Monday, 29 August 2011

Meta-knowledge exercising procedures enacted and use profusely.

our thoughts .. personal and collective .. constantly .. in turmoil .. but no matter .. the confidence they aspire .. that overwhelm our beings .. there are still signs .. that betray the origins of thoughts ..

no breadth .. lack of knowledge .. a lack of trust to the human individual .. at least as remnants .. of the state ..out of which we are emerging from .. as individuals ..and as a whole .. both at the same time ..

due to.. of what our minds .. our cognitive apparatuses .. can take in .. our inability to fathom .. to include no more than a couple of levels .. in the hierarchy of structures .. of systems .. of networks we are embedded in ..

cognitive inability to extend beyond a few levels in the system hierarchy

meta-knowledge ..afforded outcome .. meta-knowledge exercising processes .. accumulated .. making us aware of .. the way we arrived .. into the state .. we are in .. the state our thoughts afforded .. towards a global outlook .. out of the states ..other individuals have arrived to .. to as many individuals .. that can be possibly embrace their thoughts .. that one can take in .. states set side-by-side .. and draw out the similarities and differences ..

meta-knowledge exercising procedures .. enacted .. and use profusely .. even if .. they are not agreed upon .. not fully compliant to the thinking mode employed .. an attempt to surpass oneself .. translated into .. a conscious effort ..undertaken ..

even momentarily .. to relinquish the reins .. our own thoughts ..impose upon us .. and meta-knowledge gained .. attained .. empowered .. to enter and .. fully immerse into our thoughts again..

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