Tuesday, 15 May 2012

..decay ..at will. Mental .. what is it ..

Truth of the matter: The Majorana particle mystery - physics-math - 14 May 2012 - New Scientist

"Determining whether neutrinos are Majorana particles, meanwhile, might finally tell us why there is something rather than nothing. If neutrinos and antineutrinos are distinct particles, equal numbers of each would have been produced in the big bang. In the highly energetic conditions of the early universe, each would have decayed into equal numbers of all manner of other particles and antiparticles. But if neutrinos and antineutrinos are the same particle, it could decay into particles or antiparticles .. "

"... at will. "

"There is no guarantee that those decays would have happened at the same rates: decays to particles might have slightly outnumbered decays to antiparticles. "It needs only a tiny difference, but this could be what makes the universe as we see it," says Silvia Pascoli, a particle physicist at Durham University, UK."

.. now .. too far-fetched .. the idea of mental .. what ..mental ..might be .. and the associations that sprung into my mind .. reading this article .. are un-real ..

why did I isolate .. 'at will' .. it is strange that .. the author of this article .. thought appropriate to use the term ..at will ..for such a phenomenon .. a term that we attribute .. mental or to ..mental capacity

oh heck .. going haywire ..

"Not much use if, as soon as the two bits meet, they blow each other up. But the beauty of Majorana particles is that they don't have to interact for you to use them for computing. You can change the quantum states of a Majorana pair in concert simply by moving them around each other. By guiding these twisty movements in a pre-determined way, you can effectively run a whole series of computing steps: an algorithm."

.. a mechanism .. to sort out ..that sea ..of particles .. enabling ..mental ..processes .. series of computing steps .. "topological" number-crunching .. to undergo ..

"If the recent sightings are confirmed, it will be full speed ahead with attempts to harness this sort of "topological" number-crunching. "Five years ago it was pure fantasy," says theorist Frank Wilczek at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. "The theoretical ideas have been way ahead, but now the experiments are catching up - that's very exciting.""

our progenitors ..our distant ancestors ..

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