Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Boltzmann brains?..???..

"The paradox arose a decade or so ago, when physicists realized their models led to a future filled with Boltzmann brains: fully formed conscious entities that pop out of the vacuum. It sounds bizarre, but there's nothing to stop matter sometimes randomly arranging itself in just the right way for this to occur. The problem arises when you add in the universe's accelerating expansion."

Death by Higgs rids cosmos of space brain threat - physics-math - 04 September 2013 - New Scientist

..a decade ago .. future filled with .. Boltzmann brains.. what a name ..

.. fully formed conscious entities that pop out of the vacuum .. pop out .. out of vacuum .. out of nothing .. uncertainty principle implied .. evolution .. to its .. uttermost evolving stage .. an ultimate level .. penultimate

.." By contrast, the Higgs boson can do it using well-accepted physics."

..well-accepted physics .. mind-numbing .. blowing-up ..minds ..

Spooks in space - physics-math - 17 August 2007 - New Scientist

.. to contemplate about ..Boltzmann brains ..than ..fucking, turn a profit, money .. plaguing our very ..souls .. out of existence ..

and think about ...

a mathematical ..sort of .. algorithmic connection .. the span of entity existence ..shared by all entities .. at every level .. no matter how big or small .. all ..having the same duration .. alongside the ..human years .. the cat years .. the ..flea years .. then ..the stars ..years .. the galaxy years .. the .. superclusters ..years .. the universe years .. what .. for each level .. existence of entities in an upper level seems incomprehensible .. innumerable life cycles .. countless generations .. equivalent to mere seconds .. and even less .. for an upper level entity's lifespan ..

what equates their life cycles .. of the relevant entities .. from the lowermost levels of existence to the uppermost levels .. differing little .. time in lockstep fashion with space .. space expanse .. reflected into a .. time expanse .. being seeing with equivalent implements that space is observed .. microscopes ..telescopes ..observing the time dimensions .. out of which ..time-machines can be ..conceived and ..devised .. designed ..

a universe pops out .. every ..80 human years ..before it withers and dies .. for another universe to take its place .. replacing the old with the new .. in some sort of mathematical ..arithmetic or geometric progression .. calculated in magnitudes level-by-level ..

all sharing ..what ..the same ..destiny ..

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