Saturday, 10 December 2011

Time. It is time that fits around the task.. and not the task time.

time .. if one .. can .. drastically re-arrange .. millennia held notions .. what would one gain ..out of it ..

the race against time .. toppled ..upside down .. it is time that fits around the task .. and not the task time ..

..quantum superposition bay .. states .. we find selves in ..superposed upon/next to/adjacent to ..the other .. the collapse .. to output ..

time .. awaits .. for the task to be completed .. to envelop it .. its passage .. the arrow of time ..imprinted in the mind ..

time in quantum ..scales .. with no ..arrow .. its arrow ..emerges out .. of the collapse of the superposition .. direction assigned from past superposition events .. in the vicinity ..

superposition events .. in the nano- .. micro- .. milli- ..scale .. smear all our decisions .. the acts .. tasks .. one is engaged in ..

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