Saturday, 29 June 2013

the deterministic ..foundations of being ..

"The chemical universe comes in quantitative lumps. Moreover, chemical reactions just redistribute the existing lumps, with every single lump neatly accounted for."

 ...with every single lump neatly accounted for.. the deterministic ..viewpoint ..perspective .. quality .. the intrinsic property ..

"It is far more plausible that there are 101 guests, and each has a place setting of 1 knife, 2 forks, and 4 glasses. Slightly strange numbers, but clearly a terrific party."

each one content .. and out of this contention ..the terrific-ness .. properties emergent .. each one is accounted for .. what is lost in the hierarchy of levels .. the deterministic quality the bottom of the level .. still persists .. but is clearly not evident .. as each level acquires its own set of properties that obscure the properties of its fundamental .. ingredients ..

but .. they are still there .. and because of them .. the properties of the higher levels .. emerge ..

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