Saturday, 28 June 2008

The implications of society's adherence to a rigid framework of rules.

It is prescribed that to maintain a healthy society, its members should follow a set of rules which take care of the relations between the individuals in the society. These rules come with different flavours, be that norms, coded ethics, regulations up to laws passed by governing bodies.

Over-reliance and strict adherence to the rules demand from the individuals to abide to a rule to the letter without questioning while at the same time authorities demand from the individual the deep knowledge of laws and legislation. Ignorance of the rules is not allowed.

One way or another individuals need to follow rules, but the rules themselves are only approximations of behaviour in the context of human interactions in the society framework. The complexity of human interactions insurmountable. The demands upon the human individual overbearing, an impossible task. As approximations they can only have a limited effect in solving problems presented to the individual in the course of his/her life. Their significance and impact is diminished. They become useless, void of content, empty vessels.

Rigid rules break easily. Reluctant individuals in begrudged compliance bringing strife in the communities, plenty of interpretations usually as many as the individuals involved, breed wretchedness in a society undermine the fiber of social structure. Rules being a poison to human interactions.

Rule interpretation? ...

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