Monday, 29 August 2011

Though logic and reason are necessary, they are not sufficient to requirements, sufficed only by intuition-enabled inspiration.

information the form .. where ideas .. are lurking within ..

information .. and ideas prised out .. ideas in the service ..of monetization .. are ideas ..that are not worth .. the value given ..

ideas that ignore the monetization goal .. are ideas that worth .. give credence to their emergence .. the reason that they emerged for .. not matter the vehicle .. even the lowly 140-character ..

as ideas .. by their nature .. can be carried by even .. 140-character form .. 140-character form .. spreads them wild .. and in a matter of dt time ..

logic and reason .. rationality, science, evidence, logical argument and debate .. though needed .. more amenable vehicles .. conditions to ideas .. are .. intuition .. even hidden amidst ..superstition, faith, opinion and orthodoxy

with logic and reason alone .. you can not arrive .. to new ideas .. the spurts the jumps of thought .. that lead the mind .. open up new domains .. is only possible by .. intuition enabled inspiration ..

their effects are limited .. while employing them .. the mind can achieve a firm hold of its domain .. domain uncovered .. by spontaneous spurts arrived by intuition itself .. but can not fathom beyond the confines of the domain .. opening up new domains .. something that only intuition can afford .. inspiration ..

and widespread involvement .. of as many ..participants as it can ever be .. and the more that participate in the moulding of ideas .. the more the ideas progress .. and are implemented .. take hold .. a firm foot..

an individual never a .. single carriage vehicle of ideas .. is a multi-carrier .. that can hold .. an enormous amount of ideas .. no one is spared .. none is .. surplus to requirements ..

though logic and reason .. are necessary .. they are not sufficient to requirements .. sufficed only .. by inspiration, intuition

though .. logic and reason ..infused individuals are necessary .. they are not sufficient to requirements .. intuition-afforded individuals suffice the requirement .. intuition .. a common feature for all individuals .. only hindered by the predicament current statuses societies impose upon us .. the prevailing conditions among us .. the monetization principles .. apparent and abundant in societies ..

intuition-afforded individuals .. their engagement .. their contribution .. their existence undetermined .. unpredictable .. a premise, no one is spared .. no one surplus to requirements .. and out of that .. to suffice their role in the progress of humanity .. is fulfilled .. only by.. an ever expanding contributory body of people .. to its utmost .. the full complement of humanity

and that premise .. is put to use .. by the ultimate candidate .. the all-embracing communication vehicle .. the internet .. with all its accoutrements .. irrelevant to how these are branded .. good or bad .. agreeable or disagreeable .. Darwin-inspired selective processes .. determine .. comes bit-by-bit by itself .. what would prevail ..

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