Monday, 26 April 2010

The universe .. just another of the systems that exist within it. Fundamental forces .. fictitious as all other forces in their frames of reference

"What happens when the brakes are applied? Let us look first from the frame of reference of the outside world."

I do not know why .. but I feel there is a connection there .. the .. reference of the outside world .. earth moving .. an accelerated frame of reference .. the bus itself .. by looking at it .. from outside .. having the outside as reference .. think what will happen ..when earth decelerates

though that is not the intriguing point .. as much as .. think this whole subject of inertial .. fictitious forces .. from the perspective of processes .. systems instantiating by the ..action? ..of processes .. inertial forces .. in that framework

forces .. that develop in systems .. what makes entities in systems .. to advance forth .. to move from state to state .. the forces that develop within the system .. which makes them .. unique? .. for that system alone .. fictitious forces

fictitious forces .. whose their existence .. is bounded within the system .. they were born in .. they are real .. for its occupants .. but .. un-real for .. outside the system

where are you getting it .. that even the forces .. that are at large .. in the universe .. the ones called fundamental .. they are no different .. than the fictitious forces .. the universe .. a system .. as the many systems within .. and what governs all systems .. rules universe too .. the universe .. the reference frame .. and outside the universe .. the reference of the outside world .. all the forces .. within the universe .. fundamental to us .. but still fictitious .. from the frame of reference of the outside world

forces .. apparent .. created .. within the system universe .. and their existence .. makes the universe possible .. powers up .. drives through .. all the processes .. that form galaxies .. stars .. worlds .. despite their mega-scale .. nevertheless ... fictitious .. the mega-scale .. and their growth .. explained as the growth of the objects within .. demand .. greater and greater forces .. sustained .. suspended .. by the very presence .. their existence creates

from the other point .. as they are self-creating .. they do not require .. any reservoir from which they draw .. their power .. they are supplied with ..

.. gives reason .. to the universe born out of nothing ..

Nothing .. the origin of everything. Thoughts

nothing .. the origin of everything .. any line of processes .. emanate from nothing .. and that is where .. the line of processes .. instantiate .. materialise .. when there is .. a standstill? .. when the line of processes .. has lost its momentum? .. it is not powered up? .. it is not driven up .. forward?

the idea .. that came to me .. after I watched .. this advert .. of orange mobile .. nothing .. the user have nothing to say .. to the world .. sort to speak .. to announce to the world .. what is thinking .. at a particular instance .. in the social network .. is part of .. which taking this modern activity aside .. is a state that the mind enters .. when everything in one's life .. appears empty .. a void pressing deep in one's existence .. where one can not see .. anything at all .. when what really happens .. is .. reverting? .. to its origin .. to nothing

nothing being .. the origin of the very universe .. of universes .. the quantum fluctuation .. powered by the uncertainty principle .. the seed .. the quantum seed .. that gave birth to the universe .. the big bang .. that created order .. out of nothing

bootstrapped? .. suspended ..

universe spread .. making it possible .. for countless processes .. to spring up .. themselves following the same blueprint .. originating from nothing .. the human individual .. representing such a line of processes .. which in the same way .. like its largest counterpart .. started from nothing .. itself suspended .. bootstrapped .. by the very own processes .. that gave birth to it .. suspending it .. to its origin to nothing ..

thinking .. what powers .. the bootstrapped .. suspended processes ..

or .. probably .. or potentially .. we are in that state .. the state of nothing .. and we are kept .. suspended? .. via the processes .. which we are into .. letting go of the processes .. we are left .. in the void .. at the ..mercy .. of our origin .. nothing

processes .. branching out .. from a central .. trunk .. bifurcating .. to an array .. of other processes .. each dealing with .. to a different aspect .. aspects .. dimensions .. opening up .. new areas .. for activity to emerge ..

engaging in .. the processes .. engagement failing .. or not materialising .. leaves us .. at the midsts .. of the void .. that our existence sprang out of .. and as this attribute .. is universal .. applies to all processes .. instantiating in the universe

surrounded by the void .. the .. nothing .. an idea .. that's brought forth .. in that kid's film .. where the fantasyland .. was destroyed .. by the void people stopped believing in fairy tales .. the processes that gave birth .. created fantasia .. were not engaged in .. and as a result .. fantasia was .. receding into oblivion ..

disengage .. from the processes.. and you are lost .. you are left with nothing ..

god .. the solace .. a refuge .. running to it, to shelter in .. the angst .. felt ..

