Thursday, 1 December 2011

Brains, Conway's automata, universe(s) all bubbles-finite fields .. regardless their size .. and all operate ..under the auspices of chaos ..

..from the smallest bubble .. to the biggest bubble .. the biggest .. universe wide .. in a multi-verse neighbourhood .. hold the same .. chaos self-similarity .. enabling .. enabling? .. yes .. why not .. the conjecture ..the assumption .. the thought

finite .. finite fields .. wrap-around .. notions .. bouncing over boundaries .. bubble's boundaries .. bubbles finite fields

In Ben Goertzel's Chaotic Logic, page 35 chapter 3.4.1 Discrete Logarithms

"For a simple mathematical example, let us look to the theory of finite fields. A finite field is a way of doing arithmetic on a bounded set of integers. For instance, suppose one takes the field of size 13 (the size must be a prime or a prime raised to some power). Then, in this field the largest number is 12. One has, for example, 12 + 1 = 0, 10 + 5 = 2, 3 x 5 = 2, and 8 x 3 = 12. One can do division in a finite field as well, although the results are often counterintuitive -- for instance, 12/8 = 3, and 2/3 = 5 (to see why, just multiply both sides by the denominator)."

the brain .. its finite boundaries .. waves upon waves ..of electrical activity surpassing each area .. over and over again .. sweeps upon sweeps .. within its narrow boundaries .. unable to escape .. escape? .. how does that sound .. why such a thought crossed my mind ..

Conway's automata .. the constant change in the grids of squares disappear on one edge of the enclosed squares .. only to appear over the other edge .. finite .. signals are not lost to a void .. remain within the field .. the finite field .. their effect .. their outcome does not disappear ..

the fine constant of our universe .. only possible .. as the signals are not lost to a void beyond .. remain within the bubble ..of the excruciatingly large size that our universe is .. their effect does not disappear ..

In New Scientist article "Neutrinos and multiverses: a new cosmology beckons" mentions

"If our universe is just one of many, that solve the "fine-tuning" problem at a stroke: we find ourselves in a universe whose laws are compatible with life because it couldn't be any other way. And that would just be the start of a multiverse-fuelled knowledge revolution."

the fine tuning .. parametre ..

brains .. Conway's automata .. universe(s) .. they are all bubbles .. regardless their size .. and all operate ..under the auspices of chaos ..

fractal is fractal does .. as all acquire .. bubble dimensions ..

there you go .. bubble-o-metry at bay ..

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