mathematically derived .. formula driven ..

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Outsider physicists? Probing reality is a deeply personal matter.

New Scientist: Outsider physicists and the oh-my-god particle - opinion - 24 December 2011

language .. creating concepts .. that are making sense .. for people .. for each one of us .. a continuous exercise .. by each one .. for each one ..

maths .. a valuable tool .. to broaden imagination .. to dig deeper into reality .. but that is not all .. that is half the work done .. what has been un-covered .. need .. it is imperative .. to be dressed .. with concepts .. a task that suits that the human individual .. what only people can afford ..

broadens ..imagination where the human mind armed with mere language .. mere concepts ..that provide very little insight .. into reality's workings .. maths surpasses such boundaries .. takes the human further .. deeper ..

the one which speaks with ..tensors .. to translate .. convert .. to meanings .. that make sense .. to the language .. that people use .. to bridge the gap .. of the language of maths . with the language .. amenable to people ..

fails .. if the inroads opening .. are not filled .. equally and effectively .. with concepts .. that can be understood .. with every day language .. the language that people use .. and understand one another ..

reality .. probing in .. physics .. at the forefront .. is an intransigent field .. stubborn .. yields ..too little .. each small step .. requires immense power .. mental scrutiny .. of vast proportions .. working endlessly .. upon the anchors that ... dedicated .. in the field provide .. their job to root firmly .. the stones .. the pebbles ..that maths-inspired imagination .. bring forth ..

people from either side of the divide .. should immerse .. have a peek .. over the other side's territory .. mentally arm themselves .. with each other's arsenal ..make it their tools .. blend the fields ..

Friday, 16 December 2011

Systems are build upon the incompatibility notion.

Draft chaos: Past, present and future concurring? Nonlinear time?

"... being incompatible (again), and by being incompatible means that they are not loosing their identity or integrity at any time but they continue to interact and by this continual interaction bring about the creation of ..., the world, universe, reality, the physical realm itself."

incompatible .. from its very beginnings .. charge, positive negative .. magnetism, north south polarity .. quantum color-anticolor charge ..

to its furthest extensions .. from the minute .. to its really awesome .. systems build upon the incompatibility notion ..

surpassing .. any realm .. thought or imagined ..

systems .. not only can afford .. incompatibility .. but depend upon .. thrive in ..

incompatible systems .. the entities responsible for .. composite .. systems themselves .. tuned to its utmost .. for the comprising emergent system's sake ..

the essence of ..dynamic the energy expended .. greater .. energy created (?) .. static .. notions .. only apparent ..

to fit .. to the limited scope .. of the furtive lazy glance .. of an observer's eye ..

entities assemble with one thing in mind .. to avail the system founded .. their individual properties vital for the system ..and subsystem .. depend upon

time .. space .. incompatible(?) ..

the greater the incompatibility .. the more stable .. the system is ..

at any time .. that the conditions amenable .. are nulled .. system ceases to be .. dissolve into what was made of .. into its components

the static attribute .. only apparent .. sudden death of attractors .. ensues ..

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Time. It is time that fits around the task.. and not the task time.

time .. if one .. can .. drastically re-arrange .. millennia held notions .. what would one gain ..out of it ..

the race against time .. toppled ..upside down .. it is time that fits around the task .. and not the task time ..

..quantum superposition bay .. states .. we find selves in ..superposed upon/next to/adjacent to ..the other .. the collapse .. to output ..

time .. awaits .. for the task to be completed .. to envelop it .. its passage .. the arrow of time ..imprinted in the mind ..

time in quantum ..scales .. with no ..arrow .. its arrow ..emerges out .. of the collapse of the superposition .. direction assigned from past superposition events .. in the vicinity ..

superposition events .. in the nano- .. micro- .. milli- ..scale .. smear all our decisions .. the acts .. tasks .. one is engaged in ..

Thursday, 8 December 2011

..parallel worlds overlap.. information leaks from one parallel world to another ..

..parallel worlds overlap.. information leaks from one parallel world to another .. proximal parallel worlds exchange information .. though it goes beyond information ..

..processes between worlds ..are overlapping .. processes comprised by input and outcome ..procedures .. parts .. the outcome from a process that started up in a proximal parallel world .. materialises into its adjacent parallel world ..

keys .. socks .. coins .. and other small objects .. regularly travel between proximal adjacent parallel worlds .. only to baffle individuals .. caught unaware .. in the midst of such activity .. unsuspecting they are .. curse their bad luck or praise their fortune .. after loosing or finding .. respectively .. the objects crossing .. the multi-dimensional barrier ..

bearing in mind .. that virtue of the parallel worlds creating mode .. choices made .. and the bifurcations leading to identical (?) ..or near identical sets of parallel worlds .. with all the objects .. the individuals included .. nearly identical .. therefore .. not only their passage between parallel worlds ..goes unnoticed .. but becomes possible (why?)..

an object .. state .. state of the matter .. the atoms .. the molecules .. the forces that hold them together .. slight or no differences all .. a sort of .. a signature .. almost ..identical ..

the network-like arrangement .. dynamic .. though .. solid .. stationary .. static .. but only to our eye .. the energy expended .. the waves transmitted .. its vibrational frequency .. the dynamical structure struggles to keep itself intact .. and this vibrational mode .. propels through the barrier .. swaps itself with its identical counterpart in an adjacent proximal parallel world ..

think about networks .. their multi-faceted extensions .. extensions that exist in multiple worlds .. their separation as yet .. incomplete .. objects tied up .. deep roots into adjacent parallel worlds .. strongly associated .. their connections enables .. transport between the barrier ..

at what level .. and who is responsible .. for spawning of parallel worlds .. is the mind ..implicated .. or such creation happens at a deeper level .. quantum level .. independently of the human observer .. cum actor ..

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Brains, Conway's automata, universe(s) all bubbles-finite fields .. regardless their size .. and all operate ..under the auspices of chaos ..

..from the smallest bubble .. to the biggest bubble .. the biggest .. universe wide .. in a multi-verse neighbourhood .. hold the same .. chaos self-similarity .. enabling .. enabling? .. yes .. why not .. the conjecture ..the assumption .. the thought

finite .. finite fields .. wrap-around .. notions .. bouncing over boundaries .. bubble's boundaries .. bubbles finite fields

In Ben Goertzel's Chaotic Logic, page 35 chapter 3.4.1 Discrete Logarithms

"For a simple mathematical example, let us look to the theory of finite fields. A finite field is a way of doing arithmetic on a bounded set of integers. For instance, suppose one takes the field of size 13 (the size must be a prime or a prime raised to some power). Then, in this field the largest number is 12. One has, for example, 12 + 1 = 0, 10 + 5 = 2, 3 x 5 = 2, and 8 x 3 = 12. One can do division in a finite field as well, although the results are often counterintuitive -- for instance, 12/8 = 3, and 2/3 = 5 (to see why, just multiply both sides by the denominator)."

the brain .. its finite boundaries .. waves upon waves ..of electrical activity surpassing each area .. over and over again .. sweeps upon sweeps .. within its narrow boundaries .. unable to escape .. escape? .. how does that sound .. why such a thought crossed my mind ..

Conway's automata .. the constant change in the grids of squares disappear on one edge of the enclosed squares .. only to appear over the other edge .. finite .. signals are not lost to a void .. remain within the field .. the finite field .. their effect .. their outcome does not disappear ..

the fine constant of our universe .. only possible .. as the signals are not lost to a void beyond .. remain within the bubble ..of the excruciatingly large size that our universe is .. their effect does not disappear ..

In New Scientist article "Neutrinos and multiverses: a new cosmology beckons" mentions

"If our universe is just one of many, that solve the "fine-tuning" problem at a stroke: we find ourselves in a universe whose laws are compatible with life because it couldn't be any other way. And that would just be the start of a multiverse-fuelled knowledge revolution."

the fine tuning .. parametre ..

brains .. Conway's automata .. universe(s) .. they are all bubbles .. regardless their size .. and all operate ..under the auspices of chaos ..

fractal is fractal does .. as all acquire .. bubble dimensions ..

there you go .. bubble-o-metry at bay ..

Sunday, 16 October 2011

As systems grew from few to many, quantum uncertainty evaporated. Leaving certainty, the sediments at the bottom of the evaporation vessels.

World's smallest incandescent (nano)lamp with carbon nanotube filament

"Thermodynamics, the crown jewel of 19th-century physics, concerns systems with many particles. Quantum mechanics, developed in the 20th century, works best when applied to just a few."

.. heed that .. thermodynamics .. for .. systems with many particles .. quantum mechanics .. works best when applied to just a few particles .. what can you make out of that .. why did it stop you in your tracks ..

is it just a matter .. literally taken .. that as systems .. grew from few to many .. quantum mechanics .. surrendered the reigns to .. thermodynamics .. the quantum uncertainty ..evaporates .. becomes the certainty .. that surrounds us .. the physical objects we observe .. record and acknowledge .. they are like the sediments .. the solids .. of the process of evaporation .. the uncertainty evaporation ..leaving certainty at the bottom of the processes vessel ..

but processes as they are .. they are infused with ..uncertainty .. uncertainty evaporates but never vanishes .. it continues to overwhelm the realm .. what holds on their relationships .. the certainty sediments .. the objects proper ..

quantum weirdness .. never relinquished its hold .. wherever in a neighbourhood .. of few particles .. it is quantum mechanics that upholds its influence .. controls .. is in charge of the reigns ..

