Thursday, 29 December 2011

Reality, mathematically derived, formula driven.

fractal memory .. implications .. fractal .. mathematically derived .. formula driven .. the same area .. is used by several memories .. the space upon which it is laid ..overlap .. but the memories remain unique .. physical space .. and memory space .. different notions ..

memories co-exist .. it is all about the nodes that co-operate in the instant of a memory .. how from one memory fall into another memory ..

the change of one parameter, one node .. that avails a different network .. a different memory .. technically induced .. designed ..

In Ben Goertzel's CHAOTIC LOGIC:Language, Mind and Reality from the Perspective of Complex Systems Science, page 31, Chapter 3.2.1 The Dynamics of Memory.

"Note that this reorganization scheme relies on the existence of certain "barriers"."

the .. mention of "barriers" .. isolated ..memories .. out of .. being fractal .. formula driven .. mathematically derived .. a fractal pocket .. that its creation ..has been ..pre-ordained .. by the formula ..chosen when the whole network of fractal memories was first put in place ..

"In some cases these restrictions may be so strong as to prohibit any rearrangement at all: in later chapters, this sort of comprehensive rearrangement protection will be identified with the more familiar concept of reality. In other cases the restrictions may be very weak, allowing the memory to spontaneously direct itself through a free-floating, never-ending search for perfect associativity."

..restrictions .. being so strong .. as to prohibit .. any rearrangement all .. and the restricting framework .. reality .. itself ..

reality .. is annealed .. by the very formulas that create .. its fractal ..abodes .. mathematically derived .. formula driven ..

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