Wednesday, 18 June 2008

The parallels of quantum phenomena and consciousness?

It is mentioned in Genesis of Eden paper on Fractal Neurodynamics and Chaos: Resolving the Mind-Brain Paradox Through Novel Biophysics, that

"Quanta possess a global internal model of their environment in the form of the wave function ....."

equating the wave part of the quantum particle duality, as it

"... its wave function extends throughout space-time, forming a global representation of its environment."

as the means to pass the connections emanating from the environment and therefore

" .... makes it possible in effect for each quantum to both be conscious of the universe through the extended wave function ..."

and the particle part of the quantum particle duality, what comes after an interaction as

"Subsequent absorption of the particle appears to collapse the wave function into only one of its superposition of possible states."


"... a quantum behaves like a particle in terms of its emission and absorption,..."

and when it does that

".... violate causality through uncertainty during reduction of the wave packet."

And these attributes can be extended to include, as it is mentioned

"These attributes, although somewhat different in nature from sensitivity and unpredictability, cap off the causality of chaotic physical systems at the microscopic level and have parallels to consciousness and free-will."

a human individual by virtue of the mind generated by the neural circuits, that makes it possible by its consciousness, in a manner equivalent to the wave part of a quantum particle, to be infinitely connected with its environment, producing a global internal model of their environment and by its particle part of the quantum particle duality, which it only comes to be when it is emitted or absorbed, namely in the interactions in its daily life routines, coming out of a superposition of states, capable even, in a manner equivalent to

"... violate causality through uncertainty during reduction of the wave packet. "

to violate the deterministic path prescribed by the overt physical world, against what a reasoned and rational approach prescribes. A rational approach be but of a limited perspective, imposing narrow limits in the fractal links consciousness is embedded in. Where in reality individual consciousness is fractally linked deeper into reality, and by the tenet of self-similarity of fractal linkage as it is mentioned

"... display conserved sets such as attractors and basins which are fractal in the sense that they are replicatively self-similar on descending microscopic scales.. "

display the quantum world's wave-particle duality.

The fractal links in their full expanse amassing to some sort of global consciousness, which its repercussions still to be thought of, giving clues of what it might bring about.

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