Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Past, present and future concurring? Nonlinear time?

Mind-boggling ideas. Nonlinear time? Playing havoc with your mind. The musings I found in Chris Opperman's CD Baby website were far far interesting. That beats any bed time conversation by far

"Non-linear time is the theory that states that time doesn't REALLY occur in a linear fashion, but instead is more of a constant. However, we as human beings can only perceive time in chronological order. Some scientists theorize that the reality of time is that the past, present, and future have already occurred," said Linda."

I just liked this initial fervour and before I check this out further I want to put it into my mind and see what will bring out. Some scientists theorize that the reality of time is that past, ..... What reality is that? What realm past, present and future events are, or more precisely took place? And are taking place? Unfold? Since they are events they involve objects, objects that take up space. Time needs space. Space and time go together. Incompatibles? Anyway, leave that.

If the passage of time, the arrow of time can be imagined as vertical, now we have to think that the arrow of time is horizontal, extends horizontally? Bubbles? Bubbles of space? Time creates space and space creates time? The expansion of the universe looked at as the composite effect of time and space? Chaotic composition(?), spawning emergence as a result of time and space being incompatible (again), and by being incompatible means that they are not loosing their identity or integrity at any time but they continue to interact and by this continual interaction bring about the creation of ..., the world, universe, reality, the physical realm itself.

Time will create space? Create space where there is no space? A bubble of space? But space on its own accord can create time. Freshly-made space creates time? A bubble of time? Bubbles within bubbles? Co-existing? Concurring? Events within a bubble unfold in a linear fashion? Corresponded time and space, in each bubble a whole universe, and all the bubbles a multiverse? Space-driven universe and time-driven universe?

Past, present and future happening at the same time? Concurrently unfolding? How can this justify the nonlinear time notion? As a whole, as a multiverse time progresses as spikes, fragments of arrows? Broken into pieces? Constant? As regards, if looked as an aggregate quantity? Of the multiverse? That it could not surpass a defined pre-determined value? Which means that the values in each component universe fluctuate? Universes that exist in the future compensate against universes that exist in the past? Bringing up a multiverse overall aggregate value for time that remains constant? Be that zero? The present?

Or is it not time that is constant, but instead an aggregate value for time and space. Spacetime? A critical value(?), which if it is exceeded the bubble bursts?
The universe bursts? A way to eliminate universes that do not abide with the rule(?)? The rule being that overall, for the multiverse, time or spacetime is constant? To bring along the idea of the parallel universes in countless millions? Each time a decision is made and the world bifurcates? Chaotic bifurcations?

And to bring forth the anthropic principle and account for premonition as Linda mentions

"Well, that would explain why some people experience psychic phenomena or have premonitions, wouldn't it?" continued Linda. "The only way that someone could see into the future would be if the future has already happened."

any human individual or other living thing that acts as an observer or an agent, instantiates(?) a universe, becomes its centre, its very own parallel world, co-existing parallel worlds, mixtures of worlds as we come across each other? Or, our world and all others as objects within it. Explaining ego? How would that account for premonition? May be not. But premonition could only be imagined if we were somehow responsible for the splitting into parallel worlds. Which, by virtue of the decisions we make, we are. Decisions that have to do with

"It's your own life you make, based on your choices and the risks you take."


"Our future will always be based on our choices and the risks we take, since we can only perceive the future on a linear basis anyhow."

the choices and risks we take, and the critical value, coming out of time or spacetime being constant determines whether newly formed bubble, cum universe, cum parallel world would burst or not? Premonition being built out of our feel for time and space intrinsic in our consciousness by being the agents responsible for its creation?

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