Monday, 26 April 2010

The universe .. just another of the systems that exist within it. Fundamental forces .. fictitious as all other forces in their frames of reference

"What happens when the brakes are applied? Let us look first from the frame of reference of the outside world."

I do not know why .. but I feel there is a connection there .. the .. reference of the outside world .. earth moving .. an accelerated frame of reference .. the bus itself .. by looking at it .. from outside .. having the outside as reference .. think what will happen ..when earth decelerates

though that is not the intriguing point .. as much as .. think this whole subject of inertial .. fictitious forces .. from the perspective of processes .. systems instantiating by the ..action? ..of processes .. inertial forces .. in that framework

forces .. that develop in systems .. what makes entities in systems .. to advance forth .. to move from state to state .. the forces that develop within the system .. which makes them .. unique? .. for that system alone .. fictitious forces

fictitious forces .. whose their existence .. is bounded within the system .. they were born in .. they are real .. for its occupants .. but .. un-real for .. outside the system

where are you getting it .. that even the forces .. that are at large .. in the universe .. the ones called fundamental .. they are no different .. than the fictitious forces .. the universe .. a system .. as the many systems within .. and what governs all systems .. rules universe too .. the universe .. the reference frame .. and outside the universe .. the reference of the outside world .. all the forces .. within the universe .. fundamental to us .. but still fictitious .. from the frame of reference of the outside world

forces .. apparent .. created .. within the system universe .. and their existence .. makes the universe possible .. powers up .. drives through .. all the processes .. that form galaxies .. stars .. worlds .. despite their mega-scale .. nevertheless ... fictitious .. the mega-scale .. and their growth .. explained as the growth of the objects within .. demand .. greater and greater forces .. sustained .. suspended .. by the very presence .. their existence creates

from the other point .. as they are self-creating .. they do not require .. any reservoir from which they draw .. their power .. they are supplied with ..

.. gives reason .. to the universe born out of nothing ..

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