Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Thinking.. is the state of being online..

..a notion that demands to see all that as yet remains unexplained under a new light ..a new perspective..

for things that I have realised and wondered about ..also things that I have come across ..

a couple of times in my recent struggle in thoughts I have grappled with, I came across conceptions as paranormal ..metaphysics ..the aura of indeterminacy in them subdued me ..but nevertheless accepted them without rejecting them outright ..without being taken over by a so-called skeptical approach ..but yet these notions remained obscure and undefined ..not to mention ill-defined ..

but yet it remains to handle them under this ..new-found revelation..

human brains and what is housed within which again requires one to be cautious not to endeavour in rash .. harsh decisions about their nature ..what it means ..what defines what the brain houses in ..it suffices to accept what properties are vaguely construed to hold ..to be true and build upon that..

It’s enough to accept ..to ponder that when ..we are thinking we are merely being online..

..and its opposite ..the offline state is upon us when we are fatigued out of the demands of the online activity 

..the physical effort of being online.. thinking .. taking its toll and the brain disconnects ..

I have created a node ..it has consequences .. attracts all developing thoughts in the incumbent network .. a vast network that surpasses humanity and its native environment ..
a feat that was possible out of the advance of scientific discoveries that opened inroads for the mind to follow the paths created ..the true nature of science equipped ..under the auspices .. the guidance of mathematics .. the formulae ..the functions that provide the bed upon which the mind trod..
It can be tested

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