Thursday, 29 December 2011

Reality, mathematically derived, formula driven.

fractal memory .. implications .. fractal .. mathematically derived .. formula driven .. the same area .. is used by several memories .. the space upon which it is laid ..overlap .. but the memories remain unique .. physical space .. and memory space .. different notions ..

memories co-exist .. it is all about the nodes that co-operate in the instant of a memory .. how from one memory fall into another memory ..

the change of one parameter, one node .. that avails a different network .. a different memory .. technically induced .. designed ..

In Ben Goertzel's CHAOTIC LOGIC:Language, Mind and Reality from the Perspective of Complex Systems Science, page 31, Chapter 3.2.1 The Dynamics of Memory.

"Note that this reorganization scheme relies on the existence of certain "barriers"."

the .. mention of "barriers" .. isolated ..memories .. out of .. being fractal .. formula driven .. mathematically derived .. a fractal pocket .. that its creation ..has been ..pre-ordained .. by the formula ..chosen when the whole network of fractal memories was first put in place ..

"In some cases these restrictions may be so strong as to prohibit any rearrangement at all: in later chapters, this sort of comprehensive rearrangement protection will be identified with the more familiar concept of reality. In other cases the restrictions may be very weak, allowing the memory to spontaneously direct itself through a free-floating, never-ending search for perfect associativity."

..restrictions .. being so strong .. as to prohibit .. any rearrangement all .. and the restricting framework .. reality .. itself ..

reality .. is annealed .. by the very formulas that create .. its fractal ..abodes .. mathematically derived .. formula driven ..

Saturday, 24 December 2011

Outsider physicists? Probing reality is a deeply personal matter.

New Scientist: Outsider physicists and the oh-my-god particle - opinion - 24 December 2011

language .. creating concepts .. that are making sense .. for people .. for each one of us .. a continuous exercise .. by each one .. for each one ..

maths .. a valuable tool .. to broaden imagination .. to dig deeper into reality .. but that is not all .. that is half the work done .. what has been un-covered .. need .. it is imperative .. to be dressed .. with concepts .. a task that suits that the human individual .. what only people can afford ..

broadens ..imagination where the human mind armed with mere language .. mere concepts ..that provide very little insight .. into reality's workings .. maths surpasses such boundaries .. takes the human further .. deeper ..

the one which speaks with ..tensors .. to translate .. convert .. to meanings .. that make sense .. to the language .. that people use .. to bridge the gap .. of the language of maths . with the language .. amenable to people ..

fails .. if the inroads opening .. are not filled .. equally and effectively .. with concepts .. that can be understood .. with every day language .. the language that people use .. and understand one another ..

reality .. probing in .. physics .. at the forefront .. is an intransigent field .. stubborn .. yields ..too little .. each small step .. requires immense power .. mental scrutiny .. of vast proportions .. working endlessly .. upon the anchors that ... dedicated .. in the field provide .. their job to root firmly .. the stones .. the pebbles ..that maths-inspired imagination .. bring forth ..

people from either side of the divide .. should immerse .. have a peek .. over the other side's territory .. mentally arm themselves .. with each other's arsenal ..make it their tools .. blend the fields ..

Friday, 16 December 2011

Systems are build upon the incompatibility notion.

Draft chaos: Past, present and future concurring? Nonlinear time?

"... being incompatible (again), and by being incompatible means that they are not loosing their identity or integrity at any time but they continue to interact and by this continual interaction bring about the creation of ..., the world, universe, reality, the physical realm itself."

incompatible .. from its very beginnings .. charge, positive negative .. magnetism, north south polarity .. quantum color-anticolor charge ..

to its furthest extensions .. from the minute .. to its really awesome .. systems build upon the incompatibility notion ..

surpassing .. any realm .. thought or imagined ..

systems .. not only can afford .. incompatibility .. but depend upon .. thrive in ..

incompatible systems .. the entities responsible for .. composite .. systems themselves .. tuned to its utmost .. for the comprising emergent system's sake ..

the essence of ..dynamic the energy expended .. greater .. energy created (?) .. static .. notions .. only apparent ..

to fit .. to the limited scope .. of the furtive lazy glance .. of an observer's eye ..

entities assemble with one thing in mind .. to avail the system founded .. their individual properties vital for the system ..and subsystem .. depend upon

time .. space .. incompatible(?) ..

the greater the incompatibility .. the more stable .. the system is ..

at any time .. that the conditions amenable .. are nulled .. system ceases to be .. dissolve into what was made of .. into its components

the static attribute .. only apparent .. sudden death of attractors .. ensues ..

Saturday, 10 December 2011

Time. It is time that fits around the task.. and not the task time.

time .. if one .. can .. drastically re-arrange .. millennia held notions .. what would one gain ..out of it ..

the race against time .. toppled ..upside down .. it is time that fits around the task .. and not the task time ..

