Saturday, 5 April 2008

Reversing time and space. Assuming time with space qualities and space with time qualities.

In the 'Social Structures and Chaos Theory',(1998) publication, the author R. D. Smith, contemplated upon the occurrence of pattern in the Lorenz attractor graph

"Even the briefest glance at the graph of the Lorenz attractor will produce the sense that a pattern is clearly present. The fact that 'chaos' is involved in producing it does not remove the feeling that something 'macro' is going on."


"This is the position taken by complexity theorists (eg. Kauffman, 1995) who insist (as Durkheim did a century ago) that large-scale stochastic regularities can be empirically shown to 'exist' and can be analysed as such."

Something 'macro' is going on? Even if, as the fact is, chaos is involved? How that thought can be interpreted? Something 'macro' which it should be something along the lines of 'global'. Or something else is driving it, powering it. Something along the lines of quantum mechanics, not collapse, but what is seen in the double-slit experiment (interesting video animation). Each individual quantum entity knows where to hit the screen so at the end an interference pattern appears. The emergence of pattern as the overriding principle? That each unit knows, or may not be each unit knows, but the pattern is already there, exists beyond time.

Need to reconceptualize time? Think of past present future, as one unit, think of time as a block? Which the back-end is regarded as the past the front-end the future and somewhere in-between the present. Something along the lines of Minkowski light cones?

In the double-slit experiment the time should be regarded as a chunk, in its entire length, time in space-like dimensions, as being determined, unfolded by virtue of its initial conditions, which once chosen, immediately establish a practically a-temporal pattern. Time is treated like space in the quantum world. An arrow of time traverses the pattern's length in the same manner a carriage traverses space. Frozen time?

And why this pattern is disrupted when the experimenter decides to put a detector in the double slit to observe from which slit each quantum goes through? Merely a change in the initial conditions? The altered initial conditions do not produce an interference pattern? What to act, as a particle or as a wave. Particle having as a more prevalent component space? And wave, its most prevalent component time? So an attempt to detect (takes place in the space realm), favour the space component and therefore the quantum entity behave as a particle? No detection attempt favour the time component and therefore quantum entity behave as a wave?

A realm where waves rule? As opposed to a realm where particles rule? Our realm. And in the realm where waves rule, they are attributed by space-like features? They have length breadth depth, they cover surface and occupy volume? And quantum mechanical entities are residents in both realms? Or, more precisely, they build both realms alike? The building blocks for space and time simultaneously? For a universe of space right next to a universe of time separated by a thin horizontal or vertical slit, we call present?

How would it be, if we could physically move in time and stand still as space passes by before us? A time universe expanding as space? The time realm inhabited by sentient beings traversing its continuum as space is changing it, in steps equivalent to the ticks in the clock, in our realm? Where the experimenter that decides to put a detector in the double slit experiment, produces an interference pattern instead of the two thin ribbons of light, if he doesn't?

Where time machines are the mode of travel whereas space-machines, our cars, are still a big puzzle, an insurmountable problem for the inhabitants.

Them occupying the time realm and us the space realm. But in a reciprocal relationship, oblivious of one another, as what connects us and what separates us, is an extremely narrow slit.

Time on which you walk on. Recognize patterns already formed, replicas of the patterns that unfold in space? Where quantum mechanical entities, by virtue of the wave nature traced their full length, which human individuals tread painstakingly.

Quanta being equal in either realm?

Patterns that unfold for each set of initial conditions, like branching trees.

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