Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Abolish money. How?

Abolishing money can not be taken as an act of revenge on any 'in-whatever-way-it-can-be-assumed" wrong-doers of an age past. Emerging societies where money are abolished can not be thought off according to the standards prevailing in societies nowadays. It is a goal to be reached and the only thing it can be done in our present age and time is to sow the seeds for its coming. As the human individual, in either collective or individual level is unable or incapable to forsee the ensued complexity in human relationships that lies ahead.

It is not or it will not be the triumph of socialism or any other kind of system upon other. It is not going to be the result of class struggle but instead of co-operation among individuals regardless their background. I would say it precludes and excludes any system of government currently present the world over, in fact any such system would be abolished before money are abolished. It is not a system where individual or collective will can be forced upon any single or group of individuals. Wealth would be a valid concept, no more.

Government will shed its cloak of power and the administrators duty will be just as any other duty, any other individual undertakes. It is a path that all human individuals will tread alongside each other, humanity in its natural course where all individuals are accounted for.

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