Thursday, 15 September 2011

Ben Goertzel's embarked project to bestow upon us AGI intelligence and the human brain collection of more or less clever tricks, still elusive.

In Ben Goertzel's Wiki

"Knowledge is represented in a network whose nodes and links carry probabilistic truth values as well as "attention values", with the attention values resembling the weights in a neural network."

attention values resembling the weights .. in a neural network .. attributed to the attention cognitive part of processing the knowledge body .. upon which its strength and efficiency is assessed by ..

weights ..largely based on ..fatigue .. engaged neurons arriving to their threshold limits .. therefore controlling human cognitive functions .. attenuating the effect .. even the validity of the outcomes achieved .. by its application ..

a corresponding factor that .. an artificial AGI based cognition model ..the deployment of its cognitive functions ..does not take on board .. does without it .. human cognition ..and AGI cognition ..compared like-for-like .. presents .. sort-of unfair advantages .. for AGI-based cognition ..

knowledge is represented in a network whose nodes and links carry probabilistic truth values .. knowledge network ..of nodes and links .. being based upon ..

probabilistic truth values .. quantum mechanics at bay .. superposition of states and the like .. the mechanics required .. their physical presence necessary (but not sufficient(?)).. brought into existence .. once by .. nature's evolutionary machinery .. the ..wetware .. in the brains of human individuals .. and now [human cognition]-manufactured enabled .. software induced .. foreseen AGI .. software-based hardware .. soft-hardware ..

AGI cognition .. certainly ..once it is presented .. has, what is required .. will be populated ..with an array of cognitive functions necessary .. spurting out intelligence ..

being presented as .. an interface .. a conduit .. even as a ..gateway ..

probabilistic truth values .. the mechanism .. its intuitive appeal holds true .. for both .. human cognition ..and ..AGI cognition .. human cognition ..though, disadvantaged ..on the attention field ..fatigue-based weights .. this presumed disadvantage .. explain ...

Why is AGI research so unpopular??

human cognition .. resists ..its dethronement from the pedestal has put itself in .. resists vehemently .. and to my opinion foolishly .. as not enough self-knowledge has accumulated .. acknowledged, heeded and abided by .. as a result .. the terminator-scenarios, the AI robots all the popular folklore .. out of sci-fi and film industry .. the myths created and propagated .. of future evolution of societies .. always admonishing for the plight of humanity

intrinsic inherent conditions .. the reflexes built over millennia of human development ..

human frailties .. out of the state of development .. under the prerogatives human societies were nurtured in .. the prerogative of power .. dressed up with .. scared to the bone .. that any development of artificial cognition .. will automatically acquire all the human cognition .. attributed nasties .. the baggage that necessarily ..any kind of cognition ..carries

as cognition is taken used for .. the subjugation to the will ..of the stronger

the submission ..of individuals attributed with weaker cognitive powers .. to the will of individuals attributed with stronger cognitive powers ..

the reference to strong AI .. bring forth extensions .. out of mangled-up concepts adhered by societies .. attributed to strength .. as what is connected with .. for individuals to do their bidding .. and not .. out of the concept derived .. out of strong nuclear forces conceptualisation ..

In "Patterns, Hypergraphs and Embodied General Intelligence" by Ben Goertzel

"The most articulate argument so far created in favor of the in-principle possibility of AGI is Marcus Hutter’s [3] theoretical work on algorithmic information theory and decision theory, which involves positing a very general mathematical definition of intelligence and then proving rigorously that arbitrarily high degrees of intelligence are possible given arbitrarily large amounts of computational power. If Hutter’s definition of intelligence is accepted, then his theorems show that with enough computing power, making AGI is trivial and can be done in a few dozen lines of easily-formulated LISP code. But this insight doesn’t help much in creating practical AGI systems using tractable amounts of computational power – probably because, as per [4], the human brain consists of a collection of more or less clever tricks for achieving more or less general intelligence within strict computation-power constraints."

tractable .. amounts of computational power .. human cognition evolved .. having to solve ..intractable problems .. and the computational power behind it .. what manage(-s or/and -d) .. to provide solutions to such intractable problems ..witnessed by humanity's survival and current growth .. out of .. the sentence .. 'human brain consists of a collection of more or less clever tricks' .. what are these tricks? .. still elusive? ..

Ben Goertzel's embarked project to bestow upon us AGI intelligence and the human brain collection of more or less clever tricks, still elusive

Saturday, 10 September 2011

I like the structuralists approach to linguistics, to language.

Structuralism in linguistics

"In Ferdinand de Saussure's Course in General Linguistics (written by Saussure's colleagues after his death and based on student notes), the analysis focuses not on the use of language (called "parole", or speech), but rather on the underlying system of language (called "langue").

