Sunday, 21 October 2012

complex .. dynamical .. quantum mechanical .. systems such all but .. context specific .. and ..deep down .. similar ..

Dynamical Models of Sentence Processing

at any given moment .. the time aspect ..codifier .. prerogative .. a dynamic system may be in any one of a number of states .. a number of states .. as in ..a superposition of states .. as any ..quantum system .. therefore why not .. be equivalent the terms .. complex .. dynamical .. quantum mechanical   .. systems such

 all but .. context specific .. and ..deep down .. similar ..

each .. such term a conception .. derived ..even .. suffice to say .. independently .. which .. if not .. means that they have amassed their very own properties .. all of their own .. and none of or for the others .. properties which would demand to be treated as different ..

and what would achieve .. gain out of .. such line of thought

a quantum ..mechanism .. collapse .. transaction .. for .. sentence comprehension .. and .. for any other situation for that matter .. any that is seen to ..possess .. complexity .. dynamic-ity .. many-states ..state-hood ..

merges notions of chaos .. the complex and dynamical attributes .. attractor guided .. and quantum mechanics .. the number of states .. all the possible structural assignments ..

gravitates .. driven .. by a gestalt action .. that ..glues the parts of a whole .. to the whole ..

gestalt .. out of ..its time and space ..attributes .. the whole been aggregated by its parts ..over time and/or space .. gradual fitting in of all the parts .. into a whole ..

gestalt? it can explain the mystifying power how the parts co-operate to instantiate the whole?

gestalt? it can explain the mystifying power how the parts co-operate to instantiate the whole?

A part of our mind, of our consciousness, is able to detect that?

And why is not the gestalt a permanent feature of our minds? How so many times we are unable to detect the whole out of the parts? Noise? What meditation in far east practices aim to eliminate and achieve what ..nirvana? And even in christian religion the examples of monks and monasteries and of ασκητες aim at a similar result? isolate themselves in remote places, cut any ties with other individuals, and all the objects that relationships are instantiated by, relinquish money and possessions that represent noise which distracts the mind and make it impossible to attain the substance of the processes responsible for making a whole out of its parts.

The animistic view, the precursor of all religions, their aim to become one with whole, with nature itself a stamp that explains out the existence in the human individual of its ties with nature? Cosmos proper?

Since our mind is a system, via self-similarity, that applies to all systems?

Systems have within them this uncanny attribute, to recognize, somehow sense how the parts will produce the whole? Wholeness imprinted within? Holistic drive? Holistic force?

Thermodynamic considerations? The law of thermodynamics? Irreversible processes? Going against the grain? battle? Incompatible processes?

Money the 'noise' that hinders individual(s) efforts for personal and social development? Societies to fulfill their goals? ...their integration into harmonious wholes?

#  The bringing of people of different racial or ethnic groups into unrestricted and equal association, as in society or an organization; desegregation.
# Psychology. The organization of the psychological or social traits and tendencies of a personality into a harmonious whole.