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Mathematics, the embodiment of logic and reason attempts a shot at intuition.

Experimental Mathematics and the Power of Computing

"But at the same time, the field of mathematics grew and deepened so much that today some questions appear to require additional capabilities beyond the human brain."

.. capabilities beyond the human brain .. required ..

"There is a growing consensus that human minds are fundamentally not very good at mathematics, and must be trained," says Bailey."

... must be trained ..

"Given this fact, the computer can be seen as a perfect complement to humans---we can intuit but not reliably calculate or manipulate; computers are not yet very good at intuition, but are great at calculations and manipulations."

.. we can intuit .. but not reliably calculate or manipulate .. computers are not yet very good at intuition .. but are great at calculations and manipulations..

.. artificial intelligence .. a computer .. computations .. algorithms .. that can intuit ..

.. the article puts .. a new perspective both .. on human brain .. and computer .. which I find .. deep and insightful .. down to earth .. mother-earthly talk ..

imperative .. the outcome .. a perspective shared and spread .. upon which .. social structures .. in its ever wider sense .. are worth erecting ..

"Although mathematics is said to be a "deductive science", mathematicians have always used exploration, whether through calculations or pictures, to test ideas and gain intuition, in much the same way that researchers in inductive sciences carry out experiments. Today, this inductive aspect of mathematics has grown through the use of computers, which have vastly increased the amount and type of exploration that can be done."

.. exploration .. intuition-driven .. unyielding .. and shamefacedless .. deeply entrenched

.. to test ideas and gain intuition .. intuition .. upon a ..better and ..better ground .. what has been ploughed .. by testing .. and keep testing ..ideas ..

..intuition .. its incisive surgical tools .. the raw power of our brain's neurons .. one that can be likened .. if not being .. quantum computation proper ..

"Computers are of course used to ease the burden of lengthy calculations, but they are also used for visualizing mathematical objects, discovering new relationships between such objects, and testing (and especially falsifying) conjectures."

... falsifying .. the dreaded tenet .. of reductive science .. faltering .. a Damocles sword .. a deterrent .. to keep at bay .. intuition ..

.. the necessity .. the forced .. ideas .. theories out of them .. to give the mechanisms .. the processes .. to falsify self

"A mathematician might also use a computer to explore a result to see whether it is worthwhile to attempt a proof. If it is, then sometimes the computer can give hints about how the proof might proceed. Bailey and Borwein use the term "experimental mathematics" to describe these kinds of uses of the computer in mathematics."

.. proof .. based upon .. on what it is known .. what is known .. out of concepts .. 'proven' to hold .. a poor grasp on reality ..

concepts that muddle ..attempts to elucidate .. the true inklings of reality ..

Chaotic Logic, Ben Goertzel, page 23,

"In mathematics, "chaos" is typically defined in terms of certain technical properties of dynamical systems. For instance, Devaney (1988) defines a time-discrete dynamical system to be chaotic if it possesses three properties: 1) sensitivity to initial conditions, 2) topological transitivity, and 3) density of periodic points.

On the other hand, the intuitive concept of chaos -- apparent randomness emergent from underlying determinism -- seems to have a meaning that goes beyond formal conditions of this sort. The mathematical definitions approximate the idea of chaos, but do not capture it.

In physical and mathematical applications of chaos theory, this is only a minor problem. One identifies chaos intuitively, then uses the formal definitions for detailed analysis. But when one seeks to apply chaos theory to psychological or social systems, the situation becomes more acute. Chaos appears intuitively to be present, but it is difficult to see the relevance of conditions such as topological transitivity and density of periodic points. Perhaps these conditions are met by
certain low-dimensional subsystems of the system in question, but if so, this fact would seem to have nothing to do with the method by which we make the educated guess that chaos is present.
"Chaos" has a pragmatic meaning that has transcends the details of point-set topology.

.. formal definitions .. in all their gamut .. mathematical definitions at the forefront .. from mere tools .. absolute and unquestionable ..

.. mathematics .. its tarnished past .. overriding axioms .. clockwork orange universes .. mechanistic outlooks ..

.. its death-gripping influence on society-building .. thrown of its pedestal .. now a kitten meekly prowling .. probing nature ..

.. no reason .. to bust intuition's balls ..

.. intuition .. chaos enabled ..

.. patterns revealed .. glimpses of .. universal and ubiquitous chaos .. but there remains .. to an extent .. proof-induced ignorance ..

.. to capture the essence of chaos ..

.. quantum computation .. intrinsic within .. hidden the ultimate chaos ..

superposition .. states .. propagated .. chaos-guided .. wholly under the auspices of chaos ..

to bear in mind .. the rules extracted by observing chaos .. in near and familiar environments ..

.. applied .. inspired .. hidden variables .. to acquire a body .. a suitable ground .. amenable for probing ..

unbridled ..intuition

to unlock .. hidden rooms ..

.. to startrek self .. seeking out final frontiers .. ding ..dang ..dong ..

proofs .. often being .. the locks .. that keep away intuition .. no-trespassing rules ..ahoy .. forbidden rooms

without suggesting that either .. can not live together .. fit and complete ..another ..

Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Utter disbelief of our perceptions, required. Necessary and sufficient rules implied.

Beyond space-time: Welcome to phase space

"According to Smolin, relative locality saves the day. Let's say you were patient enough to wait around while a black hole evaporated, a process that could take billions of years. Once it had vanished, you could ask what happened to, say, an elephant that once succumbed to its gravitational grip. But as you look back to the time at which you thought the elephant had fallen in, you would find that locations in space-time had grown so fuzzy and uncertain that there would be no way to tell whether the elephant actually fell into the black hole or narrowly missed it. The information-loss paradox dissolves."

.. as you look back to the time .. you thought the elephant had fallen in .. you would find that locations in space-time had grown so fuzzy and uncertain .. that there would be no way to tell whether the elephant actually fell into the black hole or narrowly missed it ..

.. grown fuzzy and uncertain .. superposition .. quantum mechanical approach .. what has effected its collapse it is no more .. the observation act .. the observer .. the observed event .. 'diluted' into a superposition .. and as such it requires another act .. observing act .. to reveal its outcome .. fallen-in or near miss ..

..what if .. it is caught-on-tape .. or .. on a smartphone .. the observation act remains .. unshakeable witness ..

.. conclusions defy perceptions .. perceptions are built ..out of held ..conceptions

.. what we have conceived determines what we will perceive .. the concepts fathomed will give the flavour .. the taste of our perceptions

paradoxes, nothing more than a tool to (-----) our perceptions .. to (------) what? .. undermine .. poke .. re-trace them .. re-direct them .. adjust ..

.. the riding, galloping upon a disbelief of our very own perceptions .. what is perceived .. is doubted

Researchers may have solved information loss paradox to find black holes do not form

"The masses on the edge of the incipient black hole continue to appear into infinity that they are collapsing but never fall over inside what is known as the event horizon, the region from which there is no return, according to the researchers."

.. black holes fractal ..

Quantum Zeno Effect and the Burning Bush

"A fractal used to explain the paradoxes of Zeno of Elea — a movement can become impossible if its distance is recurrently divided into smaller pieces. The girl is assumed to walk three times as fast as the turtle, but whenever she turns a corner the turtle will, too. Even though she is faster, she will not see the turtle within a finite number of turns."

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Strong light floods superposition 'machine' in electrons, in photosynthesis. Plants biologically challenged.

Quantum life: The weirdness inside us

"Indeed, when he wrote his 1944 book What is Life?, he speculated that living organisms would do everything they could to block out the fuzziness of quantum physics."

.. a deterrent .. detracts us .. from being .. what our structures ought to be ..

.. filtering out .. quantum weirdness ..

"Is that plausible? We have around 400 differently shaped smell receptors, but can recognise around 100,000 smells, implying some nifty computation to combine signals from different receptors and process them into distinct smells."

400 receptors .. 100,000 smells .. nifty computation .. quantum computing ..

"There is an alternative explanation. Around 70 years ago, even before the lock-and-key mechanism was suggested, the distinguished British chemist Malcolm Dyson suggested that, just as the brain constructs colours from different vibrational frequencies of light radiation, it interprets the characteristic frequencies at which certain molecules vibrate as a catalogue of smells."

.. molecule vibration .. frequencies .. waves ..

"The idea languished in obscurity until 1996, when Luca Turin, a biophysicist then at University College London, proposed a mechanism that might make vibrational sensing work: electron tunnelling. This phenomenon results from the basic fuzziness of quantum mechanics, and is a staple of devices from microchips to microscopes. When an electron is confined in an atom, it does not have an exactly defined energy but has a spread of possible energies. That means there is a certain probability that it will simply burrow through the energy barrier that would normally prevent it escaping the atom."

