Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Time? what is time?

Disparate notions striking my mind .. it feels like assembling pieces in a puzzle .. congruency foreseen .. applying it

time .. have been spun in its entirety .. universe effectively frozen .. the arrow of time .. its passage already set .. time, ticking clocks ... an illusion?

universe .. inflation .. the instantaneous jump .. in its evolution .. happened for its entirety ... the universe full to its brims ... time arbitrary .. chunks thrown here and there .. apparent, its passage, only for the objects within a chunk ..

pockets of time continuum

I read there "..after or simultaneously with any other event in the universe." .. it stopped in my tracks .. seen it as unfamiliar .. strange .. though .. something that is taken for granted .. and as such familiar .. solely .. on the basis of the notion of time .. held in our minds .. but is that so?

why .. we are so certain .. that such simultaneity exists .. it sounds as, that such claim is based .. on arbitrary grounds ..

time and space .. incompatible(!) .. I must have pondered on that notion .. and forgot ..

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