Sunday, 29 April 2012

Hyper-intelligence manufactured in a lab, by Frankenstein or evolve out of the myriad intelligences as they emerge out of their survival stage.

Wacky intuitions about psi and Singularity »

"The intelligence immanent in this realm is different from the goal-oriented, survival-oriented intelligence that we deal with in everyday life, ..
.. and that we often implicitly assume is the only possible or sensible kind of intelligence…

.. implicitly assume .. as, this is the only .. that there is no other .. kind of intelligence ..

.. goal-oriented, survival-oriented ... intelligence .. which humanity ..presumably, has achieved .. and take to the next step ..forward .. towards another kind of intelligence ..

.. survival .. have been achieved .. or .. has it not .. does it not present itself as ..a prerequisite .. to go forth .. to the next step ..

.. to pry towards intelligence .. a step above .. the now-a-days survival-oriented intelligence ..

.. survival .. kept artificially .. thanks to ..capitalism .. money-ed societies ..

.. global crisis .. seeing to that .. the ..holes .. bored into the capitalism ..scenarios ..

.. how does technology .. work .. would bring forth .. such .. new kind of intelligence ..

.. directly .. powerful ..computation .. or indirectly .. technology that would advance humanity as a whole .. the survival attribute would no longer be issue ..

.. a new set of goals ..

.. spread .. to provide the bed .. upon which .. the new kind of intelligence ..

.. or via technology ..

.. elitist .. approach .. such a .. higher intelligence .. is not for the masses ..

.. would that new kind of intelligence .. be manufactured in a lab .. or .. evolute out of .. the myriad intelligences .. as they emerge out of their ..survival stage of development ..

.. hyper-intelligence ..manufactured in a ..lab .. by Frankenstein .. the parallels drawn .. in that era of humanity's development ..

Sunday, 15 April 2012

a hint of a global living brain .. complexity induced .. unexpected and un-programmed features .. emergence at bay

Singularly Complex. The Catch with Hybrid Finance

"Over the last few years, a small group of experts have built a parallel description of financial markets that go much beyond the orthodox dogma taught in a typical MBA finance course. These researchers have uncovered a very rich set of analogies with ecological and other biological systems..

the words that drew my attention .. set of analogies .. that .. ecological, biological, financial systems .. and certainly these systems are not the only that merit inclusion but other systems too .. no matter their origin ..

...which have helped us understand the mechanism behind financial crashes—both Flash and the more prolonged purges—and given us a comprehensive notion of the global human/machine hybrid financial system which is, to use a very bold word, living.

...human/machine hybrid financial systems .. that are living .. the concept 'living' acquires new attributes .. surpasses its context .. its contextual limits .. beyond the confines of context ..

Building models and theories that cut across disciplinary boundaries, and through extensive computational modeling, these researchers, including early pioneers of chaos theory such as Robert May and Doyne Farmer, have presented us with a narrative about the future of finance that is, again to use a bold word, alarming.

cut across disciplinary boundaries .. by discipline ..improvised context .. cutting across ..boundaries ... chaos theory enabled .. chaos-sprung .. directed by ..

Recognizing that complex systems display unexpected and un-programmed features, these researchers ..

complex systems display .. un-programmed features .. un-programmed .. the scale of the conclusions drawn .. by that remark .. its programmed attribute .. the deterministic overtures implied, contained within .. the ..unexpected.. dimension .. the failure of the control intended .. as the control is programmed, determined by it .. assumed, as its .. programmed nature, implies .. expected outcomes ..

the amount of complexity .. if it can be assessed and measured .. beyond which the 'expected' attribute of the machine- or high-frequency algorithmic programs ..surpass 'expectancy' .. giving rise to ..unexpected outcomes .. un-programmed

(much like the fictional Dr. Ian Malcolm of Jurassic Park) have argued that introducing financial innovations of increasing complexity (much of which is machine- or high-frequency algorithmically driven) is, more than ever before, making the global financial network fragile and prone to fractures both big and small."

.. global financial network .. prone to fractures both big and small .. as if that would merit .. attention .. in the grander scheme of things .. a triviality obscuring the underlying essence ..of the finding ..

a hint of a global living brain .. complexity induced .. unexpected and un-programmed features .. emergence at bay ..