.. a spread of possible energies .. superposition ..afforded .. min ..max .. if such terms apply .. extend beyond energy barrier .. what is witnessed as .. burrow .. a normal consequence of its state .. superposed states ..

superposition cancelled .. electrons can not escape .. out of their nuclear trajectories .. atoms remain intact .. the world is safe .. it will not disintegrate .. obliterate .. the probability .. small .. very small .. tiny

"Turin's idea is that when an odorous molecule lodges in the pocket of a receptor, an electron can burrow right through that molecule from one side to the other, unleashing a cascade of signals on the other side that the brain interprets as a smell. That can only happen if there is an exact match between the electron's quantised energy level and the odorant's natural vibrational frequency. "The electron can only move when all the conditions are met," Turin says. The advantage, though, is that it creates a smell without the need for an exact shape fit."

.. exact match .. electron's quantised energy level .. and .. odorant's natural vibrational frequency .. resonate .. blending through .. a condition .. a path .. a tunnel open .. quantum energy level ..wave ..its frequency exact match with odorant molecule's frequency .. the carrier wave .. within the superposed range of energies of the electron ..extending the reach .. to where the electron burrows .. taking it right through the odored molecule ..

"And in January this year Turin, now at the Alexander Fleming Biomedical Sciences Research Centre in Vari, Greece, and his colleagues delivered what looks like evidence for vibrational sensing. They showed that fruit flies can distinguish between two types of acetophenone, a common base for perfumes, when one contains normal hydrogen and the other contains heavier deuterium. Both forms have the same shape, but vibrate at different frequencies (Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1012293108). That sensitivity can only mean electron tunnelling, says Andrew Horsfield of Imperial College London, a co-author on Brookes's paper: in classical models of electron flow the electron would not be sensitive to the vibrational frequency. "You can't explain it without the quantum aspect."

acetophenone .. C6H5C(O)CH3 .. fruit flies distinguish between normal hydrogen and heavier deuterium types .. different vibrational frequencies .. classical electron flow .. electron energies restricted to their quantised energy level .. can not explain the phenomenon .. whereas electrons with energies spread within a range beyond the restricting energy level .. are able to 'tell' the difference between the normal and deuterium acetophone molecules, to distinguish them out of their different vibrational frequencies ..

"Vedral thinks this is because it depends on the quality of "superposition" which allows the sort of quantum-mechanical wave that describes electrons to be in two places at once. He reckons quantum omnipresence might speed the electrons' passage through the reaction chain. "If you could show superposition is there and it's somehow also important for the electron flow, that would be very interesting," he says."

.. quantum omnipresence .. what a delightful thought .. electrons superposition afforded .. omnipresence

"This is a trick we might like to learn from. Although photosynthesis is not particularly efficient overall, the initial stage of converting incoming photons into the energy of electrons within a photosynthesising organism's light-gathering pigment molecules is extremely effective. When sunlight is weak, plants are able to translate more than 90 per cent of photons into an energy-carrying electron; in strong sunlight plants have to dump about half the energy to avoid overheating."

.. sunlight weak, plants take more than 90 per cent of photons into an energy-carrying electron .. extremely efficient .. when light is weak .. but in strong sunlight it creates so much energy ..that the plant risks its very own survival .. dumps energy .. the mechanism developed does not suit its structure .. the plant's physiology unsuitable ..

it can not manage .. too much light .. possibly today's dominant plant species .. evolved in an era with conditions with very little light .. a sky obscured with dust .. possibly because of the meteorite that fell upon earth and caused the extinction of dinosaurs .. today's plants ..biologically challenged ..

"Scholes's explanation for this is that when sunlight hits electrons, they are kicked into a quantum superposition that allows them to be in two places at once. That effectively "wires" light-gathering molecules to the reaction centre where the photosynthesis takes place for a few hundred femtoseconds. During that time, an electron can, according to quantum rules, take all paths between the two places simultaneously. Probing the process more closely causes the superposition to collapse - and reveals the electron to have taken the path that lost it the least energy."

.. quantum superposition .. and its quality referred to ..earlier .. quality ..out of quantity .. the quantity of light present .. strong light floods superposition ..machine .. electrons .. highly energetic .. superposition thus controlled .. probabilities increased .. probability to burrow through an energy barrier .. increased .. tunnelling occurs .. and it occurs in the most effective way possible .. has taken the path that lost the least energy ..

superposition ..machine .. "wires" .. light gathering molecules .. their vibrational frequencies .. exact matches .. with the quantised electron energies .. of the electrons engaged in electron transfer complex .. as in odorant molecules .. spread electron energies .. electron tunnelling "wires" ..

a superposition 'channel' .. built to fulfil the purpose .. of transferring .. the most of the energy captured .. to the reaction centre .. with the least loss

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Chaos pays attention to details. Details hide within the novel attributes of systems to have.

Chaotic Logic p.6

"The ideas of this book proceed from an alternative point of view: that complex, self-organizing systems, while unpredictable on the level of detail, "

.. what passes as detail .. within it hidden .. easily overlooked .. what makes chaos exciting .. the minutiae .. the insignificant .. the tiny .. the small .. needles and tacks in haystacks .. that once they are triggered ..removed from the foreshadows .. poked and embellished ..

(I feel like Pythia .. the soothsayer .. a seemingly or apparently incoherent ramble .. while in some sort of trance)

.. details turn everything upside-down .. the potential .. out of .. what is taken as details .. try and test systems .. annihilate ..and devastate .. only to emerge as the new ..novel state of the system .. under a new regime of attributes .. peace and tranquillity ..afforded .. the system has been rocked to its foundations .. the system emerged triumphant .. the shaky foundations .. have outlived their usefulness .. replaced with more trusted, rock-solid support .. to last longer .. embedded as they are .. in hardy .. out of bouts of trying and testing .. proving their worthiness ..

"... are interestingly predictable on the level of structure. This what differentiates them from simple dynamical systems that are almost entirely unpredictable on the level of structure as well as the level of detail.

.. predictable .. straight out of what has been suggested by the author .. a couple of paragraphs before..

"All these systems have one novel property in common: whatever state one starts the system in at "time zero," the odds are that before long the system will converge on a certain region of state space called the "attractor". The states of the system will then fluctuate around the "attractor" region forever, apparently at random. This is "chaos," a remarkable, intriguing phenomenon -- and a phenomenon which, on the surface at least, appears to have little to do with complex, self-organizing systems."

.. predicting the state an entity acquires .. out of.. '..the odds are that before long the system will converge on a certain region of state space called the "attractor."' .. structure built ..out of the "attractors" .. as the processes involved .. favour the system states that belong in the state space occupied by the "attractors" .. "attractors" influenced structure .. permanency at bay .. perceived as order ..

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ben Goertzel's embarked project to bestow upon us AGI intelligence and the human brain collection of more or less clever tricks, still elusive.

In Ben Goertzel's Wiki

"Knowledge is represented in a network whose nodes and links carry probabilistic truth values as well as "attention values", with the attention values resembling the weights in a neural network."

attention values resembling the weights .. in a neural network .. attributed to the attention cognitive part of processing the knowledge body .. upon which its strength and efficiency is assessed by ..

weights ..largely based on ..fatigue .. engaged neurons arriving to their threshold limits .. therefore controlling human cognitive functions .. attenuating the effect .. even the validity of the outcomes achieved .. by its application ..

a corresponding factor that .. an artificial AGI based cognition model ..the deployment of its cognitive functions ..does not take on board .. does without it .. human cognition ..and AGI cognition ..compared like-for-like .. presents .. sort-of unfair advantages .. for AGI-based cognition ..

knowledge is represented in a network whose nodes and links carry probabilistic truth values .. knowledge network ..of nodes and links .. being based upon ..

probabilistic truth values .. quantum mechanics at bay .. superposition of states and the like .. the mechanics required .. their physical presence necessary (but not sufficient(?)).. brought into existence .. once by .. nature's evolutionary machinery .. the ..wetware .. in the brains of human individuals .. and now [human cognition]-manufactured enabled .. software induced .. foreseen AGI .. software-based hardware .. soft-hardware ..

AGI cognition .. certainly ..once it is presented .. has, what is required .. will be populated ..with an array of cognitive functions necessary .. spurting out intelligence ..

being presented as .. an interface .. a conduit .. even as a ..gateway ..

probabilistic truth values .. the mechanism .. its intuitive appeal holds true .. for both .. human cognition ..and ..AGI cognition .. human cognition ..though, disadvantaged ..on the attention field ..fatigue-based weights .. this presumed disadvantage .. explain ...

