Monday, 24 December 2007

Shamanism and information theory connections?

It has been brought to my attention that in this website refer to animism and shamanism as the religion of the future and what I came across in that issue of New Scientist, of 14 March 1998, in the article "Beyond reality" by Mark Buchanan.

"But now a growing band of physicists is putting forward a more alarming notion. They believe that information is a superweird new substance, more ethereal than matter or energy, but every bit as real and perhaps even more fundamental. For them, information is a kind of subtle substance that lies behind and beneath physical stuff. "Information is deeper than reality," says Anton Zeilinger, a physicist at the University of Innsbruck".

Referring to information as a new substance, ethereal and fundamental, it brings right away notions about connections with what is proclaimed, in explaining the origins of animism and shamanism and by them almost all religions. In the conception of spirit as it has been used by almost every known religion.

Animism and shamanism, if we take them as the primary religions from which all other religions have sprung up, it bears a closeness with what, that growing band of physicists proclaim about the nature of information. Animism and shamanism, bearing more similarities than any other religion. The information and the spirit originating from the same source, and share similar features. Is it a biased to interpret a connection between these semingly non-similar concepts? It might and it might not. But the objective here is not to replace with one another, the symbols used to refer to these two thought products to stand for one another, or to invent another religion. It is primarily to notice what the persistent human endeavour to accumulate knowledge has brought forth. As the word spirit, ubiquitous and universal, refers to concepts connected with the objects of the world, in the same way information refers to the objects of the world in a similar manner. And they are both are referred to as ethereal and fundamental.

Of course the information theory and its ethereal nature is a gross generalisation from the rudimentary knowledge of information handling in quanta, the collective human mind has for this level of reality. A leap of imagination which however is allowed, as these leaps of imagination are what distinguishes creative and innovative approaches to problems faced by the human mind than by going by-the-book approaches.

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