Thursday, 10 January 2008

Worlview thoughts

What is a worldview and how can it affect an individual's life? An interesting approach , which from my point of view, I find it as portraying inner drives of everyone, is given in this Principia Cybernetica Project website.

"This philosophy tries to answer the fundamental questions, which every person reflecting about the world and his or her place in it has been asking throughout the ages."

Every individual reflecting about the world and its place in it. Be that the individual in the past, the present and the future. Such big questions with so little to go about, the human mind, it is no wander it brings about nagging feelings, anxiety and frustration, despair. A void impossible to fill. We can not but give up, resign, going about living life, as it has been said, indulge in almost everything human senses can devour, carnal lust, love, wealth, power. Loose itself in what has been termed happiness, a vague notion, widely open to interpretation for almost any individual in the world about. Everything possible as long as we can avoid these nagging unanswerable questions, coming back again and again to haunt us day by day. The more some one is involved in entertaining its senses the farther away from this state of uneasiness someone is, and even manage to shove it in some deep recess of our mind as we build lives filled with tasks and duties and responsibilities, alas the questions and their effect to emerge without notice whenever there is a brake.

to consume and the possibilities given by the modern society almost never to be alone wherever we are.

Quite a lot of people have convinced themselves that they do not need to answer the questions or have replaced them. Avoid the questions,but they can not get away. But instead of avoiding it is more ... (cleansing) to attempt to give the answers, each one in its own way. It greatly helps to (drive) to answer by being informed. Knowledge. Learning.

what is frightening is the realisation after each act, how incapable to replace what knowledge can provide

as soon as is left by its own, the individual falls instantly, prey to its talons . It has been termed loneliness and every individual avoids it at all costs(like the plague).

Existential problems which at different time periods have competed against ideological currents from the opposite ends of the political spectrum and lost to the nagging problems of survival prevailing only to submerge that any survival issues have to be solved taking in account the stance of individuals towards the problems existence itself brings forward. Any stance (the way each individual sees its place in the world and the role it plays) defines and determines the individual's actions.

Over the years knowledge has accumulated which it can be used towards answering many of the problems existence has brought forward. That knowledge has to become part of each individual in its attempt to ... (clear up) any misconceptions that are currently used to guide their lives. This will lessen the confusion and provide perspective for each to use. It will also become common, common perspective which it can be used to build or re-build societies.

There is too much hubris in people's lives emanating what individuals have employed in their attempts to answer existential problems and these are based in the concept of belief and the existence of good and evil. There is no common approach and it can not be any common answers in what portrays good or bad as it means a totally different thing for each individual and it is futile to impose and at the same time to accept by any individual any common interpretation of good and evil. It creates clashes not only between individuals but within the individual itself which it greatly undermines its resolve and compromises its stance and adds to the individual's confusion.

Societies have realised that learning is the key to the betterment of its structure and have introduced ideas like life-long learning, however its scope is short-sighted and its efforts of implementation are half-hearted. This is because the measure introduced is within the current prevailing framework of monetisation and its purpose to induce individuals who have been left outside the economic infrastructure ... to fill up their time and becoming less of burden for the society or state.

My thoughts drove into an inquiry of existentialism and I found this article in the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. The incessant drive of the author to mention almost everyone remotely connected with the subject of existentialism, as if that would make a difference, alienated me towards its contents till I got a glimpse of:

"What makes this current of inquiry distinct is not its concern with 'existence' in general, but rather its claim that thinking about human existence requires new categories not found in the conceptual repertoire of ancient or modern; ..."

My thoughts as well, on that matter and not only. There are around, and adhered to, many concepts which I regard as baggage in need to be shed off, and get rid of. Like what I read in

"... it is not enough to know all the truths that natural science could tell us."

This appeal to truth I find it unjustifiable, a language construct with no content at all, used in a context inappropriate to the meaning it carries and spawns inconsistencies. Inconsistencies which result in a lot of strife in human interactions. Because its adverse effects in human relationships its use should be abandoned. We should never bring that forth to justify our actions.

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