Why is AGI research so unpopular??

human cognition .. resists ..its dethronement from the pedestal has put itself in .. resists vehemently .. and to my opinion foolishly .. as not enough self-knowledge has accumulated .. acknowledged, heeded and abided by .. as a result .. the terminator-scenarios, the AI robots all the popular folklore .. out of sci-fi and film industry .. the myths created and propagated .. of future evolution of societies .. always admonishing for the plight of humanity

intrinsic inherent conditions .. the reflexes built over millennia of human development ..

human frailties .. out of the state of development .. under the prerogatives human societies were nurtured in .. the prerogative of power .. dressed up with .. scared to the bone .. that any development of artificial cognition .. will automatically acquire all the human cognition .. attributed nasties .. the baggage that necessarily ..any kind of cognition ..carries

as cognition is taken used for .. the subjugation to the will ..of the stronger

the submission ..of individuals attributed with weaker cognitive powers .. to the will of individuals attributed with stronger cognitive powers ..

the reference to strong AI .. bring forth extensions .. out of mangled-up concepts adhered by societies .. attributed to strength .. as what is connected with .. for individuals to do their bidding .. and not .. out of the concept derived .. out of strong nuclear forces conceptualisation ..

In "Patterns, Hypergraphs and Embodied General Intelligence" by Ben Goertzel

"The most articulate argument so far created in favor of the in-principle possibility of AGI is Marcus Hutter’s [3] theoretical work on algorithmic information theory and decision theory, which involves positing a very general mathematical definition of intelligence and then proving rigorously that arbitrarily high degrees of intelligence are possible given arbitrarily large amounts of computational power. If Hutter’s definition of intelligence is accepted, then his theorems show that with enough computing power, making AGI is trivial and can be done in a few dozen lines of easily-formulated LISP code. But this insight doesn’t help much in creating practical AGI systems using tractable amounts of computational power – probably because, as per [4], the human brain consists of a collection of more or less clever tricks for achieving more or less general intelligence within strict computation-power constraints."

tractable .. amounts of computational power .. human cognition evolved .. having to solve ..intractable problems .. and the computational power behind it .. what manage(-s or/and -d) .. to provide solutions to such intractable problems ..witnessed by humanity's survival and current growth .. out of .. the sentence .. 'human brain consists of a collection of more or less clever tricks' .. what are these tricks? .. still elusive? ..

Ben Goertzel's embarked project to bestow upon us AGI intelligence and the human brain collection of more or less clever tricks, still elusive

Saturday, 10 September 2011

I like the structuralists approach to linguistics, to language.

Structuralism in linguistics

"In Ferdinand de Saussure's Course in General Linguistics (written by Saussure's colleagues after his death and based on student notes), the analysis focuses not on the use of language (called "parole", or speech), but rather on the underlying system of language (called "langue").

.. underlying system of language .. language as a system .. a network .. out of entities ..organised .. in systems/subsystems .. networks/subnetworks .. organised under .. a multilevel control methodology .. a model that mind organises itself by .. hierarchical levels along with heterarchical networks .. the heterarchy of the elements of language .. as they attain their .. "signifier" and "signified" portions .. interconnecting .. co-evolving .. but to their own ends ..

"This approach examines how the elements of language relate to each other in the present, synchronically rather than diachronically."

synchronically .. interconnection implied .. development 'flows' synchronised revealing .. an underlying fine tuning .. to simultaneous arrival .. to ever precise meanings ..

"Saussure argued that linguistic signs were composed of two parts:
a "signifier" (the "sound pattern" of a word, either in mental projection—as when one silently recites lines from a poem to one's self—or in actual, physical realization as part of a speech act)

the "signifier" .. the grammatical form .. developed out .. the word formation rules .. which enable the words to physically realize .. that a language provides

"a "signified" (the concept or meaning of the word)"

the "signified" .. a pliable .. dynamic .. ever-evolving approach .. that detach the meaning attributed .. away from idealistic considerations that distract from their natural discourse .. and appropriate to longitudinal language development .. a collective effort .. by all language practitioners .. and its latitudinal language development each individual attains its own language ..

"This was quite different from previous approaches that focused on the relationship between words and the things in the world that they designate."

..implying ..learning from above .. given but not taken .. external to individual .. individual robbed of its potential .. to develop its own language .. and subsequently to contribute .. to the longitudinal language development

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Emergence, emergent properties trigger ascension events.

"Still, the central mystery is much the same in both cases: how does a persistent, flexible organization emerge from relatively inflexible components?"

.. acts of ascension .. as a whole .. the emerged flexible organization..

emergence, from chaos to order, John H. Holland, Chapter 5: Neural nets, p.82.

"Like the ant colony, the central nervous system (CNS) is composed of numerous interacting individuals, called neurons. Individual neurons, like individual ants, have a behavioural repertoire that can be reasonably approximated with the help of a small number of rules."

.. like ants .. neurons .. behavioural repertoire .. behaviours .. simple acts .. directed, somehow ..controlled .. by simple rules .. within the framework .. along with .. the instances of behaviour .. create the whole .. the ant colony .. the CNS .. a unit by itself ..

"And, like the ant colony, the behaviours mediated by the CNS are much more complex, in both time and space, than the behaviours of the constituent neurons."

the ants .. can be assumed that they are oblivious .. of the unit that they have created .. the ant colony .. the whole ..

oblivious of the rules that the ant colony ..abides by .. rules that are above and beyond .. the rules that ants abide by .. and, as it would be expected, the rules adhered to, determines the framework of understanding .. a framework of understanding inappropriate as a vehicle of comprehension .. the rules upheld the ant colony ..

un-comprehending by the ants .. despite the fact .. that their very existence depends .. upon the application of the rules .. by the ants .. as such

like the Conway's automaton units .. their 'intelligence' confined by mental capacity .. as defined by the rules followed .. that makes possible the automata existence ..

human societies differ .. as the units .. their intelligence .. surpasses the capacity conferred to .. by the simple rules they follow .. adhered within the framework of societies .. affords that capacity ..

endowed with capacity .. that supersedes the capacity the rule-based capacity .. implies .. attributes with .. the plausible field

the result the constant upheaval that human societies find themselves in .. since their inception ..

the human individual .. has .. the potential .. of ascension .. ascends ..

the new properties emerging .. a .. new, novel properties .. enabled act .. ascension ..

new properties .. the being, the capacity to assert self .. on the grounds of the new, novel properties ..

.. ascension .. inherent .. intrinsic .. the numerous cases .. the human mind has invented .. from limited in scope .. to limitless .. beyond limits scope .. what makes the individual acquire .. the at home ..feeling ..roosting within ..

... from material beginnings .. to immaterial ends ..

.. copes with ..

societies relying .. upon that principle .. facilitating ascension ..

intuition .. its apocryphal origin .. the obscure fields where it acts .. elucidated ..

.. elucidation possible via the scrutiny .. of all the human mind produces(d) .. intuition-driven .. intuition-triggered ..

relying upon the phenomenon .. leaves ground unexplained .. the phenomenon what is observed .. not what is underlying ..
.. underlying may be ..even ..beyond what the rules of physics alone can explain ..

a glimpse provided by the rules of quantum physics .. empowered by the dictates of quantum physics .. that drags what .. thoughts of human mind .. brings forth .. into paths .. that can be explained .. amenable to elucidation ..

the magical field and the quantum field ..merge .. into a field .. that share properties from either field ..

Monday, 29 August 2011

Meta-knowledge exercising procedures enacted and use profusely.

our thoughts .. personal and collective .. constantly .. in turmoil .. but no matter .. the confidence they aspire .. that overwhelm our beings .. there are still signs .. that betray the origins of thoughts ..

no breadth .. lack of knowledge .. a lack of trust to the human individual .. at least as remnants .. of the state ..out of which we are emerging from .. as individuals ..and as a whole .. both at the same time ..

due to.. of what our minds .. our cognitive apparatuses .. can take in .. our inability to fathom .. to include no more than a couple of levels .. in the hierarchy of structures .. of systems .. of networks we are embedded in ..

cognitive inability to extend beyond a few levels in the system hierarchy

meta-knowledge ..afforded outcome .. meta-knowledge exercising processes .. accumulated .. making us aware of .. the way we arrived .. into the state .. we are in .. the state our thoughts afforded .. towards a global outlook .. out of the states ..other individuals have arrived to .. to as many individuals .. that can be possibly embrace their thoughts .. that one can take in .. states set side-by-side .. and draw out the similarities and differences ..

meta-knowledge exercising procedures .. enacted .. and use profusely .. even if .. they are not agreed upon .. not fully compliant to the thinking mode employed .. an attempt to surpass oneself .. translated into .. a conscious effort ..undertaken ..

even momentarily .. to relinquish the reins .. our own thoughts ..impose upon us .. and meta-knowledge gained .. attained .. empowered .. to enter and .. fully immerse into our thoughts again..

