Thursday, 12 June 2008

Understanding nature through the looking glass of chaos

Combining concepts and out of the myriad associations produce new ideas. A fascinating process which brings out unexpected outcomes. I was contemplating about our own planet earth, toying with the idea that planets and stars and all other heavenly bodies are attractors.

The idea started thinking along the lines of the constrained generating procedures the cgp's of John Holland, that lead to emergence. The constrained generating procedures comprised by the fundamental forces in nature which led to the emergence of all material things stars, planets included. The stable attractors of chaotic processes. Chaos becoming the way for spawning nature.

As thinking about objects like stars as being the products of chaotic processes runs against common sense, since the knowledge amassed puts their lifetimes into millions of years, how can this be reconciled with the idea we have that chaos is unpredictable, not regarding its murky nature. Phenomenally counterintuitive.

Certainly timescales are relevant and usually are understood using our limited lifetimes as a standard. Anything there is around us, no matter how we perceive its longevity, it is not but an ongoing process. Processes which are undergoing in chaotic fashion.

Chaos stirred and generated nature. Nature in all its glory is a product of chaos. Chaotic process are constantly undergoing, created and are creating attractors, in similar fashion, by virtue of universality, at all levels.

Could it be, that by applying the knowledge gained about chaos in well-studied fields, to be used to understand nature deeper?

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