..quantum superposition bay .. states .. we find selves in ..superposed upon/next to/adjacent to ..the other .. the collapse .. to output ..

time .. awaits .. for the task to be completed .. to envelop it .. its passage .. the arrow of time ..imprinted in the mind ..

time in quantum ..scales .. with no ..arrow .. its arrow ..emerges out .. of the collapse of the superposition .. direction assigned from past superposition events .. in the vicinity ..

superposition events .. in the nano- .. micro- .. milli- ..scale .. smear all our decisions .. the acts .. tasks .. one is engaged in ..

Thursday, 8 December 2011

..parallel worlds overlap.. information leaks from one parallel world to another ..

..parallel worlds overlap.. information leaks from one parallel world to another .. proximal parallel worlds exchange information .. though it goes beyond information ..

..processes between worlds ..are overlapping .. processes comprised by input and outcome ..procedures .. parts .. the outcome from a process that started up in a proximal parallel world .. materialises into its adjacent parallel world ..

keys .. socks .. coins .. and other small objects .. regularly travel between proximal adjacent parallel worlds .. only to baffle individuals .. caught unaware .. in the midst of such activity .. unsuspecting they are .. curse their bad luck or praise their fortune .. after loosing or finding .. respectively .. the objects crossing .. the multi-dimensional barrier ..

bearing in mind .. that virtue of the parallel worlds creating mode .. choices made .. and the bifurcations leading to identical (?) ..or near identical sets of parallel worlds .. with all the objects .. the individuals included .. nearly identical .. therefore .. not only their passage between parallel worlds ..goes unnoticed .. but becomes possible (why?)..

an object .. state .. state of the matter .. the atoms .. the molecules .. the forces that hold them together .. slight or no differences all .. a sort of .. a signature .. almost ..identical ..

the network-like arrangement .. dynamic .. though .. solid .. stationary .. static .. but only to our eye .. the energy expended .. the waves transmitted .. its vibrational frequency .. the dynamical structure struggles to keep itself intact .. and this vibrational mode .. propels through the barrier .. swaps itself with its identical counterpart in an adjacent proximal parallel world ..

think about networks .. their multi-faceted extensions .. extensions that exist in multiple worlds .. their separation as yet .. incomplete .. objects tied up .. deep roots into adjacent parallel worlds .. strongly associated .. their connections enables .. transport between the barrier ..

at what level .. and who is responsible .. for spawning of parallel worlds .. is the mind ..implicated .. or such creation happens at a deeper level .. quantum level .. independently of the human observer .. cum actor ..

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Brains, Conway's automata, universe(s) all bubbles-finite fields .. regardless their size .. and all operate ..under the auspices of chaos ..

..from the smallest bubble .. to the biggest bubble .. the biggest .. universe wide .. in a multi-verse neighbourhood .. hold the same .. chaos self-similarity .. enabling .. enabling? .. yes .. why not .. the conjecture ..the assumption .. the thought

finite .. finite fields .. wrap-around .. notions .. bouncing over boundaries .. bubble's boundaries .. bubbles finite fields

In Ben Goertzel's Chaotic Logic, page 35 chapter 3.4.1 Discrete Logarithms

"For a simple mathematical example, let us look to the theory of finite fields. A finite field is a way of doing arithmetic on a bounded set of integers. For instance, suppose one takes the field of size 13 (the size must be a prime or a prime raised to some power). Then, in this field the largest number is 12. One has, for example, 12 + 1 = 0, 10 + 5 = 2, 3 x 5 = 2, and 8 x 3 = 12. One can do division in a finite field as well, although the results are often counterintuitive -- for instance, 12/8 = 3, and 2/3 = 5 (to see why, just multiply both sides by the denominator)."

the brain .. its finite boundaries .. waves upon waves ..of electrical activity surpassing each area .. over and over again .. sweeps upon sweeps .. within its narrow boundaries .. unable to escape .. escape? .. how does that sound .. why such a thought crossed my mind ..

Conway's automata .. the constant change in the grids of squares disappear on one edge of the enclosed squares .. only to appear over the other edge .. finite .. signals are not lost to a void .. remain within the field .. the finite field .. their effect .. their outcome does not disappear ..

the fine constant of our universe .. only possible .. as the signals are not lost to a void beyond .. remain within the bubble ..of the excruciatingly large size that our universe is .. their effect does not disappear ..

In New Scientist article "Neutrinos and multiverses: a new cosmology beckons" mentions

"If our universe is just one of many, that solve the "fine-tuning" problem at a stroke: we find ourselves in a universe whose laws are compatible with life because it couldn't be any other way. And that would just be the start of a multiverse-fuelled knowledge revolution."

the fine tuning .. parametre ..

brains .. Conway's automata .. universe(s) .. they are all bubbles .. regardless their size .. and all operate ..under the auspices of chaos ..

fractal is fractal does .. as all acquire .. bubble dimensions ..

there you go .. bubble-o-metry at bay ..