Though logic and reason are necessary, they are not sufficient to requirements, sufficed only by intuition-enabled inspiration.

information the form .. where ideas .. are lurking within ..

information .. and ideas prised out .. ideas in the service ..of monetization .. are ideas ..that are not worth .. the value given ..

ideas that ignore the monetization goal .. are ideas that worth .. give credence to their emergence .. the reason that they emerged for .. not matter the vehicle .. even the lowly 140-character ..

as ideas .. by their nature .. can be carried by even .. 140-character form .. 140-character form .. spreads them wild .. and in a matter of dt time ..

logic and reason .. rationality, science, evidence, logical argument and debate .. though needed .. more amenable vehicles .. conditions to ideas .. are .. intuition .. even hidden amidst ..superstition, faith, opinion and orthodoxy

with logic and reason alone .. you can not arrive .. to new ideas .. the spurts the jumps of thought .. that lead the mind .. open up new domains .. is only possible by .. intuition enabled inspiration ..

their effects are limited .. while employing them .. the mind can achieve a firm hold of its domain .. domain uncovered .. by spontaneous spurts arrived by intuition itself .. but can not fathom beyond the confines of the domain .. opening up new domains .. something that only intuition can afford .. inspiration ..

and widespread involvement .. of as many ..participants as it can ever be .. and the more that participate in the moulding of ideas .. the more the ideas progress .. and are implemented .. take hold .. a firm foot..

an individual never a .. single carriage vehicle of ideas .. is a multi-carrier .. that can hold .. an enormous amount of ideas .. no one is spared .. none is .. surplus to requirements ..

though logic and reason .. are necessary .. they are not sufficient to requirements .. sufficed only .. by inspiration, intuition

though .. logic and reason ..infused individuals are necessary .. they are not sufficient to requirements .. intuition-afforded individuals suffice the requirement .. intuition .. a common feature for all individuals .. only hindered by the predicament current statuses societies impose upon us .. the prevailing conditions among us .. the monetization principles .. apparent and abundant in societies ..

intuition-afforded individuals .. their engagement .. their contribution .. their existence undetermined .. unpredictable .. a premise, no one is spared .. no one surplus to requirements .. and out of that .. to suffice their role in the progress of humanity .. is fulfilled .. only by.. an ever expanding contributory body of people .. to its utmost .. the full complement of humanity

and that premise .. is put to use .. by the ultimate candidate .. the all-embracing communication vehicle .. the internet .. with all its accoutrements .. irrelevant to how these are branded .. good or bad .. agreeable or disagreeable .. Darwin-inspired selective processes .. determine .. comes bit-by-bit by itself .. what would prevail ..

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Unit, the whole out of the parts united and unit become the entity in another whole.

networks .. ubiquitous .. universal .. and pervading nature .. in all its manifestations .. nature .. an all-inclusive realm .. from the physical realm to the realm inhabited by the structures employed by cognition .. concepts, notions, ideas .. to fathom in the intricate networks .. that reflect nature's architectural built by .. cognition .. its cognitive structures .. emulate the structures tries to comprehend .. as it can not be comprehended otherwise ..

networks development .. developing in a time-dependent fashion .. evolution, a time-depended look at their development .. universal .. and out of this universality .. self-similarity borne-out ..

self-similarity .. common features .. basic characteristics .. that provide the foundations upon which .. all nature's networks .. have in common .. share .. as

becomes a tedious task .. uninspiring

extracting the features .. that

from the immediate environment ..of every entity .. that acts as a unit .. unit .. the whole .. out of the parts ..united .. into .. and feedback fashion appropriately .. the unit that is a part of another whole ..

.. a unit out of its parts and a unit as the part of another whole .. feedback ..loop ..

multiplicity .. required .. emergence .. emergent entities .. multiple units ... multiple agents .. entities arrangement .. states .. acquired .. possible .. impossible .. plausible .. implausible .. cognitive faculties .. plausibility attribute cognition enabled ..

units .. entities .. employing processes .. or .. employed by processes .. a loop .. does not matter .. what comes first .. where it is not obvious .. there is not an end or a beginning .. what distinguishes one from another .. a matter of direction .. down-up .. up-down ..

multiple agents .. agents .. units .. involved in .. engaged by .. processes ..

Friday, 19 August 2011

Instead, the state space of the whole is the sum of the state spaces of its parts.

Science News: Lost In The Periphery

the whole as more than the sum of its parts .. theme ..

"These perceptual flaws shouldn’t make anyone feel inadequate. “The fact that we’re failing in these ways may sound horrible, but you have to remember that those failures aren’t affecting your ability to see or survive,” Simoncelli says. “You walk around just fine despite the fact that all this stuff in your periphery is jumbled.

.. have to remember that those failures aren’t affecting your ability to see or survive,” .. the unit .. imperative to survive .. to dominate(?) in its surroundings .. its state space .. no, it is not its state space .. it is the space .. in which its state space .. resides .. its state space part of .. a space where all the parts .. that make up the whole .. which reside in the same space .. a space made out .. of the state spaces .. of all these parts .. put together ..

take .. the parts .. as being .. the subsystems .. and of the whole being the system .. or .. by another defining concept .. as the parts .. being the subnetworks .. and the whole .. being the network .. then the state space for each part (subsystem, subnetwork) that makes the whole (system, network), sums up to the state space of the whole (system, network).

So even though the whole is more than the sum of its parts, the same can not be said for the state spaces, of parts and whole. Instead, the state space of the whole is the sum of the state spaces of its parts.

The state space, is the space that includes all the states, of successive state and process events. Input states modified by process into output states, the total of states, input intermediate and output, comprise the state space of any state and process, and instants along these transitions are recognised as parts. Parts being called entities too.

State and process, define all existence and parts tangible reality resulted out of an arrangement of the parts involved, that the distances between the parts remain fixed for short or extremely long durations.

Tangible reality resulted out of arrangement of the parts involved, where distances between parts remain fixed for relatively short to extremely long, to age of entire universe long durations.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

The orders are passed down the hierarchy. The loops that sustain reality have a downward direction. The whole takes precedence over the parts.

"Chaotic logic", Ben Goertzel,Chapter Three, THE STRUCTURE OF THOUGHT, 3.1. THE PERCEPTUAL-MOTOR HIERARCHY, 3.1.1. Perception, p.28.

"That orders are passed down the perceptual hierarchy was one of the biggest insights of the Gestalt psychologists. Their experiments (Kohler, 1975) showed that we look for certain configurations in our visual input. We look for those objects that we expect to see, and we look for those shapes that we are used to seeing. If a level 5 process corresponds to an expected object, then it will tell its children to look for the parts corresponding to that object, and its children will tell their children to look for the complex geometrical forms making up the parts to which they refer, et cetera."

..that orders are passed down the perceptual hierarchy .. unsavoury .. hard to swallow .. but can not escape .. however .. we are talking about loops .. and what we see the direction these loops take .. from top to bottom .. therefore ..passed down ..

.. one can explain that necessity .. as what matters .. is the unit .. the whole .. that has emerged .. that takes priority .. over the parts is made out of ..

.. taken as an example is the survival ..of the human individual .. that matters .. that is what takes precedence before or else .. and its gestalt attribute evolved out of this ..

if it is out-with the parameters .. imposed by .. assigned to .. the parts themselves .. the children .. the subsidiaries ..

a breakdown ..of the unit .. of the whole .. the whole is unsustainable beyond the limits of its parts .. it is the sole and unequivocal master within the realm it resides .. and to that effect its parts should play their role .. to confer the integrity required .. necessary and sufficient .. but not beyond what the parts can afford .. what impacts the parts .. the subsidiaries very own survival ..

computation .. time-dependency .. the shortest time possible .. parts enabled .. the subroutines engaged computation ..

When logic and intuition come together. The subtlest phenomenon of human cognition.

"Chaotic logic", Ben Goertzel, Introduction, p.3.

"In sum, I am well aware that this book will draw criticism for its ambitious choice of topic. I also realize that my approach defies the norms of every academic discipline (sometimes quietly, sometimes ostentatiously). However, I believe that one must follow one's scientific intuition where it leads. All that I ask of you, as a reader, is that you consider the ideas given here based on their own intrinsic merits, rather than how "orthodox" or "unorthodox" they may appear."

criticism .. an attitude out of .. over-arching logic .. its utter reliance upon logic .. generating strict .. rigid .. inescapable norms .. that lead to stagnant, stale static behaviours .. endless loops .. resisting change .. escaping the norms .. the restrictions imposed .. imperative .. lead to vibrant, refreshing dynamic behaviours .. the "orthodox" or "unorthodox" .. determining stance .. what adhering to logic only .. bring forth

scientific intuition .. intuition never changes .. the bed out of which draws its content changes .. the realms opened by the appliance of logic .. of science immense .. unsurpassed .. structured .. rampant imagination .. guided .. imagination by itself fruitless .. unyielding .. unbounded .. low in scope .. science opens up .. realms .. as yet left unexplored .. imagination .. to naive ends .. science continuously opens up new worlds for imagination to diffuse in .. science and imagination .. walk hand-in-hand .. armed with .. what its marriage with logic .. intuition .. built out a bed .. created out of the marriage .. of logic and intuition .. bound imagination .. tethered by .. tamed ..imagination .. unbounded .. without a goal .. state space .. beyond the boundaries .. of possible .. plausible .. unbridled .. soaring into empty space .. goal-less .. to fertile imagination ..

