Wednesday, 17 August 2011

When logic and intuition come together. The subtlest phenomenon of human cognition.

"Chaotic logic", Ben Goertzel, Introduction, p.3.

"In sum, I am well aware that this book will draw criticism for its ambitious choice of topic. I also realize that my approach defies the norms of every academic discipline (sometimes quietly, sometimes ostentatiously). However, I believe that one must follow one's scientific intuition where it leads. All that I ask of you, as a reader, is that you consider the ideas given here based on their own intrinsic merits, rather than how "orthodox" or "unorthodox" they may appear."

criticism .. an attitude out of .. over-arching logic .. its utter reliance upon logic .. generating strict .. rigid .. inescapable norms .. that lead to stagnant, stale static behaviours .. endless loops .. resisting change .. escaping the norms .. the restrictions imposed .. imperative .. lead to vibrant, refreshing dynamic behaviours .. the "orthodox" or "unorthodox" .. determining stance .. what adhering to logic only .. bring forth

scientific intuition .. intuition never changes .. the bed out of which draws its content changes .. the realms opened by the appliance of logic .. of science immense .. unsurpassed .. structured .. rampant imagination .. guided .. imagination by itself fruitless .. unyielding .. unbounded .. low in scope .. science opens up .. realms .. as yet left unexplored .. imagination .. to naive ends .. science continuously opens up new worlds for imagination to diffuse in .. science and imagination .. walk hand-in-hand .. armed with .. what its marriage with logic .. intuition .. built out a bed .. created out of the marriage .. of logic and intuition .. bound imagination .. tethered by .. tamed ..imagination .. unbounded .. without a goal .. state space .. beyond the boundaries .. of possible .. plausible .. unbridled .. soaring into empty space .. goal-less .. to fertile imagination ..

"The symbiosis between logic and intuition is a very tricky thing; perhaps the subtlest phenomenon we humans have ever tried to comprehend. In order to make progress toward an understanding of this strange, fundamental symbiosis, we must summon all our powers of analysis and imagination -- and check our preconceptions at the door."

subtlest phenomenon .. symbiosis .. marriage .. of incompatible attributes .. their mixing precarious .. instantaneous .. in bursts .. logic and intuition humans endowed with .. and with what they try to comprehend the phenomenon with .. logic, its secure hold upon individuals .. the ground upon which individuals trod .. to meet intuition emerging out of the depths of imagination .. emergence .. sudden .. unannounced .. the oncoming impact uplifting .. exhilarating .. to heights .. that logic itself hardly reaches .. but without logic intuition fizzles out .. vanishes .. extinguishes .. leaves .. no trace

.. analysis and imagination .. analysis what it takes from .. logic .. and ..imagination what it takes ..from intuition .. therefore .. chaotic logic .. an .. even .. desperate but not at all hopeless attempt .. to bring together what comes out of imagination .. driven, sort of guided, by intuition .. unravelling its chaotic course .. literally and figuratively .. analysed in structure .. the literal side .. as what exists .. and in form .. the figurative side .. as what is perceived .. into the realm of science

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