Saturday, 27 December 2008

As space expands outwards since the big bang, it expands inwards too?

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I read in, 'cosmic background radiation' entry

"This big bang was not an explosion of matter into empty space but an explosion of space itself."

Space was not there, and space was created? The notions of microscopic and macroscopic were irrelevant at that time?

Space flat? No depth?

As space exploded, it expanded both ways? Deeper in to the microscopic, creating the quantum world and further out in the macroscopic world, creating the universe?

Mirror images? And as such, the quantum world expands deeper and deeper in as the universe expands further and further away?

With the speed of light? Which might have implications on the electron to nucleus distance?

The microcosm expanding? But this runs counter to common held notions of the microscopic world. Countless pockets of microcosms, apparent. Fractal? Fractal origins for every atom in our bodies, in the world at large?

Energy dissipated down fractal paths, as space expanded deeper and deeper in, forces eventually being constrained in fractal corridors, effectively separated into the kinds that exist now?

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