Monday, 24 November 2014

Uncertainty says you can learn more about one....

Uncertainty says you can learn more about one quantity by knowing less about its complementary quantity. To detect high-frequency gravitational waves, you need to know accurately the number of photons hitting the mirrors, but are less concerned about its complementary quantity, their arrival times. Squeeze all the uncertainty into the photons' timing, and you can increase your detection-sensitivity dramatically.

their arrival times.. the double-slit experiment mind ..the pattern that emerges ..the screen behind the ..barrier with the two slits  that detects their arrivals ..photons knowing where to hit.. 

..the pattern ..matters ..
And how ..the uncertainty principle ..plays about in this case..
The whole scenario of the double-slit experiment is to the observation ..determines ..outcomes ..whether ..photons .. interact with each other.. split-photons too .. going through both slits at the same time ..namely ..simultaneously ..and produce the interference pattern ..or ..the opposite ..going through one slit only ..if a ..nosey eye observes them ..while doing so ..resembling a ..piling up effect..
It is ..a matter of calculations ..mathematical ..and not ..physical.. consequences .. the contribution of physics ..exaggerated ..
the idea of photons interacting with ..selves is false.. It is the equations that have to be satisfied.. The physical aspect ..secondary.. an emergent phenomenon ..the ..concrete ..the tangible ..does not exist.. It is the calculations.. that our brains perform ..that make it ..exist..
They make it ..real..

squeeze ..all the uncertainty into the photons timing.. squeeze ..uncertainty a pair of complementary quantities.. measurables .. can this be thought as ..functions ..mathematical quantities ..manipulated values ..and how can this be transferred to the complementary quantity ..what is the relationships between complementary quantities.. should be an obvious ..a physical ..
photons.. between how ..many and ..when.. number and timing ..

..complementary.. In Heisenberg's ..not ..knowing it..  not considered before .. this option ..that perspective of the uncertainty principle ..
That the uncertainty involved complementary ..quantities.. Measured quantities.. Becomes more specific.. And how would that go along with ..incompatibility ..

that ..all there is mathematics .. where ..reality equivalent to ..simulation ..illusion paramount ..

Complementary ..getting it as long as incompatible ..quantities...are at bay..
Incompatibility includes an aspect of complementarity ..and ..congruence.. involved in it too..
pairs of ..quantities.. pairing ..and out of it ..congruency.. as ..via congruency the ..pairing is ..evaluated ..surmised..

The idea of extending uncertainty to include ..all other quantities other fields ..

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