Monday, 17 January 2011

Quantum mechanics unpalatable?

"Some physicists still find quantum mechanics unpalatable, if not unbelievable, because of what it implies about the world beyond our senses."

.. the world beyond our senses .. if not unbelievable .. belief and senses hand-in-hand? .. quantum mechanics unpalatable?

"The theory’s mathematics is simple enough to be taught to undergraduates, but the physical implications of that mathematics give rise to deep philosophical questions that remain unresolved."

.. mathematics .. enduring factor .. spurs imagination .. new vistas unfold .. surpasses the boundaries human senses have drawn .. unpalatable .. the taste revealed .. discovered .. does not go down smoothly .. no mystery there .. it is expected as human individuals are foremost creatures of habits .. their lives must go on .. should feel cosy and secure within .. can not do anything else but avert from the physical implications brought forth .. need time to adjust .. to get familiar with what it is asked by them .. there will be the time that the newly-found perspectives would become deep-seated within the mind .. and define their lives along these lines .. and together embark on the journey to resolve the philosophical questions arising

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