Sunday, 6 April 2008

Superposition of states?

Superposition of states? What does it actually mean? Is it about discreet states? Existing as such clearly defined from one another? Or, in reality potential states? States that can materialise if the conditions are amenable for their existence? Existing primarily as fuzzy states, not fully materialized? With no defining boundaries, delimiting their existence?

As, a state can be instantiated by clearly defined, precise values in the determining variables and parametres, in a superposition of states such clear definition do not exist. Variables and parametres are defined only as ranges of values, that can, in any time be assumed. Ranges of values determined by local conditions under the constraints of the current global context. As what determines the state of the local system are the ranges of values of the local variables and parametres, inherent within a number of possible states, hence a superposition of states.

And a single delimiting state is picked out, as the range of values narrows when interaction or observation occurs.

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