"The symbiosis between logic and intuition is a very tricky thing; perhaps the subtlest phenomenon we humans have ever tried to comprehend. In order to make progress toward an understanding of this strange, fundamental symbiosis, we must summon all our powers of analysis and imagination -- and check our preconceptions at the door."

subtlest phenomenon .. symbiosis .. marriage .. of incompatible attributes .. their mixing precarious .. instantaneous .. in bursts .. logic and intuition humans endowed with .. and with what they try to comprehend the phenomenon with .. logic, its secure hold upon individuals .. the ground upon which individuals trod .. to meet intuition emerging out of the depths of imagination .. emergence .. sudden .. unannounced .. the oncoming impact uplifting .. exhilarating .. to heights .. that logic itself hardly reaches .. but without logic intuition fizzles out .. vanishes .. extinguishes .. leaves .. no trace

.. analysis and imagination .. analysis what it takes from .. logic .. and ..imagination what it takes ..from intuition .. therefore .. chaotic logic .. an .. even .. desperate but not at all hopeless attempt .. to bring together what comes out of imagination .. driven, sort of guided, by intuition .. unravelling its chaotic course .. literally and figuratively .. analysed in structure .. the literal side .. as what exists .. and in form .. the figurative side .. as what is perceived .. into the realm of science

Sunday, 7 August 2011

Phase space a.k.a. the fractal 'bubbles' out of network's froth conceptualised to .. analysis .. form an imaginary mathematical construct

Phase space a.k.a. the fractal 'bubbles' out of network's froth conceptualised to .. analysis .. from an imaginary mathematical construct to network's unleashed activity envisaged ..where all acts .. trajectories

--- separates the boundaries .. the empty space .. the physical impossibility

'Introducing chaos' by Ziauddin Sardar and Iwona Abrams, page 48.

".. suppose instead of fixed object (a building), we had a moving object - say, a pendulum. We can represent the horizontal and vertical motion of the pendulum in a two-dimensional graph."

the horizontal and vertical motion .. tracing its movement .. writing its history .. its horizontal/vertical displacement .. moving object .. hence, dynamic .. recording the object's, under study .. dynamics

the object .. the focus of study .. towards which one's attention is drawn .. whatever structure that is .. abstract or sense-defined .. the horizontal/vertical attributes, arbitrary ..constructed .. mental constructs .. anchors .. out of which .. its displacement from the horizontal/vertical .. is envisaged .. provide discernible information..

"..phase space represents the state of an object in a multi-dimensional plane. The motion of the simple pendulum could be shown on a graph where the x-axis is the angle of displacement from the vertical and the y-axis is the angular velocity."

..a succession of states .. states out of the .. arrangement of the elements, the under study system is comprised of .. elements constantly arranged as 'wholes' .. as 'more than the sum of its parts' wholes .. the presented states .. of an ever-evolving, dynamic object .. its states represented .. constantly morphing as the influence exerted ..out of all its properties ..never cease to be ..

.. angle .. skewed towards .. the system's overriding property(-ies).. system's properties acting as the dimensions of the afore-mentioned system and the moving object .. what is conceptualised out of these properties ..

combine .. combined effect .. object constantly coherent .. as it is presented as a 'whole' .. none other .. to whatever shape .. that 'whole' might be .. no matter how long .. that 'whole' element arrangement .. lasts ..

(formulas constantly present solutions .. no matter how fast the replacement of the factors in a formula .. take place )

.. angular velocity .. the change over time .. out of the conditions prevailing .. determining .. how durable the shape of an object is ..

"On this phase space diagram, the simple pendulum shows as a circle."

.. the clarity afforded ..

"Phase space turns dull statistical data into a telling picture, abstracting all the essential information from the moving parts and providing us with an easy to grasp overview of the system's behaviour over time."

.. dull statistical data .. trivial information .. information that do not lead to system comprehension .. system poorly comprehended .. undermine knowledge .. provide spurious explanations .. objects presented are not understood in their entirety .. objects incoherent .. information dis-information .. mis-information ..

.. abstracting essential information .. information depicting engaged properties .. exerted influence .. 'weighted' .. not only their presence .. but their degree of involvement ..

.. overview of the system's behaviour over time .. the particular sequence of states .. achieved .. a history of successive states .. the succession of states ..

"In phase space, the complete state of knowledge about a dynamical system at a single instant collapses to a point. That point then is the dynamical system at that instant. At the next instant, the system will have changed, and so the point moves."

a network itself .. residing upon networks

Monday, 1 August 2011

network theory .. framework .. the blueprint of reality ..

network theory .. explaining .. it goes beyond ..explaining .. the framework .. upon which .. all systems possible .. existing (past and present worlds) .. or destined to exist (possible and plausible future worlds) .. the origins of all systems .. their evolution ..

a framework .. that acts as a blueprint .. systems' evolving nature .. self-similarity availed .. bestowed upon ..

a powerful tool ..

For all of the initial intuitive appeal network theory ran into two problems. First it was too complex for 1970s computer technology to manage. (Anyone who has tried to construct even a simple neural-net model of a social process has similar complaints about 1990s computer technology).

..the initial intuitive appeal .. being described as such .. of network theory

initial .. to begin with .. at an early stage .. still to be revealed in its ..all-surpassing overwhelming dimensions .. dimensions that .. cover, have the capacity to include ..the reality itself .. all realities the human individual grapples with .. hidden within an immense potential .. near infinite in its boundaries ..

..intuitive .. comes from within .. intrinsic .. inherent .. the source of all spontaneous .. ground-breaking notions, ideas, conceptualisations ..

..appeal .. its attractive power emanating from deep in the very being of the human individual .. expressing fundamental primordial elements .. vibrate .. hit chords that 'dance' to the same tunes .. in ---

.. network theory .. providing the explanations required .. the blueprint nature organised its fabric .. to be used as the tool to discover .. literally un-cover the nature of all things ..

Connectionism arose in the field of computer science as a way of deal with parallel processes. Connectionist systems not only have rich interconnections (as all networks do) but the capacity to carry on more than one operation or set of instructions at a time (ie. in parallel). In connectionist systems the various processes are not only carried out simultaneously but often without reference to one-another. Another feature of connectionist systems is the tendency to regard 'information' not simply as whether a particular bit is on or off, but also as the pattern of network activation. In this second sense information can be understood as the pathway along which a signal flows.

..connectionism .. parallel processes .. abiding to connections .. connectedness .. self-evident in nature .. describing conciousness itself .. nature's ..nature ever-evolving loop .. endless loops that generate connections .. makes nature .. nature exists by virtue of the connections .. nature can never be thought as anything else .. but an immense network of connected elements .. connecting the multitude of parallel processes undergoing in its entirety ..

..parallel processes ..envisaged .. nature networked to its core .. processes ongoing .. never cease to be .. in mind of what is called .. Conway's automaton .. the essence of ..emergence .. out of nature' state space .. in its entirety .. defined .. trodden by any process .. that comes to be .. and out of them .. selected few .. connect to build networks .. to present the information .. network building information .. fractally rendered ..

..connectionist systems .. systems .. what nature consists of .. nature is comprised upon .. the conceptualisation of 'system' itself .. can never be thought as anything else but .. as connectionist system .. any other conceptualisation severely lacking in definition .. ignores vital properties .. conceptualised notion rendered useless .. system thus conceptualised .. a useless tool in probing nature .. 'brings fruits' .. with no-avail ..

.. connectionist systems .. bear .. bring along two important attributes ..

.. the attribute referred in - connectionist systems not only have rich interconnections but the capacity to carry on more than one operation or set of instructions at a time -,

.. reminiscent of ..quantum computation itself .. envisaged and sparked the search towards materialising ..quantum computers such .. the parallel processes .. at its heart .. availed by quantum superposition .. the ultimate expression of the afore-mentioned attribute of connectionist systems .. nature at its very core .. its quantum realm .. abides to that property ..

..and the attribute referred in - connectionist systems regard 'information' not simply as whether a particular bit is on or off, but also as the pattern of network activation,

.. the pattern of network activation .. bits .. what digital computers rely upon .. the pattern of network activation .. a network made out of bits, of positions .. in ..on and off states .. the patterns of .. the on/off states of all the positions/bits .. the elements that make up the network .. regarded as being ..activated .. active .. in action .. not in stasis .. not static ..but dynamic .. the flow .. the sequence of presented states .. by all the bits ..otherwise known as being positions ..otherwise known as being elements .. the elements visited .. once the including network is activated .. and their states (on or off) .. being recorded .. are taken into consideration .. provide the content of the information .. taking part in the flow .. along the sequential series of presented states .. run along .. recording the signal .. the numerous combinations between the included elements .. different flows .. with the potential to give rise to different signals .. but only a few(?) are selected which provide .. sense(?) information .. represent information

according to .. 'a whole that is more than the sum of its parts' principle .. the information .. that suits ..its environment .. suits its neighbouring elements .. the tendency .. towards it .. what drives 'wholeness' .. 'wholeness' achieved ..out of .. 'whole being more than the sum of its parts' .. actions ..

these 'wholeness' .. enabling actions .. overwhelming .. information rendered .. through such manner .. reality building .. continuous reality .. continuity .. measurable .. appearing in the form of ..measurable variables .. determine the conditions .. prevailing .. the use of formulas depicting laws of nature ..

the signal flows .. the signal .. the 'process' materialising .. flowing .. coherent .. information discernible .. compact .. made possible by the architecture of the lattice .. architecture established .. architecture enabling the flux pattern ..

activated .. collectively

A connectionist model allows two kinds of patterns to be studied. The first is the pattern of the signals, communications or other influences which flow through the lattice. This shall be referred to as the flux pattern. The Lorenz Attractor (Figure 4) has, for example, been used symbolically in clinical psychological practices to describe what might be happening in the brain of a person with a bi-polar disorder such as manic-depression. The two attractor foci represent the two mood-poles and the trajectory around these two poles is chaotic in two ways: first because the precise symptomatology from one episode to another is similar yet different since no point on the trajectory is encountered twice; second: because even though the transition from one mood-state to another is predetermined by the initial conditions the prediction of when these transitions will take place cannot be made with any accuracy.

