Thursday, 5 March 2009

Suffocating within the narrow, self-imposed boundaries of ideologies

Ideologies, dogmas, doctrines developed, their whole range starting from anarchy and communism on one end to its other end of the spectrum capitalism and fascism, individuals deeply entrenched, they are all, being so absolute, try hard to convince you, that their way of thinking, is the only way of thinking.

Calling it the truth, their very own version of truth.

The concept of truth is non-existent. Its alleged attributes can not be realised outside the mind of the single individual and as such it assumes a variety of contents. This essayist gives its own account on that matter, a clearer perspective avoiding muddling the issue further.

Adhering to the truth or truths individuals resist, deny themselves the exposure to myriads of new concepts and drives them into ignorance and by that stupidity, as less and less stimuli, (how information around us arouse, excites and triggers thoughts in our minds), are taken into consideration, or even information pass unseen, unnoticed, unregistered by our senses and our mind's attention.

Loosing themselves in the complexity, perplexing, ever-expanding, constantly creating and re-creating itself, without realizing that all that enormous complexity suffocates within narrow and limiting boundaries. Bloated to the hilt, squeezing and stretching its rigid boundaries to no avail and certainly unable to offer any viable solutions to problems faced, loosing touch with reality.

A complexity, as such, with an infinite capacity, the same infinite capacity in fitting decimal numbers between the numbers 1 and 2. You have an infinite cohort of numbers from 1,01..... to 2.99998 that lie there but can never pass below number 1 or above number 2.

In the same way all their intellect's productive output, the ideas they carry and develop, it will never pass the narrow boundaries set by their prospective ideologies, dogmas or doctrines or whatever other way it can be called, or the so much revered truth construct. The truths they adhere to.

An educated ignorance, which denies the use of the most valuable of our brain's and mind's processes, that worths a lot. That of the ability to make the strange familiar and the familiar strange.

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