Thursday, 3 October 2013

The ..Starting Point ..Nothing ..from........

New Scientist Live: Come to a New Scientist event about Nothing.

such an approach ..alleviates .. the intrinsic ..inescapable ..human ..lack of perspective .. of guiding ..

to build from ..Nothing .. whatever .. it has to be build ..

at any level of organization .. structural or process ..

any ..whatsoever.. structure and process ..our ..being part of..

or ..even .. and particularly .. the very essence of being .. in its ..deepest self ..

right down to the universe .. to existence ..proper ..

ought not to take for granted ..what is given .. endowed ..inherited .. thrown at ..

whatever way ..It ..

it ..can be thought off .. one ..can think of it ..

instead of .. following ..obediently or otherwise .. what is given ..

.. in any ..whatsoever way ..given surmised .. is ..taken as ..

a journey to the roots of being it has been .. since the dawn of humanity .. our very ..purpose of existing at all

what,how,why ..we achieved, what we have achieved ..  up to now ..

..what we strive for ..all along ..

Nothing ..ought to be the beginning .. where ..any ..starting ..begins from ..

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