Friday, 4 April 2008

To nullify the influence of the observer.

Let us skip the intro and get down to business. Each individual, by virtue of the observation act, is responsible for the decoherence from its superposition of states, of the wavefunction of another individual. The observing individual's own state, is the product of its state of mind as defined by evaluating the prevailing variables and parametres in the surrounding environment and of its own place and the place of other individuals in that environment, and affects its observation act. There is focus in its observation and that focus affects what state will be chosen to decohere out of the the superposed states of the individual under observation.

In a few words, the result is that the observed individual will act as expected by the observing individual. This action, (my thoughts driven by pure intuition alone), is determining for the observed individual, to the point that it will act in ways that contradict its own character and personality traits. An uncanny and unexplained influence and it will be, a sort of, conduct unbecoming. The observed individual will not act in ways that itself adheres to and influences, almost every aspect of the observed individual's behaviour from physical, emotional, psychological. It would not be himself or herself, but what the observing individual expects the observed individual to act as.

Therefore, the need to nullify the influence of the observer. That can be done by another act of observation, this time from the part of the observed individual to the observing individual. This observation act should commence, after the individual regains its composure and asserts itself from the influence of its decohering observer. This can be done, when the variables and parametres, imposed upon by the influencing observing individual, are effectively rearranged to reflect the essential features of personality and character of the observed individual. And this time the observed individual will be the determining factor in the decoherence out of the superposition of states of the observing individual of a state under the terms of the observed individual, revising the variables and parametres of the transaction.

Otherwise, in the case of non-effective re-arrangement of the variables and parametres the first observed individual will continue to act as the observing individual dictates.

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