Sunday, 16 October 2011

As systems grew from few to many, quantum uncertainty evaporated. Leaving certainty, the sediments at the bottom of the evaporation vessels.

World's smallest incandescent (nano)lamp with carbon nanotube filament

"Thermodynamics, the crown jewel of 19th-century physics, concerns systems with many particles. Quantum mechanics, developed in the 20th century, works best when applied to just a few."

.. heed that .. thermodynamics .. for .. systems with many particles .. quantum mechanics .. works best when applied to just a few particles .. what can you make out of that .. why did it stop you in your tracks ..

is it just a matter .. literally taken .. that as systems .. grew from few to many .. quantum mechanics .. surrendered the reigns to .. thermodynamics .. the quantum uncertainty ..evaporates .. becomes the certainty .. that surrounds us .. the physical objects we observe .. record and acknowledge .. they are like the sediments .. the solids .. of the process of evaporation .. the uncertainty evaporation ..leaving certainty at the bottom of the processes vessel ..

but processes as they are .. they are infused with ..uncertainty .. uncertainty evaporates but never vanishes .. it continues to overwhelm the realm .. what holds on their relationships .. the certainty sediments .. the objects proper ..

quantum weirdness .. never relinquished its hold .. wherever in a neighbourhood .. of few particles .. it is quantum mechanics that upholds its influence .. controls .. is in charge of the reigns ..

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