Friday, 9 May 2014

Quantum properties ..inherited, our origins deep, into the quantum fluctuations that created the universe.

                       It's not quantum theory that's uncertain
                      The microscopic world described by quantum theory seems a strange,
                      confusing place –  but some physicists argue it's just us who are 
                      SNATCH a toy from the tiniest of infants, and the reaction is likely to
                      disappoint you. Most seem to conclude that the object has simply 
                      ceased to exist.

the cognitive apparatus .. its evolution .. onto-genetic .. for each unit that comprises the whole .. the whole out of which it is part of .. and its development a replica of the development of the whole that it is part of ..

Interesting notion that includes ..origin .. how the whole it is made ..its beginnings .. explains it ..
there is something there ..that can be useful .. delve into it .. 

the development process of one unit that resembles the development of the whole that includes the units ..what at some stage of a developing whole becomes discernible ..can be seen .. observed ..studied clues for wholes that can not been seen .. cannot be observed and studied .. 

the idea that we take all as systems .. and what are systems but processes underlying .. 

quantum processes systems themselves .. follow the same blueprint .. the same path ..

                         This rapidly changes. Within the first year or so, playing peekaboo 
                         also becomes fun.  As babies, we soon grasp that stuff persists 
                         unchanged even when we are not looking at it.

analyse the property described in the paradigm .. object that cease to exist .. to object that persists ..even if not seen .. that existence is out of ..of our control ..
or ..where is the property .. what kind of property is there ..the property inherent intrinsic in the change..

                           Granted, at that age we know nothing of quantum theory
                            In the standard telling, this most well-tested of physical theories – 
                            fount of the computers, lasers and cellphones that our adult souls 
                           delight in – informs us that reality's basic building blocks take on a 
                           very different, nebulous form when no one is looking.

reality ..when it is not looked at a nebulous form .. 

the idea of ..descendant properties passed from system to system  .. properties created in the long chain of systems are inherited in all the systems to come .. they are ..dissolved among all the other properties ..amassed as the system grew bigger and bigger ..more and more complex as the processes involved ..entail .. 

properties accumulate as the overall system evolves .. leaving traces .. discerned or non-discerned .. directing ..even driving processes .. underlying all processes .. 

the quantum signatures .. etched in our consciousnesses .. 

becoming a part of our cognitive apparatuses .. 

betraying ..bearing witness of our origins beyond anything that has ever been imagined .. 

down to that quantum fluctuation that created the universe ..

 proscribing our destiny fulfil our goal ..our place in the cosmos ..or whatever anyone calls it   

man-made systems swaying wildly away from that process .. 

should ..vehemently adjust their tracks in line with the natural systems they are made out of ..

they do that ..nevertheless ..unconsciously out of the units - individuals - they are comprised of ..

ought to do that .. consciously too .. to speed up the process ..the processes involved ..   ..


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