Monday, 1 December 2008

Currently phenomenally out-worldly notions

The content of this post The 25 Questions about Physics for the Next 25-30 Years
by Prof. David Gross (recorded by Infanta)
, intrigued me. Novel thoughts expressed which feel juicy, tasty morsels to whet my appetite. They were taken from another website and attributed to Prof. David Gross, who as I read was awarded a Nobel prize

The references on

"How did the Universe begin; How far back can we probe; Can String theory determine the initial conditions;"

initial conditions; which in my mind; the first thought it came up with, was chaos. The initial conditions, as a direct reference to chaos; chaos spawned the universe.

And in the same paragraph

"... Is time itself an emergent concept ..."

what an interesting approach. It opens up a whole new field of questions demanding an answer, looked upon from at totally new perspective, with hardly being able to comprehend, I do not have the faintest idea, where it could lead to.

Going further

"How does DM interact with ordinary baryonic matter; Is it wimpy; Can we detect it in the laboratory; How is it distributed in the Universe; What does this tell us about structure formation ..."

... about structure formation; being connected with dark matter? Implying that dark matter, is all around us. Undetected, as it is wimpy or possibly, it is us. We do not have the sensory equipment necessary, and even beyond, all the additional machines we use to extend our probing of nature, our attachments crutches, fail us. The waves, by which propagate, do not produce coherent structures, neither to us nor to the machines we use, to detect them?

The list goes on ...

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