Thursday, 23 January 2014

Augmentation of our arsenal of senses required.

a matter that becomes..  prescient .. extra senses demand their inclusion ..

extra sensory perception .. studied with the scientific method .. to understand emergence ..fathom it ..
another sense employed by the human entity to shape the systems that is part of .. what has been around with such terms as sixth sense .. or ..extra sensory perception ..

build our worlds .. experience our worlds .. define our worlds and our place within their walls .. via our senses .. our five senses provides with an incomplete model .. hinders the definitions employed .. the exclusion of further senses involuntary or deliberate .. whose ample manifestations  are pushed away .. ignored .. not taken into consideration .. are referred to ..beyond science .. therefore beyond the scope of the scientific method .. stagnant fields allowing growth only horizontally ..

science penetrating vertically lost its sharp edge ..

mainstream science stays away .. but in the fringes of science .. there is a renaissance .. undeterred by arteriosclerotic considerations .. under processes running parallel

soon to overwhelm their artificial boundaries .. surpass them and spread out in ways unfathomable as yet ..
another paradigm shift at bay .. equivalent to Skinner’s misconception .. decades ago .. where what was driving the human individual was ignored .. totally .. only what was obvious, what one could sense, was taken into consideration ..

they didn’t go too far .. now is the time to go a step too further .. love .. one of the emotions .. emergent, as such .. was and is ..untouchable .. despite its ubiquitous existence .. its spiritual connotations prohibited its study .. the realm of religion .. subjective .. objective .. dichotomy  .. the persistence of the objective criterion a drawback for science .. obstructing its application .. its application considered a hurdle .. an obstruction ..
religion being driven out of its pedestal .. re-interpreted .. its role re-assigned .. leaving the field empty .. welcome to new interpretations ..  

the attempt to define religiosity in a vague formation in a brain area .. detached from other manifestations .. has been abandoned .. its connections indeterminate .. left unexamined .. a result of the motive behind that led to its discovery .. its exploitation for financial gains ..

it appears with the signature of force it compels individuals to act in ways that cannot be explained by the existing prevailing principles .. nevertheless presents itself in all contexts possible and potential .. the bonds that hold people together in all settings possible at every level that are instantiated ..vertically and horizontally .. expressed in similar ways .. metaphor explained .. despite being kept apart .. in the fragmented manner that appear .. making its communication very difficult .. unrecognised .. misinterpreted .. today’s technological advances overcome the barriers between individuals .. the approach of one another is enabled .. it requires the conceptual tools to set it into a new level .. its growth is expected to reach exponential levels of achievement .. once understanding its existence sinks in into the human psyche .. acquires firm footing .. roots and is used as a ploy to explain under its newly-found perspective ..the world anew ..

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