.. flux pattern .. flowing pattern ..

.. attractor foci .. trajectory around these two poles is chaotic .. no point on the trajectory is encountered twice .. and .. mood-state .. predetermined by initial conditions ... prediction of when these transitions will take place cannot be made with any accuracy

..and in this sense human nature is chaotic ..

chaotic .. outwards .. but .. equivalently .. chaotic .. inwards .. flux pattern .. becomes ..rigid .. as the ..architecture lattice ..

architecture lattice ..pre-existing nodes .. lasts longer .. than .. flux pattern ..

The second kind of pattern which can be studied is defined by the architecture of the lattice itself: the pattern of connections among the various elements of the lattice and through which the signals propagate. This is known as the architecture, the matrix, or the lattice. The lattice places, for practical purposes, limits on what flux patterns are possible. The architecture allows us to differentiate plausible futures from implausible futures and, perhaps, from impossible futures.[13]

..limits on what flux patterns are possible .. limits .. constraints .. which they may not be infinite .. in expanding ..outwards .. in its outward expansion .. but there is infinity ..inwards .. fractality's essence ..

Archimedes .. infinities in-between real numbers.. irrational numbers ..

more discreet .. discreet-isation .. discreet ..concepts .. to its ..lower limit .. to quantum ..elements .. realm ..

Using a connectionist model of a process (eg. Eiser, 1993) requires that we treat the phase-state as the current network location of the influence under study. The propagation pathway is not infinite but confined to orbits which follow the pre-existing pathways between various elements.[14]

..propagation pathway .. not infinite .. orbits follow ..pre-existing pathways ..

The simplest kind of model allows only one kind of influence with one direction of flow. Each neuron in the human brain is susceptible to between 100 and 200 neurotransmitters, has multiple outputs and inputs, can create new connections, lose old ones, change their resistance to certain pathways, and die. The complexity of the human brain is significant (Harth, 1991) and one should at least be prepared to believe that human society is at least of equal complexity.

It is therefore the flux pattern chaos theorists explicitly study and it is in these patterns chaos theorists will ultimately be compelled to define their own notions of structures.

In other words they do not study structures qua structures themselves but their study of structures is geared to understanding the implications of the 'structures' which in the connectionist paradigm be understood as the flux patterns called social interactions.

Initially it is useful to draw a distinction between the connectivity pattern of the lattice (the architecture) and the communications which may or may not flow through this lattice. The lattice constrains what flow patterns might exist but does not require that they do. This constraining influences not only what channels and nodes but also what dimensions may be followed.

Using a more sociological description of these terms: the lattice may be likened to the actors, actresses, props and stage where a play is to be given. The flux or flow pattern is to be compared to the actual performance itself. Traditional uses of the term 'social structure' have - by paying insufficient attention to the time dimensions - made it rather more difficult than necessary to tell the difference between props and people.

The criticism Homans made can be seen not just as the requirement that sociological laws be rooted in physiological laws but that our conceptual paradigms should allow us to understand or express one set of abstractions in terms of another.[15]

Connectionism however allows a different approach to theorising. Because connected networks can exhibit chaos the roles of individual elements cannot be discounted in advance. Because some networks can, under other conditions, exhibit highly predictable patterns, macro level analysis can be carried out and meaningful macro level generalities sought. Connectionist models lead us to consider the 'structure' of the architecture, the 'structure' of the flux, the temporal permanence of both. At this point we can join the debate over reductionism.

Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ideas, fledglings of properties with the potential to expand into networks.

Wolfram, computable document format and what brought into my mind ..

.. what attracted 'me' .. on the cdf .. the computable document format .. Wolfram ..initiative .. and their .. and into what it developed .. this search ..of 'mine' ..

the search .. that goes into acquiring the 'right' expressions .. for the ..'my' ..ideas that keep popping up .. expressions that I need .. in order to give shape ..the oncoming ideas .. dress them up .. with words .. conceptualise the ideas .. into manageable, for my mind concepts .. the culmination of ..attractors' activity and action ..

the ideas .. spawning of .. grappled concepts properties .. seeds ..of properties .. new 'paths' of my brain's neural circuitry .. reverberated cell assemblies .. a new synapse .. the initialization of a neural network .. initialized ..neural network a result of ..bridging .. unabridged, already existing neural networks .. into a ..practically .. and virtually network ..

the new word ..the missed link .. the newly-found expression .. developing into a bridge that connects .. enables the flow of information .. between the previously ..separated networks ..from the virtually near to even disparate regions of my brain's ..neural space

practically already held ..knowledge .. is constantly re-arranged .. from .. slight to larger modifications .. a gradient-like increase .. to accommodate ..newly arrived knowledge ..

towards a full-fledged ..overall ..over-surpassing ..ever-including .. and inclusive ... super- .. or hyper- .. network

This basic course is organized into five segments.
Overview of neural network history and types of problems: function approximation, classification, data clustering, time series, and dynamic systems
Feedforward Neural Networks and Radial Basis Function
Learning, overlearning, and initialization of neural networks
Theory and Background of Neural Networks
Description of the inherited problems when functions are fitted to data, possibilities for handling these problems using neural networks, and practical aspects
Nonlinear Dynamic Black-Box Modeling
Modeling of time series and dynamic systems using linear and nonlinear models
Classification and Clustering with Neural Networks
Two classes, many classes, neural network classifiers and relations to other classifiers, the perceptron as classifier, nearest-neighbor classification, vector quantization, unsupervised methods, self-organizing maps, and the Hopfield network

Saturday, 30 July 2011

Impossible futures

In Smith, R. D. (1998) 'Social Structures and Chaos Theory', ..

The second kind of pattern which can be studied is defined by the architecture of the lattice itself: the pattern of connections among the various elements of the lattice and through which the signals propagate. This is known as the architecture, the matrix, or the lattice. The lattice places, for practical purposes, limits on what flux patterns are possible. The architecture allows us to differentiate plausible futures from implausible futures and, perhaps, from impossible futures.

The transition from level-to-level

In Smith, R. D. (1998) 'Social Structures and Chaos Theory', ..

the clue, or indication, or proof, or evidence ..

Connectionism arose in the field of computer science as a way of deal with parallel processes. Connectionist systems not only have rich interconnections (as all networks do) but the capacity to carry on more than one operation or set of instructions at a time (ie. in parallel). In connectionist systems the various processes are not only carried out simultaneously but often without reference to one-another. Another feature of connectionist systems is the tendency to regard 'information' not simply as whether a particular bit is on or off, but also as the pattern of network activation. In this second sense information can be understood as the pathway along which a signal flows.

evident the point of beiing ..self-evident .. self-evidence established as a notion of .. being a single pathway .. of paving the route for all thought processes to follow .. irrespective of ..vessel supporting them .. by any individual .. at any time or place

the process by which establishes itself as a single pathway .. a result of attractors being built .. over time .. in a manner according to what is referred to in ..

The second kind of pattern which can be studied is defined by the architecture of the lattice itself: the pattern of connections among the various elements of the lattice and through which the signals propagate. This is known as the architecture, the matrix, or the lattice. The lattice places, for practical purposes, limits on what flux patterns are possible. The architecture allows us to differentiate plausible futures from implausible futures and, perhaps, from impossible futures.

"Another feature of connectionist systems is the tendency to regard 'information' not simply as whether a particular bit is on or off, but also as the pattern of network activation."