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Quantum entanglement computations from the perspective of variable connection points

Chaos, emergence, complexity concepts risen and spread in the minds of people inextricably intertwined, each one built out of the ideas that build the other, notions coming out from the, still fresh in my mind, thoughts expressed by John Holland, in his book 'emergence, from chaos to order', what is mentioned in Chapter 9 titled Variation, page 167,

"With these provisions a mechanism is described by a string over the alphabet {1,0,#}."

an alphabet referring to the elements that comprise an entity and determines its state, a universal alphabet, so simple in its inception, (1) if it exists, (0) if it does not exist and hash (#) if it "doesn't care"

By taking the current stage of the concepts developed for each of these entities, as being their current states, and as for every and any state possible, what it depends upon, therefore owes its existence, being a necessary condition for the state's own existence, and by giving rise to the state's existence, its own existence instantiated, effected therefore verified and proven. Its value (1) for existing.

For what the afore-said state does not depend upon, it doesn't exist. Its presence is not required or even its absence is a must, vital for the state's existence. Other states might require its existence, therefore though its existence is not instantiated in that case and can not be verified or proven, it can be verified and proven by other existent states. Its value (0) for non-existing.

And the "doesn't care" element of the alphabet for all other elements that can be taken as the scenery, since their being there is irrelevant to the state's existence only filling up space in the state's background. Its value (#) for "doesn't care".
And all in the context of the hierarchical structure of nature, being built by levels upon levels of entities all the states that makes such super-structure to exist.

Quantum entanglement, a special case of connections, connections in the sense .. John Holland puts it in Chapter 9, Variation. What is mentioned in the article “Sudden Death” Threatens Quantum Computing, ..

".. physicists need only figure out how rapidly sudden death can occur, then design systems that finish quantum calculations within that window."

a window .. a time-step

Entanglement, underlying nature, one of the mechanisms in its deep deep recesses. Fundamental mechanisms, its ultimate expression, a mechanism or mechanisms ruled by the very same cgp's and especially the penultimate case of cgp's, the cgp-v's .. the variable constrained generating procedures.

Constraints that generate procedures, procedures acting upon variable connection points, an ever changing landscape step-by-step, but for each time-step they are as good as acting on fixed connection points presented as a discreet time-step and in that time-step, the window referred to above, to perform the quantum calculations.

As for storing any outputs, for further use, for posterity, the notation derived and presented by John Holland in Chapter 9 Variation could provide a leeway in accomplishing the entire computation.

Treat the whole entanglement phenomenon as an emergent phenomenon, and use the angles opening up by such an approach to derive the quantum calculations, performed in a series of time-steps as the emergent phenomenon evolves.

Entanglement at the threshold of time, a time that lingers between the conundrum of existence, entanglement as such, its weird properties, a result of how we experience distance.

Distance which becomes a concept on the back of time, and that is the (horse)-back equivalent, as the distance connected it is only comprehended as a derivative of time. The time and by the time it takes, namely the speed, for a message to be transmitted. For the connection to be effected. A connection which, for all concerns it appears as violating physics, a physics developed from our only standpoint, what we have, what is allowed for us, and we can not do anything, but use it and interpret the world through it, though it looks as if it is not the only one that nature has.

What if time is not fundamental, but derived and what appears weird, run against our common sense, our physics, it is not weird at all, but a commonality that we are unable to fathom, as yet.