Thursday, 8 December 2011

..parallel worlds overlap.. information leaks from one parallel world to another ..

..parallel worlds overlap.. information leaks from one parallel world to another .. proximal parallel worlds exchange information .. though it goes beyond information ..

..processes between worlds ..are overlapping .. processes comprised by input and outcome ..procedures .. parts .. the outcome from a process that started up in a proximal parallel world .. materialises into its adjacent parallel world ..

keys .. socks .. coins .. and other small objects .. regularly travel between proximal adjacent parallel worlds .. only to baffle individuals .. caught unaware .. in the midst of such activity .. unsuspecting they are .. curse their bad luck or praise their fortune .. after loosing or finding .. respectively .. the objects crossing .. the multi-dimensional barrier ..

bearing in mind .. that virtue of the parallel worlds creating mode .. choices made .. and the bifurcations leading to identical (?) ..or near identical sets of parallel worlds .. with all the objects .. the individuals included .. nearly identical .. therefore .. not only their passage between parallel worlds ..goes unnoticed .. but becomes possible (why?)..

an object .. state .. state of the matter .. the atoms .. the molecules .. the forces that hold them together .. slight or no differences all .. a sort of .. a signature .. almost ..identical ..

the network-like arrangement .. dynamic .. though .. solid .. stationary .. static .. but only to our eye .. the energy expended .. the waves transmitted .. its vibrational frequency .. the dynamical structure struggles to keep itself intact .. and this vibrational mode .. propels through the barrier .. swaps itself with its identical counterpart in an adjacent proximal parallel world ..

think about networks .. their multi-faceted extensions .. extensions that exist in multiple worlds .. their separation as yet .. incomplete .. objects tied up .. deep roots into adjacent parallel worlds .. strongly associated .. their connections enables .. transport between the barrier ..

at what level .. and who is responsible .. for spawning of parallel worlds .. is the mind ..implicated .. or such creation happens at a deeper level .. quantum level .. independently of the human observer .. cum actor ..

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