Thursday, 20 January 2011

Systems built out of incompatible entities last longer.

Just came to me, of all the time I had in my hand, hours ago, just at the time I was ready to go and attend other daily matters, the idea or more likely the notion of incompatibility.

Systems instantiate selves, by virtue of incompatibility. Incompatible states the essence in every system's existence, of ever to be. Incompatible states retain their identity, what makes them unique, and out of, and despite of, their incompatibility, the ties that hold them together, are as strong, and stronger than what pushes them apart. What tries to separate them.

The essence of the existence of opposite forces in reality, like the positive and negative charge, the south and north poles in electromagnetic forces, and even to the core of the atom itself, the strong nuclear force that keeps protons and neutrons together, even down to the quarks within each proton and neutron, and why not down to the strings suggested in whatever way, their interaction is interpreted.

How come I have connected such a notion of incompatibility, with the existence of inertia itself. Inertial forces out of the necessity to hold the structures brought into existence, intact (..and not falling apart)? Counteracting the forces unleashed by each of the incompatible partners, as they are unwilling to co-operate with each other, each one of the participant states, fighting hard to rid self of, from the embrace of the other, assert their uniqueness, but if they meet with success, the structure built out of such (reluctant) co-operation, collapses, cease to be, and all the structures built upon it, collapse, cease to be. Reality evaporates into nothingness. All that is ever be, ceases to be.

And the forces developed, that keep structures intact, the very existence of the objects, as such, are immensely stronger as they descent to the deepest level of reality, to the atom, to the baryons of these world. And it weakens as it goes up the ladder of existence, systems pulled apart, collapsing with the mere push the weak human individual, can afford.

Joining together incompatible states, what brings a system to be, and the more incompatible being, the stronger the hold.

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