.. underlying system of language .. language as a system .. a network .. out of entities ..organised .. in systems/subsystems .. networks/subnetworks .. organised under .. a multilevel control methodology .. a model that mind organises itself by .. hierarchical levels along with heterarchical networks .. the heterarchy of the elements of language .. as they attain their .. "signifier" and "signified" portions .. interconnecting .. co-evolving .. but to their own ends ..

"This approach examines how the elements of language relate to each other in the present, synchronically rather than diachronically."

synchronically .. interconnection implied .. development 'flows' synchronised revealing .. an underlying fine tuning .. to simultaneous arrival .. to ever precise meanings ..

"Saussure argued that linguistic signs were composed of two parts:
a "signifier" (the "sound pattern" of a word, either in mental projection—as when one silently recites lines from a poem to one's self—or in actual, physical realization as part of a speech act)

the "signifier" .. the grammatical form .. developed out .. the word formation rules .. which enable the words to physically realize .. that a language provides

"a "signified" (the concept or meaning of the word)"

the "signified" .. a pliable .. dynamic .. ever-evolving approach .. that detach the meaning attributed .. away from idealistic considerations that distract from their natural discourse .. and appropriate to longitudinal language development .. a collective effort .. by all language practitioners .. and its latitudinal language development each individual attains its own language ..

"This was quite different from previous approaches that focused on the relationship between words and the things in the world that they designate."

..implying ..learning from above .. given but not taken .. external to individual .. individual robbed of its potential .. to develop its own language .. and subsequently to contribute .. to the longitudinal language development

Saturday, 3 September 2011

Emergence, emergent properties trigger ascension events.

"Still, the central mystery is much the same in both cases: how does a persistent, flexible organization emerge from relatively inflexible components?"

.. acts of ascension .. as a whole .. the emerged flexible organization..

emergence, from chaos to order, John H. Holland, Chapter 5: Neural nets, p.82.

"Like the ant colony, the central nervous system (CNS) is composed of numerous interacting individuals, called neurons. Individual neurons, like individual ants, have a behavioural repertoire that can be reasonably approximated with the help of a small number of rules."

.. like ants .. neurons .. behavioural repertoire .. behaviours .. simple acts .. directed, somehow ..controlled .. by simple rules .. within the framework .. along with .. the instances of behaviour .. create the whole .. the ant colony .. the CNS .. a unit by itself ..

"And, like the ant colony, the behaviours mediated by the CNS are much more complex, in both time and space, than the behaviours of the constituent neurons."

the ants .. can be assumed that they are oblivious .. of the unit that they have created .. the ant colony .. the whole ..

oblivious of the rules that the ant colony ..abides by .. rules that are above and beyond .. the rules that ants abide by .. and, as it would be expected, the rules adhered to, determines the framework of understanding .. a framework of understanding inappropriate as a vehicle of comprehension .. the rules upheld the ant colony ..

un-comprehending by the ants .. despite the fact .. that their very existence depends .. upon the application of the rules .. by the ants .. as such

like the Conway's automaton units .. their 'intelligence' confined by mental capacity .. as defined by the rules followed .. that makes possible the automata existence ..

human societies differ .. as the units .. their intelligence .. surpasses the capacity conferred to .. by the simple rules they follow .. adhered within the framework of societies .. affords that capacity ..

endowed with capacity .. that supersedes the capacity the rule-based capacity .. implies .. attributes with .. the plausible field

the result the constant upheaval that human societies find themselves in .. since their inception ..

the human individual .. has .. the potential .. of ascension .. ascends ..

the new properties emerging .. a .. new, novel properties .. enabled act .. ascension ..

new properties .. the being, the capacity to assert self .. on the grounds of the new, novel properties ..

.. ascension .. inherent .. intrinsic .. the numerous cases .. the human mind has invented .. from limited in scope .. to limitless .. beyond limits scope .. what makes the individual acquire .. the at home ..feeling ..roosting within ..

... from material beginnings .. to immaterial ends ..

.. copes with ..

societies relying .. upon that principle .. facilitating ascension ..

intuition .. its apocryphal origin .. the obscure fields where it acts .. elucidated ..

.. elucidation possible via the scrutiny .. of all the human mind produces(d) .. intuition-driven .. intuition-triggered ..

relying upon the phenomenon .. leaves ground unexplained .. the phenomenon what is observed .. not what is underlying ..
.. underlying may be ..even ..beyond what the rules of physics alone can explain ..

a glimpse provided by the rules of quantum physics .. empowered by the dictates of quantum physics .. that drags what .. thoughts of human mind .. brings forth .. into paths .. that can be explained .. amenable to elucidation ..

the magical field and the quantum field ..merge .. into a field .. that share properties from either field ..