Tuesday, 13 March 2012

String theory's compactification. Changing the perspective. Dimensions inflate...

Intergalactic subway: All aboard the wormhole express

"They uncovered a wealth of wormhole solutions in one of the popular versions of brane-world gravity, which describes our world as a 4D island or "brane" floating in higher dimensions. "No phantom matter is required, and the wormholes can have an arbitrary size," says Bronnikov."

..our world as a 4D island .. floating in higher dimensions ..

using the chaos ..paradigm .. the fractal-ity .. dimensions .. as envisaged following Goertzel's ..insights .. networks unfolding in a multi-dimensional ..framework .. a continuum .. and .. universes .. built-out .. in the vicinity of N+-i .. where i=1,2,3... for any N that stands .. for a dimension .. and its vicinity .. its neighbourhood by plus minus i ..

along with the emergence ..dictums..

"If the extra dimensions of higher dimensional theories are rolled up very small, or "compactified", that would explain why we do not experience them directly. The process of compactifying the extra six dimensions of string theory creates several new force fields, such as the so-called dilaton field. In the same way that general relativity describes gravity as the curvature of space, gravity in DEGB theory depends on the curvature plus the curvature raised to a higher power."

.. compactifying the extra six dimensions of string theory .. the necessity ..to assume .. compactification .. instead of the opposite .. what is the opposite .. of compacting .. no matter ..

.. all dimensions ..start .. compact .. are compacted .. but dimensions .. that are inflated .. and create ..space .. and by that .. forces .. and by that particles .. to entire universes ..

gravity .. as the curvature of space .. and we ..feel .. gravity as a force .. pulling and pushing .. curvature plus ..curvature raised to a higher power ..

what remains .. what needs to be answered .. is

how the infinitesimal .. combines with the infinite .. how .. the ..infinitum .. derives the infinity .. infinity woven into ..infinitum ..

loop around ..

infinities .. a ouromboros ..idea .. an extension of Goertzel's mentioned .. finite fields .. .. fields .. of a certain size .. dimensions ..implicated ..

infinities are ..built-out .. out of a wrap-around ..fashion .. the significance of primes .. hinted .. that give what is built its unique properties .. the universes-islands .. floating in a continuum of dimensions .. higher or lower .. irrelevant ..

dilaton field .. dilate .. a fractal bubble ..inflates .. the universe seeds ..and all other notions .. follow suit ..

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