Sunday, 27 July 2008


Is the concept of form responsible for all the knowledge accumulated so far? Would it be possible to create knowledge without the form? Is there any knowledge that exists beyond the form? What is form? What kind of form are you contemplating there? The form that establishes methods of proceeding, the procedures according to rules, the prescribed way to deal with the phenomena, the standard or expectation based on past experience, manner or style of performing or accomplishing according to recognised standards of technique, conduct regulated by extraneous controls as of custom or etiquette, manner or conduct as tested by a prescribed or accepted standard.

Why did I start that line of thought? I was thinking about whether there is anything left from the living experience of an individual that extends beyond and after its physical presence has expired. Something that emerges along with the coming of another individual's physical presence. How does this connect with form? Though the form thing has not been elaborated fully, or to an appreciable extent.

Another trigger was the idea of broadcasting an individual's contents of consciousness. What would that entail and what would or could actually be transmitted as well as what could another individual receive, administered as some thought experiments.

May be it started by reading that essay about existentialism or even the recent post about redundant concepts. If I question knowledge gained by prescribed methods, language, formal systems then what other kind of knowledge is there? Almost everything there is to know, it has been achieved by prescribed methods, logic, maths, science. Is there any other knowledge? Innate knowledge? If it wasn't for our conscious mind, we would not have the knowledge as well as the products of that knowledge that has made living more secure and filled with opportunity.

Still, it feels that this knowledge is not ours to have, we were not meant to have it. It exists beyond and out of our self. As if it is there by accident. Probably we would not need it at all. It survive us and it survives by us. A one-to-one interdependent relationship. If it wasn't for knowledge we would revert to a primitive stage, and if it wasn't for us knowledge would have meant nothing. A legacy of the human kind.

The body of knowledge represent the transcended entities, it is this transcendent realm by the definitions provided for ideas, that is the real pattern of which existing things are imperfect representations. To accept that there is another realm form where ideas transcend is prerequisite and implies the existence of paradise and of utopias a precursor of Judeo-christian doctrines.

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