Monday, 22 September 2008

Neural processes beat rational thinking.

".. we couldn’t afford to have a debate."

"We didn’t have time to establish a hierarchy with a leader. So we pretty much had to “yes, and…” everything that people threw out. We had to drop our individual egos and allow the group intelligence to emerge. Within a few short minutes, we had a basic structure down. We had an opening scene. And we had a protagonist. Minutes later we were already rehearsing. When our time was up, somehow — miraculously — we were good to go."

What does this bring into my mind? Unconscious, I would call thinking but it sounds more like a misnomer than a proper word to describe what I have in mind, but nevertheless just leave it as such. It is mostly to do with what we choose to do when a situation demands our action. What path to follow? What branch in a given bifurcation to take. I maintained that the best way to go about is to leave rationality aside. Abandon thoughts of conscious planning, step by step reasoning and give our conscious or subconscious full reign.

What it struck me most in this innovative activity described in in his report of the raw spirit festival, that the same holds not only for single individuals but even for groups of individuals. By referring to time limits imposed by the demands of the activity engaged, not having enough time to debate on what is to be done, to develop a structure in the group, the hallmarks of rational planning or conscious thinking but instead to rely upon .... Upon what? The raw power of neural processes ever ready to furnish up solutions to problems? Dealing out a plethora of versions of solutions to choose from, where any involvement of conscious thinking or rational planning will stall for ever?

What is mentioned as taking place when consciousness is under way by Natika Newton in Anthony Freeman's 'The Emergence of Consciousness' book, in the 'Emergence and the Uniqueness of Consciousness' chapter page 54;

"The newly conscious state, in turn, allows the organism more degrees of freedom to select future actions, since its own responses can now be represented as explicit goals subject to rational planning, rather than remaining behind-the-scene-approach/avoidance motivators."

that an individual's responses to demands its self is placed upon, it should not be left or it is better not to be subjected to rational thinking but the behind-the-scene-approach/avoidance motivators?

The raw power of neural processes hinted in Gordon Globus article of 'Quantum Consciousness is Cybernetic';

"The Umezawa/Yasue (U/Y) approach, in which consciousness offers superposed possibilities to the match with sensory input, is based in the first physical principles of quantum field theory."

The superposed possibilities, the versions of solutions for the problems we face, in a superposition of states, quantum superposition, simultaneity at large and instantaneous solutions to problems, that no rational thinking could ever match, comparing abacus calculations with the latest number-crunching IBM or other machine?

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