Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Information, state of motion, frame of reference. Concepts, applied, context. The stuff of nature.

'Special Relativity' by A.P. French, Chapter 3 'Einstein and the Lorenz-Einstein transformations', p. 63.

" .. -that nature would apparently yield up no information about our state of motion with respect to a supposed fundamental frame of reference."

.. in that sentence connected, information, state of motion, frame of reference.

Information, the stuff that concepts are build out with, concepts in-turn materialise, instantiate reality, responsible for the state of motion, how nature unfolds within the bounds of frames of reference. A sentence that ties up, in a specific, dare say unique way, these three entities: information, state of motion, frame of reference.

Specific, unique way, out of the myriad (ignorance exacerbates imagination) ways available for information to be tied up, only a few combinations are allowed, survive to become the stuff for concepts, concepts that define reality, depict the way nature materialises. Information a fundamental entity that each minute detail of its existence, of its state of motion in all frames of reference brings forth. Information as conveyed in all manners of media, for all possible states, but what matters more, for information to assume its fundamental status, is to become the stuff to build the concepts that reality adheres to, is woven out of.

A notion that comes out from the processes involved in generating concepts by conversations,as it is mentioned in SCHOOLS AND EDUCATION :: LEARNING AND TEACHING, VII Conference of Foundation 2020, Thursday, 15 March 2007, Hotel Regent Esplanade, Zagreb, Education in Mind – Mind in Education: An Invitation to A Conversation. Graham Barnes, Chapter 'Education: A Story', p.16

"We constitute our concept of education (or any other concept)
(1) through conversations,
(2) in which concepts or procedures are shared,
(3) through sharing these concepts we apply them.
(4) our application of a concept creates a context, and applying a concept as a procedure produces a product. The context or product is relevant to the concept for the participant(s) who find meaning in the context.
(5) conversations are between participants but the participants are not necessarily, and are certainly not limited to, individual persons as the participants are also concepts. The participants in the conversation as concepts are also constituted by the conversation.

Concepts, as they are applied create a context, the frame of reference, produce a product. The context or product being relevant to the concept by virtue of the meaning it confers, when applied. And what comes out of, when participants in conversations are thinking about concepts, is that concepts are participants also. Concepts are thinking too, what ties human consciousness with nature. The meaning sought out by individuals when thinking the concepts inextricably tied up with the way nature is.

Concepts, in all their manifestations, propositions, theories, axioms, laws, in all the various ways they are used for, to indicate or prove or lead to, employed in thinking, the process that emulates nature's workings, guides our consciousness. It achieves its full potential when individuals make use of chaotic processes entrenched deep into our brains. Where nothing is overlooked, no bit of information possessed or coming across, is irrelevant or insignificant, and coupled with its exponential non-linear mode of being applied, lead to radical overhauls in conceptualising effortlessly.

Able to guide the mind to the right information amidst the penumbrae, seemingly disorganised bits of information, chaos apparent, and out of the penumbrae into brand new insights.

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