.. what is regarded as 'information' .. it is not just ..whether a particular bit on or off .. but also .. the pattern of network activation ..

the pattern of network activation .. a network in itself .. with its very own ..particular nodes, entities .. its very own ..bits .. which presents itself a pattern .. even taken as a bit .. by itself .. a bit that is ..on

a bit that is ..on .. its presence established.. being unequivocal .. its .. position .. eliminated .. extricated into the realm of ..the impossible ..does not belong in the ..phase space .. of that process .. not just ..un-charted territory .. but never visited

if ever .. can it be .. my thoughts ..organised .. self-organised .. without ..a plan .. out of no-where.. un-announced .. the ..'best-fit' approach .. it could be ..or .. the path .. has already being ..woven .. wound .. by attractors being brought into existence ..unobtrusively


the transition from level-to-level .. equivalent to ..from system to system including ..and systems included .. each system by itself is included .. it is the part of another system .. that lies above .. an upper level .. another step of a scale .. subordinate to(?) .. a super-system(?) .. a higher system(?) .. properties .. that emphasize attributes .. alien(?) to .. the overriding principle ..of a .. 'whole more than the sum of its parts' .. the unique combination ..of all-attributes .. offered .. presented .. available .. by all the parts .. systems as .. 'wholes more than the sum of their parts' .. combinations .. for which clues are given out .. collectively .. by the formulas that create .. Mandelbrot worlds .. all possible combinations

how the whole is organised .. out of its parts ..fractal ..whooole .. well that came without being expected .. but isn't obvious ..that such a whole .. can not be anything but ..fractally organised ..

is it the mind that it is concerned in the above ..assumption

or the mind's ability to emulate ..nature's way of ..processing ..which again it is not anything but .. the self-similarity attribute .. it is coming out .. directly out of the self-similar feature .. of the organised world ..

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

within one .. the arbiter ..and the creator ..

within one .. the arbiter ..and the creator .. a complete unit .. feedback personified .. self-sufficient ..

the myth that people need other people .. a fallacy .. people can do ..without other people ..

it is not a need .. it's something that is grown into us .. a courtesy ..

even .. somehow .. emerges out .. of the principle .. whatever stands still .. decays ..

Thursday, 3 February 2011

that idea .. that keeps coming into my mind ..

that idea .. that keeps coming into my mind .. minds deal with matters .. as if matters being absolutes .. dealing with absolutes .. as the way to provide solutions to the problems they face ..

it brought into my mind .. the idea that .. yes..

it means nothing for the products and services .. the salary .. the compensation .. detached from the processes of life .. the money one needs to preserve self .. away from the products and services that one uses ..

creating a whole new world of its own .. that has nothing to do with the needs and wants of people .. growth unprecedented .. unbecoming .. excessive .. more than it needs to be ..

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Systems built out of incompatible entities last longer.

Just came to me, of all the time I had in my hand, hours ago, just at the time I was ready to go and attend other daily matters, the idea or more likely the notion of incompatibility.

Systems instantiate selves, by virtue of incompatibility. Incompatible states the essence in every system's existence, of ever to be. Incompatible states retain their identity, what makes them unique, and out of, and despite of, their incompatibility, the ties that hold them together, are as strong, and stronger than what pushes them apart. What tries to separate them.

The essence of the existence of opposite forces in reality, like the positive and negative charge, the south and north poles in electromagnetic forces, and even to the core of the atom itself, the strong nuclear force that keeps protons and neutrons together, even down to the quarks within each proton and neutron, and why not down to the strings suggested in whatever way, their interaction is interpreted.

How come I have connected such a notion of incompatibility, with the existence of inertia itself. Inertial forces out of the necessity to hold the structures brought into existence, intact (..and not falling apart)? Counteracting the forces unleashed by each of the incompatible partners, as they are unwilling to co-operate with each other, each one of the participant states, fighting hard to rid self of, from the embrace of the other, assert their uniqueness, but if they meet with success, the structure built out of such (reluctant) co-operation, collapses, cease to be, and all the structures built upon it, collapse, cease to be. Reality evaporates into nothingness. All that is ever be, ceases to be.

And the forces developed, that keep structures intact, the very existence of the objects, as such, are immensely stronger as they descent to the deepest level of reality, to the atom, to the baryons of these world. And it weakens as it goes up the ladder of existence, systems pulled apart, collapsing with the mere push the weak human individual, can afford.

Joining together incompatible states, what brings a system to be, and the more incompatible being, the stronger the hold.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Past, present and future concurring? Nonlinear time

Mind-boggling ideas. Nonlinear time? Playing havoc with your mind. The musings I found in Chris Opperman's CD Baby website were far far interesting. That beats any bed time conversation by far

"Non-linear time is the theory that states that time doesn't REALLY occur in a linear fashion, but instead is more of a constant. However, we as human beings can only perceive time in chronological order. Some scientists theorize that the reality of time is that the past, present, and future have already occurred," said Linda."

I just liked this initial fervour and before I check this out further I want to put it into my mind and see what will bring out. Some scientists theorize that the reality of time is that past, ..... What reality is that? What realm past, present and future events are, or more precisely took place? And are taking place? Unfold? Since they are events they involve objects, objects that take up space. Time needs space. Space and time go together. Incompatibles? Anyway, leave that.

If the passage of time, the arrow of time can be imagined as vertical, now we have to think that the arrow of time is horizontal, extends horizontally? Bubbles? Bubbles of space? Time creates space and space creates time? The expansion of the universe looked at as the composite effect of time and space? Chaotic composition(?), spawning emergence as a result of time and space being incompatible (again), and by being incompatible means that they are not loosing their identity or integrity at any time but they continue to interact and by this continual interaction bring about the creation of ..., the world, universe, reality, the physical realm itself.

Time will create space? Create space where there is no space? A bubble of space? But space on its own accord can create time. Freshly-made space creates time? A bubble of time? Bubbles within bubbles? Co-existing? Concurring? Events within a bubble unfold in a linear fashion? Corresponded time and space, in each bubble a whole universe, and all the bubbles a multiverse? Space-driven universe and time-driven universe?

Past, present and future happening at the same time? Concurrently unfolding? How can this justify the nonlinear time notion? As a whole, as a multiverse time progresses as spikes, fragments of arrows? Broken into pieces? Constant? As regards, if looked as an aggregate quantity? Of the multiverse? That it could not surpass a defined pre-determined value? Which means that the values in each component universe fluctuate? Universes that exist in the future compensate against universes that exist in the past? Bringing up a multiverse overall aggregate value for time that remains constant? Be that zero? The present?

Or is it not time that is constant, but instead an aggregate value for time and space. Spacetime? A critical value(?), which if it is exceeded the bubble bursts?
The universe bursts? A way to eliminate universes that do not abide with the rule(?)? The rule being that overall, for the multiverse, time or spacetime is constant? To bring along the idea of the parallel universes in countless millions? Each time a decision is made and the world bifurcates? Chaotic bifurcations?

And to bring forth the anthropic principle and account for premonition as Linda mentions

"Well, that would explain why some people experience psychic phenomena or have premonitions, wouldn't it?" continued Linda. "The only way that someone could see into the future would be if the future has already happened."

any human individual or other living thing that acts as an observer or an agent, instantiates(?) a universe, becomes its centre, its very own parallel world, co-existing parallel worlds, mixtures of worlds as we come across each other? Or, our world and all others as objects within it. Explaining ego? How would that account for premonition? May be not. But premonition could only be imagined if we were somehow responsible for the splitting into parallel worlds. Which, by virtue of the decisions we make, we are. Decisions that have to do with

"It's your own life you make, based on your choices and the risks you take."


"Our future will always be based on our choices and the risks we take, since we can only perceive the future on a linear basis anyhow."

the choices and risks we take, and the critical value, coming out of time or spacetime being constant determines whether newly formed bubble, cum universe, cum parallel world would burst or not? Premonition being built out of our feel for time and space intrinsic in our consciousness by being the agents responsible for its creation?

Time? what is time?

Disparate notions striking my mind .. it feels like assembling pieces in a puzzle .. congruency foreseen .. applying it

time .. have been spun in its entirety .. universe effectively frozen .. the arrow of time .. its passage already set .. time, ticking clocks ... an illusion?

universe .. inflation .. the instantaneous jump .. in its evolution .. happened for its entirety ... the universe full to its brims ... time arbitrary .. chunks thrown here and there .. apparent, its passage, only for the objects within a chunk ..

pockets of time continuum

I read there "..after or simultaneously with any other event in the universe." .. it stopped in my tracks .. seen it as unfamiliar .. strange .. though .. something that is taken for granted .. and as such familiar .. solely .. on the basis of the notion of time .. held in our minds .. but is that so?

why .. we are so certain .. that such simultaneity exists .. it sounds as, that such claim is based .. on arbitrary grounds ..

time and space .. incompatible(!) .. I must have pondered on that notion .. and forgot ..

Monday, 17 January 2011

Quantum mechanics unpalatable?

"Some physicists still find quantum mechanics unpalatable, if not unbelievable, because of what it implies about the world beyond our senses."

.. the world beyond our senses .. if not unbelievable .. belief and senses hand-in-hand? .. quantum mechanics unpalatable?

"The theory’s mathematics is simple enough to be taught to undergraduates, but the physical implications of that mathematics give rise to deep philosophical questions that remain unresolved."

.. mathematics .. enduring factor .. spurs imagination .. new vistas unfold .. surpasses the boundaries human senses have drawn .. unpalatable .. the taste revealed .. discovered .. does not go down smoothly .. no mystery there .. it is expected as human individuals are foremost creatures of habits .. their lives must go on .. should feel cosy and secure within .. can not do anything else but avert from the physical implications brought forth .. need time to adjust .. to get familiar with what it is asked by them .. there will be the time that the newly-found perspectives would become deep-seated within the mind .. and define their lives along these lines .. and together embark on the journey to resolve the philosophical questions arising