Saturday, 22 September 2007

Raw ideas, grab them as they come

I was thinking earlier on, of what I have been exposed during the day before, all the pieces of information that entered my mind and the reactions they triggered within me. The German anatomist guy with the plastination of human corpses, though not about the plastination process itself but the establishment of the factory for plastinising corpses in, as it was called, a German (economically and otherwise) deprived area.

It struck me bad the existence in a flourishing Germany, of people that could not have jobs and as a result their neighborhoods were run down and the people themselves led restricted lives. No doubt the German economy as a whole is not run down and there are other areas which are flourishing and the people there lead better lives. These disparate effects, a result of what is driven into the minds of individuals about getting rich, to have more than you need, even if you do not know what to do with it, economies built on excess. Just put it into coffers and let it lie there.

Politicians flood our memory registers with messages about thriving economies. Economies based on deep-rooted structures of convergence-divergence; converging wealth to gradually fewer and fewer people and diverging misery to ever larger populations.

Growth in thriving economies introduce discrepancies in wealth distribution. Takings and people benefiting, follow opposite trajectories, while takings diverge, individuals benefiting converge. Less and less people enjoy the benefits of a thriving economy.

The radio blared in this unsolicited advert of a named company that promises their customers and whoever is interested on their wares, that it will create property millionaires. I find it disgusting, vile, they should not be allowed to. It is a disease and should be avoided and if not they should carry warnings, in the same way cigarette packs carry.

Like "Adhering to this message would cause serious harm to society, to the people around you, to your environment. It would push property prices sky high and would drive to misery thousand of your fellow citizens".

These kind of adverts should never be run, by any form of media.

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