Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The whole societal construct held by fragile, precarious threads that a snap is imminent, and will lead the construct to collapse?

A thought in need of pondering. It follows up what I read years ago, which in my mind is connected with the word, bootstrapped. Though that word came up in my mind with a meaning different for what the author in that paper used it for.

The bootstrapped mentioned by this author, was used to explain reality as a construction being created out of nothing, and sustained in existence, by being bootstrapped to its origins by future events. I do not know whether actually I give a full or even a partial account of what the author implied, mostly haphazard recollections in an attempt to re-create the image portrayed by the author's words.

I feel very little sense coming out from this recollection. However

But why did I? In my mind, assumed it to be, a way to explain the current state of societies in the world?

As if, the principles monetising societies are sustained by, are instantiated by the acts of individuals, who simultaneously resent what is supported.

Monetising societies as being the whole, the emergent product out of a series of unwilling, half-hearted, resented acts of the units-agents, the individuals amidst them?

Their thoughts, their minds, their feelings, every inch in them, being against, what by their acts effectively sustain? What they can be without?

They have to give support what they want to destroy, what they despise?

The whole structure is suspended by unwilling acts of individuals, a volatile construct held in place by so fragile, precarious threads which at any moment might snap? And the whole construct will descent into oblivion?

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