Thursday, 14 June 2007

Observer influenced behaviour.

It concerns self-censorship, the plagiarism construct and the flow of ideas. I was thinking about it, this morning as I was trying to explain or justify, what I felt were the reasons behind the launch of the “Draft chaos” blog. I have put it down to the incessant procrastination in publishing posts I thought of, succumbing to a nagging self-censorship drive as I felt posts were falling short of ...standards... wanted to present …. Present what? And to who? (Well that is another matter, leave it for now.) To fulfill some standards? Standards for whom? The only standards I need to adhere to, are standards set by me, answer to me and me alone. I piece together ideas and I have to answer for them. I, only, know the contents of my mind and I am the only expert to confer judgment upon their validity. I, possess the failsafe mechanisms which will make sure that what I air, satisfies my common sense, and by that, general common sense at large.

Does that reek of Skinner and behaviourism? Is that selfish and egocentric? Oh the hell, the whole thing branches out for ever. It goes beyond of what I indented it to be when I started.

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